Robotic Heart Surgery in India

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The cost of robotic heart surgery starts from USD 8000 (INR 587,000). However, the same surgery costs almost $30,000 in the US. Thus, by coming to India, a patient from the US saves almost 70 percent of their money by spending less on the treatment.

Robotic Heart Surgery

Robotic Heart Surgery Cost in India

An advanced form of robotic heart surgery treatment in India is available at an extremely affordable cost, as compared to the rest of the world. These pocket-friendly prices attract a lot of patients from around the world each year, especially for all forms of robotic surgeries (cardiothoracic or abdominal).

Robotic heart surgery cost in India is much less than other developed countries with a similar availability of medical facilities. These countries include the US, the UK, Russia, China, Singapore, Thailand and Mexico.

The ability to provide high-quality treatment at an extremely affordable price has put India at the top spot when it comes to the list of highly preferable countries to get treatment from. The benefits of travelling to India for robotic heart surgery outweigh the risks and a patient is able to save thousands of dollars by coming to India for medical treatment.

The best hospitals for robotic heart surgery in India offers attractive packages to medical patients, specially designed to cater to their needs. These packages can be personalised as per the special demands of the patients.

Moreover, these packages take into account the travelling, boarding, lodging, local travel and food expenses of the patients. The patient, thus, just comes to get treated and enjoy their hassle-free visit to the country. Despite opting for the package, the patient is able to save a huge amount of money by travelling to India.

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Robotic Cardiac Surgery in India

Robotic heart surgery in India is conducted in several cardiac and other multispeciality hospitals in India. It is a minimally invasive technique used to treat patients with some form of heart disease. This surgical technique is only conducted when other forms of treatment such as medications and catheter-based interventions have failed to provide relief to the patients.

Robotic heart surgery in India is conducted with the help of the latest computer-aided technology available in the field of technology. This form of advanced surgery uniquely combines the skills and expertise of the cardiac surgeon with the latest technology that allows them to view high-definition and 10-x magnified view of the internal body organs and see the functionality of the heart.

The best hospitals for robotic heart surgery in India secure the latest technology from abroad so that the surgeons can use them to conduct successful surgeries. Sometimes the technology is secured from within the country, wherein scientists actively indulge in research activities to develop the latest technology best suited to meet the needs of the patients.

Robotic heart surgery cost in India is a bit more than the traditional form of open-heart surgery. But still, the overall cost of robotic heart surgery in India remains much less than what the use of same technology costs in any of the Western countries, including the US and the UK.

Robotic surgery for heart ailments is conducted with the help of a special automatic device, also known as a surgical robot. This surgical robot is capable of handling all types of special tools – minor and major – to perform a certain set of actions on the heart.

The robot is considered to be more efficient than the human hands as it is capable of accessing even the remote locations and provide a clear picture of the organ to the surgeons. The robot is externally controlled by a highly experienced surgeon, who guides the robotic hands to perform surgical actions.

Apart from cardiac procedures, robotic surgery in India is also used in other specialities, especially urology, orthopaedics, paediatrics and gynaecology.

Best Candidates For Robotic Heart Surgery

Not every category of heart patients can undergo robotic heart surgery in India. There are several factors that the surgeon would consider before deciding whether you can undergo robotic heart surgery or not. Some of these factors include age, overall health, the severity of the disease, medical history, and lifestyle of the patient.

A surgeon would first evaluate the medical history and medical reports of the patient before deciding on the plan of treatment. Sometimes the doctor may not advise a patient to go for robotic surgery and would like to follow the traditional open surgery approach.

Types of Robotic Heart Surgery

There are different types of robotic heart surgery, depending upon the type of disorder or defect that the patient is suffering from. Some common types of robotic surgeries performed by the best cardiologists in India include the following:

All of these types of cardiac robotic surgeries are conducted at the best hospitals in India.

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What happens during robotic heart surgery?

Before conducted robotic heart surgery, the surgeon administers general anaesthesia to the patient to put him or her in a state of deep sleep. This helps relax the muscles of the patient and he or she remains in this state for many hours. As a result, they are not able to feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery.

After the patient is unconscious, the surgeon makes three small keyhole-sized incisions on the side of the chest of the patient. The holes are strategically made in the opening position between the two ribs. These incisions are then used to insert the robotic arms that carry tools to perform an action on the target area.

The number and size of tools inserted during the surgery depend on the actual purpose of the surgery and the target area. For example, the tools used for valve repair are different from those used for CABG. Thus, the cardiac disorder or defect that the patient is suffering from determines the use of the robotic arms and the length of the surgery.

The robotic arms also carry a tiny camera that helps visualize the internal anatomy of the heart on a computer screen. The surgeon can see the movement of the robotic hands and the surrounding areas on a computer screen and accordingly guide the robot to perform certain actions.

Thus, 3D and magnified imaging help surgeons perform the actual task through a special console placed in the operating room. As soon as the task is complete and the desired end result is achieved, the robotic hands are withdrawn from the patient and the incisions are closed.

