Not all want to shed those extra pounds that they accumulate over a period of a few years. There are a whole lot of people who struggle to gain weight as well. In this article, we will discuss how to gain weight naturally.

In a friends circle, there is always a “skinny” one who does not get fat no matter what they eat and how much they eat. While there are others who fail to lose weight no matter how less they eat or how physically active they remain. The weight of an individual depends on several things and the body’s metabolism is one such reason. Skinny people who fail to gain weight typically have a high metabolism rate naturally, thus they end up losing the number of calories that they gain in a day without putting in much effort. You can also go for weight loss surgery.

Dapper looks are appreciated only up to a certain extent. Extremely thin people end up losing their self-confidence because of their malnourished looks, and being underweight can also put them at an increased risk of several conditions, such as infections, infertility, osteoporosis, dementia, and sarcopenia (muscle wasting). There are many medical reasons that may keep individuals underweight such as thyroid, eating disorders, diabetes, and cancer. Such reasons can be controlled and treated and as a result, the person is able to gain weight fast and naturally

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How To Gain Weight Naturally And Fast

However, in cases where an individual is underweight and there is no underlying medical condition, several other remedies can come to rescue. Some of the tips to gain weight naturally are discussed below.

Eat More, Burn Less

For people who tend to remain underweight, it is important to make sure that they eat more than they burn in a day. This is application to people with great metabolic rate. You can even make use of a calorie calculator to calculate the number of calories that you typically take in a day and add 500 to 700 calories on top of that to your daily diet.

Include Proteins, Loads of Them

Protein is highly important when it comes to weight gain. In the absence of proteins, the extra calories can turn into fat. In the presence of excess protein, the calories are converted into muscles instead of fat, thus adding to the overall weight of the individual.

However, make sure to include only optimum amounts of proteins as an excess can suppress hunger. Include eggs, legumes, nuts, fish and dairy to your daily diet to increase protein intake.

Spice It Up

Increase your intake of spices, condiments and sauces. It helps make food tastier and the tastier it gets, the easier it becomes to consume it.

Consumer Energy-dense Foods

Energy dense foods such as meat (pork, lamb, chicken and beef), tubers (yams, potatoes and sweet potatoes), nuts (almonds, peanuts, and walnuts), whole grains and fats and oils are energy-dense foods that are ideal for weight gain. These foods contain huge amount of calories, even though they may weigh less.

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Avoid Fluids Before Meals

Drinking a glass of water or juice before or during a meal can curb appetite. Therefore, if you are habitual of drinking water before a meal, then leave this habit altogether to increase your food intake.

Increase Milk Intake

Milk is a great calorie booster. Make it a habit to drink a glass or two of milk every day to gain weight quickly.

Eat Before Bedtime

Eating just before bed time is another great way to gain weight. During sleep, a lot of regeneration and repair activities take place, therefore, eating right before sleeping supplies fresh nutrients to the repair process, which is essential for maintaining healthy weight.

Eat After Every Four Hours

People looking forward to gaining weight should never weight for four hours or more before grabbing something to eat again. Just keep on munching something every now and then to keep your body working and supply the fuel. Not eating anything for a long stretch can reduce muscle mass and hence, lead to weight loss.