Robotic Radical Prostatectomy - Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Details

The prostate gland is an important gland required for effective functioning of the male reproductive system. The prostate gland plays a major role in nourishing sperm cells and also helps in the release of semen from seminal vesicles which help in the transportation of sperms outside the body. It also facilitates the movement of sperm inside the female body by providing an alkaline medium.

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Before Robotic Radical Prostatectomy

Before surgery your doctor needs to assess the condition of the gland and any irregular growth in its size etc. You will have a prostate examination where your doctor may take the help of imaging techniques to understand the condition of your prostate gland or might do the conventional prostate test. In the conventional test your doctor the will insert his finger in your anus to touch and feel any irregularity in the shape of the gland. This is required since the gland is present right opposite the anus. After the results have been obtained, your doctor will decide upon the required action. If you are detected with prostate cancer then depending upon the damage, partial or entire prostate gland might be removed. You doctor might give you certain medication before the surgery and you should arrive for the surgery with an empty stomach.

How it is performed

The conventional way of surgery involves making an incision either in the abdomen or in the groin area to gain access to the gland. After gaining access to the gland the surgeon needs to tie up the nerves to stop bleeding while removing the gland and even lymph nodes are manipulated. In cancerous conditions doctors remove the entire gland with surrounding tissue to ensure that no cancerous tissue is left behind. They might have to remove some portion of seminal vesicles as well. After the gland has been removed doctors need to close and dress the wound.


The procedure is not life threatening and if the gland had cancerous cells, then you might have to take chemotherapy or some other therapy as prescribed by the doctor. Men usually cannot become biological fathers after the removal of the gland. This is because they cannot ejaculate sperms in the absence of seminal vesicles. They might experience some decline in sexual drive as well. Procedures like cryopreservation of sperms can become helpful as it can be used for artificial insemination later.

Potential Risks

Doctors need to careful while performing the procedure as the gland is lying next to your urinary bladder. If any injury happens to the urinary bladder, it can lead to leakage of urine. In some case where doctors have to remove the entire gland, they may have to construct some portions of urinary bladder again in which case they may attach a pipe to the patient for easy removal of urine from the body for a couple of days.

Cost for Robotic Radical Prostatectomy

India from $8,500

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