Everyone deserves to be Healthy, we enable it!

A letter from our CEO

They say, every great idea is inspired by a personal need. For us at Lyfboat, it was no different…

I consider myself a child of the global age. I was born and raised in Zambia to Indian parents. I studied in the US, and then worked at various multinational companies before moving to India to start my own IT consulting firm. With such a diverse background, I am fortunate to have friends, family and a network in all parts of the world.

My global network didn’t matter however, when my father fell seriously ill and had to travel from Zambia to India for medical care. Suddenly, my world was turned upside down. When mortality stares you in the face, you feel fear that you have never imagined before. The only thing that mattered, was that my father got better. I wanted to find the best and most trusted care for my father. I talked to multiple people, who offered varied opinions and suggestions, but I was on information overload trying to keep track of all the feedback and was still not convinced of the ‘right’ choice. Thankfully, my elder sister, who is a doctor and works with several doctors and hospitals in India, helped assess our options and make the right decision for my father’s care; opinions are always plenty, but picking the right one can be the difference between a life saved and a life lost.

My father was treated and is healthy today, but the journey to good health was not easy. I wish there was a Lyfboat then – to provide the information and tools to research treatment options, prices and get trusted opinions all in a single solution.

Lyfboat connects patients and their families with state of the art hospitals and the most reputable doctors. We go beyond just the initial connection though. We ensure that your logistical needs are met, that you have people you can trust in a country you don’t know, and no sticker shock when the medical bill arrives, so the focus remains on the patient’s road to recovery.

Lyfboat is not just a start up for us. It is our purpose, of helping others, being manifested. If Lyfboat can help you or your loved ones find the information you require, to get the right treatment at prices you can afford, I would consider our work a success.

Everyone deserves to be healthy! We enable it…

Anuj Gupta, CEO and Founder

Our Mission

To enable quality, affordable healthcare for everyone, everywhere.

Our Vision

Smarter healthcare that is easily accessible to everyone & cheaper healthcare via price transparency across all healthcare services.

Our Objectives


To provide unparalleled services in healthcare by verified and accredited hospitals with the motto Patients first


Transparent and open communication with patients and among staff.


To honour the dignity, individuality and rights of everyone, while safe guarding patients and preserving their rights to privacy, confidentiality and information.


We strive to exceed the expectations of all of our clients by committing to deliver quality services and enhance value by educating them about their health and empowering them to be partners in self-care.


We foster an atmosphere of trust, collaboration, openness and cooperation amongst all the employees working towards a common goal of.

Community Relationships

We acknowledge our vital and dynamic role in the world-wide communities and aim at fostering growth and development to serve patient needs.

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