Sneaking the goodness of vegetables and fruits in family meals is a difficult job to do unless you know how to do it in a mindful and creative way. Eating a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits every day is essential to boost overall health and to maintain optimum levels of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Not all kids and family members hate to eat veggies and fruits – some love consuming raw or crisp salad and fresh fruits, while others refuse to even look at it. It is useless to force people, particularly kids, to eat something that they don’t like. However, there are several ways to get your child to eat veggies by tweaking them in a way they like.

get your child to eat vegetables

One of the key things to understand while making kids and family members eat veggies is that there is no point in overloading them with stuff. Just make them eat a little and let them demand more if they like it. In addition, make them taste several dishes made out of different vegetables and see what they prefer to eat the most or which taste they like the most.

Get Your Child To Eat Veggies And Fruits

Here are the six simple ways by which you can make your kids and family members eat veggies while actually enjoying them:

#1: Cook With Them

One of the best ways to make kids familiar with the vegetables is to make them handle it by themselves. Indulge kids and family members with you when you are cooking by making them peel the vegetables, rip leaves and create meals. At the same time, explain them about the benefit associated with each of these vegetables that they tend to run away from.

#2: Change Your Serving Style

No matter whether you are serving traditional or continental food, make it a habit to include a portion of green leafy vegetables (cooked, baked or boiled) or a bowl full of fruits with it. Make it a part of a complete meal or make it a custom to eat a serving full of vegetables with each meal. This way, kids get used to the habit of eating all veggies at an early age.

#3: Change Dining Rules

Make it a habit to serve the same meal to everyone. That is, do not go ahead and prepare different meals in demand, just because they don’t like to or want to eat what you have cooked. Prepare a nutritious meal and serve it to everyone, including adults and children. This way you will not end up creating an army of picky eaters.


#4: Replace Dessert With SMOOTHIES

Desserts are an integral part of every meal. However, too much sugars have a bad impact on health. One healthy way to satisfy the sweet tooth and at the same time, consume something healthy is to prepare a smoothie out of fruits. Make sure not to add sugars in it, you can put yogurt at its place.

#5: Go Creative While Cooking

Try to “sneak” veggies in the meals that you prepare, be it fast food items such as pasta, burgers or noodles. Children and kids love to eat such items, so they would not mind eating it even if it contains veggies. For example, you can add finely chopped spinach in pasta or noodles. It not only adds nutrition, but tastes awesome as well.

#6: Serve Them With Dips, Toppings

Serve boiled, steamed, cooked, or bakes vegetables with dips and toppings that children love to eat because of its flavor. You can try serving veggies with ketchup, salad dressing, mayo, cream cheese as dips, and grated cheese and breadcrumbs as toppings. So these are the ways to get your child to eat fruits and veggies.