The patient is transferred to the recovery room after the surgery. The patient is typically required to stay in the hospital for three to four days after the surgery. During this duration, the overall health of the patient is carefully monitored.

Recovery After Robotic Heart Surgery

Recovery after robotic heart surgery is relatively quick, as compared to traditional open-heart surgery. The patient experiences minimal pain after the surgery and is quickly able to return back to a normal routine. A majority of patients are able to return back to their usual routine within two to three weeks of the surgery.

The three to four keyhole incisions that are made in the case of robotic heart surgery heal quickly as well. The resulting scars are much less noticeable as compared to traditional heart surgery simply because the latter involves the creation of a large incision to rip open the chest.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) About Robotic Heart Surgery in India

Q. Is it safe to have robotic heart surgery in India?

The heart surgery hospitals in India are world-renowned for their standard of care and effective services to the patient. Robot-assisted surgery have an excellent success and patient satisfaction rate. The top hospitals are equipped with the most updated robotic surgery system, which is operated by highly experienced and trained cardiac surgeons in India. The robot arm allows surgeon to make precise cuts and eliminate errors or tremors related to human hand.

Q. How long will robotic heart surgery procedure take?

This depends on the condition for which surgery is performed and type of procedure, such as CABG, Heart valve repair or valve replacement surgery. Usually, the time taken for a standard mitral valve repair operation is around 2 hours. It could take less or more depending on the complexity and extent of the operation required for patient’s treatment.

Q. What are the benefits of robot assisted surgery?

As this is a minimally invasive procedure, the major advantage of robotic heart surgery is that there will be less surgical trauma to the tissues and no large or prominent scar on the chest. The surgery is performed through small incisions and therefore less tissues and muscles are cut. Other benefits include

  • Less post-operative pain
  • Reduced need for blood transfusions
  • Shorted stay in the intensive care unit and reduced length of stay in the hospital
  • Faster recovery with quicker return to work

Q. How is robot used during the surgery?

During a robotic heart surgery, the heart surgeon will use a console to control the robot arms which perform the operation. The console is not placed directly next to the patient, rather it is at a distance or in an adjacent room. The cardiac surgery works at the console to manoeuvre the robot and position it over the patient. 

The robot arms are controlled by using 2 master handles in the console. The surgeon is guided by high resolution, three-dimensional and magnified images of the area to be operated. This allows robotic heart surgeon to make high precision movement with system and make micro-sutures through the small incision.

Q. How long is the hospital stay after robotic heart surgery?

In contrast to a convention heart surgery, a patient can expect a relatively short hospital stay after the robotic heart surgery. It can be half of the period that follows a conventional open-heart surgery. Usually, the doctors discharge the patient and allow them to go home once the pain is under control and all their vitals are normal. They also ensure that patient can keep liquids down without nausea and vomiting, and conduct medical evaluations to check the heart functions.

Q. When can I start driving after robotic heart surgery?

In a conventional open-heart surgery, the incision on the sternum takes around is 2 months to heal, and it is advisable to avoid driving for a month and heavy lifting for at least 2 months. However, robotic surgery allows faster healing and the incision wound may heal in 2 weeks or more. The patient can resume normal activities, such as driving and going to work in significantly lesser time.

Dr. Suneet Singh

Written By Dr. Suneet Singh

Dr. Suneet is a doctor-turned-Hospital Administrator with a rich 12 years plus multi-faceted experience in the field of operations management, Corporate and Public Health Administration. Formerly a practicing doctor, Dr. Suneet holds a post-graduate degree in Hospital and Healthcare management from one of the country's esteemed Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Best Robotic Surgery Hospitals in India

The best hospitals for robotic heart surgery in India is conducted for the treatment of a variety of conditions related to the heart, including atrial septal defect (ASD), coronary artery disease (CAD) and mitral valve prolapse (MVP). There are several risks associated with the traditional form of open surgery when it comes to heart ailments. Opening the complete chest cavity to expose the heart puts the patient at an increased risk of infection, delayed recovery, and excessive postoperative pain.

Robotic surgery for heart defects, on the other hand, minimizes these risks by limiting the size of the incision and speeding up recovery. The best cardiology hospitals in India practice this dorm of surgery with a vision to maximize the chances of a successful surgery. Robotic heart surgery for heart disorders makes use of the minimally-invasive surgical approach. It results in less damage to the human body. In contrast to the traditional approach, the surgeon can actually visualize the inner anatomy of the patient in case of robotic surgery.

The best hospitals for robotic heart surgery in India possess state-of-the-art technology, including the Da Vinci system, to conduct minimally invasive heart surgery. This highly specialized treatment lets the surgeon perform complex cardiac procedures with great precision. Moreover, the use of such technology ensures less pain, minimal recovery time, less loss of blood, minimal scarring and reduced risk of infection post-surgery.

The best robotic heart surgery hospitals in India are located across all the major states that are well-connected to the rest of the world through direct flights. These hospitals offer all major facilities at just a fraction of what it costs in other countries.

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