One of the most dreadful things about winter season is dry, itchy and irritated skin. With a decrease in temperature and moisture content in the air, the natural glow, radiance moisture of the skin starts falling.

Dry skin in winters often paves way for itchy skin and people desperately start to look for options that can provide an instant relief. A majority of people do not know that the itchiness is further worsened by stress and anxiety, making life miserable for the anxious ones in winters.

home remedies for dry itchy skin

Therefore, it is important for people to remain calm, composed and stress free if they do not want the itchiness to reach its worst levels in winters. One reason to stay calm is the fact that there are a lot of tried and tested home remedies for dry itchy skin that can help keep dry skin and the associated itchiness at bay.

Home Remedies For Dry Itchy Skin

These home remedies for dry, itchy skin in winters are highly useful and practically cost nothing. Some of these home remedies that you can blindly trust for relief from dry, itchy skin in winters are discussed below.

Tip #1: Lemon It Up!

Using lemon juice or directly applying lemon cut into two halves to the dry, itchy and irritated skin can do wonders. It not only relieve the irritation because of dry skin, but can also act as a natural bleaching agent. However, make sure not to apply too much on intensely scratched areas.

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Tip #2: Oil Before Bath, Moisturise After Bath

Ideally, you should heat sesame, olive or almond oil and massage your hands, arms, legs and the rest of the body parts with dry skin before taking a hot water bath in winters. This will instantly soothe the skin and eliminate the dryness and itchiness. For best results, apply a light moisturiser to your body after the bath.

Tip #3: Basil Can Rescue Itchy Skin

Take a few dried Basil leaves from your garden and boil them up in a jar of water while covering the mixture with a lid. Basil leaves contain eugenol that help relive dry and itchy skin instantly. Cool down the boiled mixture and apply it to the skin as and when required.



Tip #4: Stay Hydrated

Water consumption tend to decline automatically with a change in weather. Therefore, it is important to drink as much water as you can, even when you do not feel thirsty at all. Water helps keep the skin hydrated and also eliminates toxins from the body that tend to make the skin dry, irritated and itchy.

Tip #5: Use Baking Soda While Bathing

One of the easiest and the most effective home remedy for dry and itchy skin in winters is to take take a baking soda bath. Add one cup baking soda to a bucket full of warm water and soak yourself in the water for at least 30 minutes. You can also make a thick paste using baking soda and water and apply it on localized areas for instant relief from dryness and irritation.

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Tip #6: Apple Cider Vinegar Can Eliminate Dryness

Dabbing a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and applying it directly to patches of dry, itchy and irritated skin can help provide instant relief. If your entire body is dry and hydration is not a possibility, soak yourself in water containing two to three cups of apple cider vinegar for at least 30 minutes.

Tip #7: Honey Can Do Wonders

Apply a thin layer of honey on your skin and let it set for 5 minutes. Then use a clean cloth dipped in warm water to wipe the layer. Honey has excellent soothing and moisturising properties that can help relieve itchiness, dryness and skin irritation in winters.

Tip #8: Oatmeal Is Anti-Dryness

Oatmeal can come to your rescue if your skin feels irritated and painful because of dry and cracked up the skin. Add grounded oatmeal to water before soaking yourself in and give your skin a new life in winters.These are the tips for dry