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Thyroidectomy Details

Thyroid gland is a gland which is present in the neck region. In men it is more prominent and can be seen protruding out; informally referred to as Adam’s apple. The gland plays a major role in regulating the metabolism of our body and has a direct control over the growth of our body. Growth is generally considered as development of body and height etc. as per the biological age. Any disruption in the function of this gland leads to the development of various problems in our body. The gland needs iodine to function properly and in the absence of iodine it becomes swollen, a condition called goiter. This can also be one reason for getting it removed from the body. Cancer and other complications forms the main the reason to carry out thyroidectomy.

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Before Thyroidectomy

Your doctor will perform all the diagnostic tests to confirm the condition of gland and to assess the area that needs to be removed. This is required as in some cases only portions or some parts of the gland are removed. After completing the examination your doctor will ask you about your medical history in detail and might do some blood tests and other diagnostic tests. You will be prescribed with some medication that you need to take before the actual procedure is performed and you should arrive for the surgery on an empty stomach.

How it is performed

There are several types of disorders involved with thyroid gland including goiter, cancer, etc. depending upon the diagnosis your doctor might choose to carry out any of the following procedures: Hemithyroidectomy, Subtotal thyroidectomy, Partial thyroidectomy, Near total thyroidectomy, Total thyroidectomy, Hartley Dunhill operation. Though these are various procedures to remove only certain portions of the thyroid gland, the basic outline of the surgery remains the same. Your doctor will make an incision in the neck area to reach the organ. Your doctor will then work upon the important blood and lymph vessels which are connected with the gland. They will be either closed or will be redirected. After the gland has been released from the supporting tissue, it will be excised. The incision will be closed with the help of sutures and the dressing will be applied.


Some after effects include pain and slight discomfort, emptiness in the neck region, swollen neck etc. you will have to be on synthetic hormone supplements to make up for the loss of the gland.  Almost every individual leads a healthy normal life with almost no impairment or reduced efficiency in work.

Potential Risks

There are no major risks involved in the procedure and this is not a life threatening procedure. Your doctor needs to be careful to not damage any important blood vessels and to remove only the desired section.

Cost for Thyroidectomy

India from $1,500
Turkey from $4,000
US from $17,200

Thyroidectomy Hospitals

Gleneagles Medini Hospital

Johor Baharu, Malaysia

Subang Jaya Medical Centre

Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Gleneagles Hospital Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Pantai Hospital Penang

Penang, Malaysia

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