Rekiyat ChogudoI from Nigeria traveled to India for Urological treatment

Last Modified: September 13, 2019  |   Created on: April 11, 2019
Patient Testimonials, Urology
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Rekiyat-Chogudo-from-NigeriaI am Rekiyat ChogudoI from Nigeria, a 52 years old woman with a history of pains on my right loin. I consulted many doctors and have got most of my treatments in Nigeria but the pain has been persistent due to a PUJ obstruction in my right loin. I was operated twice, but it was still persisted and my concerns at this point were very high. There was also a dramatic change in the frequency and quality of Life. I hope I can convey what I feel, the disease I had of throbbing pains for no underlying cause, for no reason, created fears like will it be treated and I questioned my ability to be cured.

My children gauged my anxiety and fears and started searching for treatment options in India. They inquired on Lyfboat and this gem of a platform connected us to the best urologists in India.

We were confused, there are so many good doctors and we could not decide. Lyfboat then recommended us to Dr. Anant Kumar who is India’s best skilled and accomplished Urologist from Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket.

From time to time the efficient case managers kept following up with me. They became friends and I looked forward to seeing them each day. The team was so positive that I was sure that I will be 100% cured this time.

After my stent was removed I felt like a free woman but was paranoid. I was telling myself “Are you sure that pain is gone forever”? My body said yes but mind was fickle. Post-discharge after resting for a couple of days I decided to go out to malls, shop, exercise and check for myself if that pain was gone. I felt bliss, nothing more just bliss. The very fact that I could get back to my routine and start my business all over again filled me with so much positivity.

“Finally after years of living in pain, I owe my happiness to the lovely Lyfboat staff. I cannot forget them. Will say Alhamdulillah Barak Allah (Thank you, Allah, for your blessings and May he bless you all).”

Rekiyat ChogudoI, Nigeria

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