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Why Pistachios can boost your health?

Pistachios are the little bright, green nuts that come enclosed in shells and taste a bit salty. Their origin is traced back to the Western Asia, and now Pistachios are widely cultivated in the dry climates of the Southeast Asia, Mediterranean, Turkey, Australia and California.

These brilliantly flavored green nuts have the maximum nutritional power … Read More

Should you rinse your chicken before cooking it?

washing chicken

A common misconception is that it is hygienic to wash chicken before cooking it and that washing chicken also helps prevent many food-borne diseases. Research shows that both professional and home cooks tend to rinse and wash poultry thoroughly prior to cooking.

Contrary to popular belief, washing chicken and other poultry before cooking may prove … Read More

What triggers a heart attack?

heart attack

Heart attacks have become one of the most common health concerns in every household. Lack of knowledge can trigger a more serious condition and make the situation worse even if a patient suffers a mild heart attack.

But when does it happen exactly? A person suffers a heart attack when the normal blood supply to … Read More


foods to avoid in diabetes

From an uncommon condition to a next-generation epidemic, diabetes has evolved in the past few decades to affect more than 400 million people around the world. Diabetes is not just a disease by itself, but it is also a major cause of a number of other conditions, including blindness, heart stroke, kidney failure and amputation.… Read More

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