Patient from Nigeria sharing experience for Dr. Gagan and Team

Last Modified: December 13, 2019  |   Created on: December 13, 2019
Patient Testimonials, Prostate
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When my brother visited a clinic in Lagos, Nigeria, with complaints of lower urinary tract symptoms, he was found with an associated enlarged prostate gland which had a markedly elevated serum PSA. The prostate biopsy later revealed adenocarcinoma of the prostate gland.
Dr. Gagan Gautam - Max Hospital

Our family was devastated upon hearing this and wanted our brother to be able to access the state of the art facility for the best of care. Whereas our family insisted on the USA, Israel or South Africa in that order, my brother preferred India to the chagrin of the rest of us. Much misinformation and disinformation had gone viral regarding some sure death allegedly associated with medical treatments received in India.

Yet, our brother wanted Max Hospital, New Delhi or nothing. He talked of the acclaimed expertise of Dr. Gagan Gautam and his team which their past clients from Nigeria had assured our brother. Our family at this point was completely divided with our brother standing alone to the extent that nobody agreed to accompany him to India. Luckily for him, Dr. Gagan and his team were completely there for him throughout his trip to India and this accessibility is still being extended to him long after his return to Nigeria.

Our brother confirmed that the team showed a good heart and eagerness to render help, guidance, care, and support at any time, place or turn! They are simply meticulous and great sticklers for detail who ask all questions and leave nothing to chance. Our brother informed us that before the surgery, several and several tests and checks were carried out including x-ray, ECG, MRI Scan, whole body Pet PSMA Scan, etc. to check if the cancer was confined and also the final HbsAg, HCV, HIV, Pac, serum tests and Cardiac check-up before being certified fit for surgery.

According to our brother, the robotics-assisted prostate surgery itself was painless and so smooth that it was only when he was awakened and the nurses told him that the surgery was over that he started examining his body to confirm if he was indeed operated upon.

The nurses headed by Majo were friendly, calm and professional and the catering was great, timely and regular. The two days in the post-surgery ward passed without any event or pain. Great meals and good nutrition! Majo, in particular, has the highest sense of humor and at times takes on the role of a military sergeant in drilling the lazy patient to leave his/her bed and take walks on the corridors of the ward. With Majo, you can’t miss the Lung Exerciser and Kegel Workouts, medications, etc. as strictly programmed for you. Mention must necessarily be made of Dr Surbhi who tirelessly works behind the scene for the team. She is a mother, very compassionate, selfless and a consummate organizer/coordinator. She is a living testimony that God works through people. God worked on our brother through Dr. Surbhi.

“Seeing is believing”. Dr. Gagan and his team were very professional. They were fantastically wonderful and they had results to show for their effort. We shuddered at the size of the prostate gland removed from our brother’s body when we were shown the picture. From pre-surgery PSA of 119.82 ng/ml with over 70% involvement of the gland to an achievement of 0.950 ng/ml, one month after surgery, that was impressionable. Test conducted after the next one month achieved an 0.05 ng/ml result and a further three months down the line, our brother’s PSA test result came to 0.03 ng/ml. These results succeeded in shutting up the mouth of every family member who had shown a preference for the US, Israel, and South Africa. Our brother’s results have converted us to ambassadors for Max Hospital and in particular, Dr. Gagan and his team.

We accept that the fight is not yet over as a whole life monitoring is involved. However, our greatest happiness is that Dr. Gagan and his team are still next door to our family and still accessible to our brother, not minding the wide expanse of land and water separating both parties now.

Dr. Gagan is most highly esteemed for his gentlemanliness, simplicity, honest conversations and professionalism! God bless them all.

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