Nephrectomy - Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Nephrectomy Details

Nephrectomy refers to the removal of some portion of, or an entire kidney. The procedure is usually used for removing the diseased organ from the body. There are many reasons for which a kidney might become dysfunctional. It could be damage due to high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer infections, calculus, and problems in renal artery or vein etc. Depending upon the damage, your doctor will decide upon the procedure that suits you the best. A person whose both kidneys have been damaged will need to undergo a kidney transplant procedure. An individual can live a healthy and normal life with one healthy and functional kidney.

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Before Nephrectomy

If you are suffering from kidney cancer then getting the affected kidney removed helps reduce the treatment burden of chemotherapies and various other therapies. If your kidney has developed infection then your doctor might want to control the infection into permissible limits for avoiding any problem during the surgery. It is good to follow the instructions of your doctor before the procedure and reach the hospital with an empty stomach.

How it is performed

Your doctor will put you under anesthesia and will make an incision near the lower abdomen to access the kidney. After gaining access to the organ, your doctor will cut the supply of blood to the organ by tying both renal artery and vein. After the blood supply has been cut, ureter is detached, and the organ is freed from various other tissues which are responsible for keeping it in place, it will be removed, the extra lengths of blood vessels are also removed and their ends closed with sutures. One of the openings of urinary bladder is also closed to prevent the leakage of urine. After everything has been secured, your doctor will monitor you for any blood and urine leakage. The incision is closed and dressing is applied.


After the procedure has been performed. You might have to make certain changes to your lifestyle. You need to follow the advice of your doctor and should not take your health for granted. If possible you should stay away from strenuous jobs for some time or as advised by the doctor.

Potential Risks

Doctors makes every attempt to keep blood pressure under control. Some patients who have under partial nephrectomy have reported to develop complications like leakage of urine, developing infections etc. These problems can be corrected with some medication and corrective surgeries.

Cost for Nephrectomy

India from $4,000
Turkey from $4,500
Thailand from $6,479
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