Pasamba Jawo from the Gambia gets Kidney Transplant in Turkey

Last Modified: April 28, 2021  |   Created on: April 28, 2021
Patient Testimonials
Jawo siblings Gambia (KT)

Pasamba Jawo, a 24-year-old suffering from early adolescent chronic kidney disease underwent a kidney transplant surgery in Medicana Hospital, Turkey. He has been suffering from kidney disease for a long time and had been on dialysis for the past 4 – 5 yrs.

As his condition worsened, the doctors recommended a transplantation operation. There were no such facilities in the Gambia, and so his sister Dado Jawo started looking for a reasonably priced treatment in other countries.

Initially, they had no idea about which country is offering this surgery, cost and other requirements. While researching online, she came across Lyfboat, among various other platforms, and it was a game-changing moment for their journey. 

In her own words, “When I came across Lyfboat on the internet, I just fill in the form, but did not have much hope in the journey of getting the best hospital and treatment for my brother’s kidney transplant. This was mainly because I came across many frauds. But Lyfboat was definitely not one of those, and to be honest I found them to be the best.

She was in touch with Dr. Nishant Sharma and Lyfboat team. Constantly they provided all the information about the treatment options, locations, comparative cost analysis, required formalities and more. It was a difficult decision, but she persisted in finding the right hospital and care, and finalized Turkey.

Lyfboat team worked hard to get the discounts from Medicana Camilica and remained helpful while the family arranged funds and donors. The hospital was very proactive in giving the visa letter and made sure the process went smoothly.

Dr. Nishant and Lyfboat team helped at every point of the process. As the family arranged a donor (maternal aunt’s son), the hospital inquired about the family tree chart, but there was none. Nishant personally helped and coordinated with various authorities to get it done in their home country.

Even after arrival in Turkey, there was always a helping hand at all the steps. Dado Jawo and her brother faced some difficulties with language and translation, and Dr. Nishant coordinated with the team in Turkey and sorted out the problem. They even spoke to the authority and ensured foreigners do not have such problems in the future.

She reiterates her faith in the Lyfboat by saying, “I completely trust and recommend Lyfboat to all, especially to those for whom everything is new. They ensure discounts and all. To cut short, they will answer all your questions and solve all your problems. Lyfboat is the solution and Dr. Nishant Sharma has been the best throughout the process.

“Lyfboat helped me throughout the process and was always there to answer my call. It started in mid-November and ever since in all decisions and steps regarding my brother’s health, they were always helping freely. Lyfboat made everything happen and gave me no chance to worries about anything.”

Dado Jawa, The Gambia

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