Pistachios are the little bright, green nuts that come enclosed in shells and taste a bit salty. Their origin is traced back to the Western Asia, and now Pistachios are widely cultivated in the dry climates of the Southeast Asia, Mediterranean, Turkey, Australia and California.

These brilliantly flavored green nuts have the maximum nutritional power that offers a powerful punch for health. Indeed, these little green gems are an excellent source of healthy nutrients and vitamins. In addition, these green nuts are packed with potent phytochemicals, heart-healthy fats and free radical eliminating compounds that keeps reproductive, Treatment of cardiovascular and nervous systems healthy.

How Pistachios can boost your health?

Pistachios: Nutritional Content

There are a number of nutrients present in pistachios. Below info-graphic outlines some of the nutrients present in pistachios and their associated benefits.

Why Pistachios can boost your health?

Did you know that Pistachios can make a wonderful snack?

Weight watchers should know that pistachios are one of the best nuts that come with zero cholesterol content. Before having meals, you can have a handful of pistachios. This will make you feel full and prevent overeating, which has side effects of its own, including weight gain and acidity.

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Because of its nutritional content, pistachios can boost your health benefits associated with them:

Ensures a healthy heart: According to scientific studies, pistachios are a heart-healthy food. They comprise powerful phytochemicals such as arginine and gamma-tocopherol, along with monosaturated fat content.

Consuming pistachios daily helps to reduce unwanted LDL cholesterol in the body. Did you know that LDL cholesterol causes plaque build-up and inflammation in the blood vessels and the walls of the heart? These small, green nuts act against coronary heart disease and pistachios can boost your health.

Helps in cancer prevention: Consuming a handful of pistachios each day can stave off lung cancer. These green nuts are rich in gamma-tocopherol, which is a vitamin E antioxidant that helps fight against lung cancer.

Quick energy boost: These power-packed dry nuts offer a high boost of energy. Going by the records, 100 grams of the green pistachios contain 557 calories. You may replace carbonated energy drinks with a handful of pistachios before hitting the gym.

Healthy and beautiful skin: Being a rich source of Vitamin E, pistachios help develop healthy and beautiful skin. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant by protecting skin cells from the oxidative damage created by free radicals. Often, these free radicals rob oxygen from skin cells, thus making your skin develop wrinkles quickly. Also, vitamin E in pistachios helps maintain skin elasticity.

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Brain function: Pistachios improve mental focus and alertness. These green nuts consist of low carb antioxidant attributes that are beneficial for the nervous system and brain. Pistachios not only preserve fatty acids present in the brain, but also prevent inflammation in the area.

Eyesight maintenance: Zeaxanthin and lutein are the two powerful carotenoids that take good care of your eye health. These antioxidants that help combat oxidative stress in healthy cells are present in pistachios.

Protection against diabetes: Rich in protein, dietary fiber and healthy fats, pistachios are great for keeping blood sugar levels in check.

The discussion above is proof enough why you should have a handful of pistachios every day and keep several health problems at bay.