5 Best Countries for Plastic Surgery

Last Modified: November 9, 2022  |   Created on: January 6, 2022
Cosmetic Surgery
Presently, India, Mexico, Thailand, South Korea, and Turkey are among the top international destinations and best countries for plastic surgery worldwide.

People today are searching for a solution to eliminating the flaws in their body and one of the most sought-after procedures in plastic surgery. People are constantly looking to enhance their lives by improving the way they look, and thanks to technology, people can get that exact appearance they are aiming for!

Plastic surgery is becoming one of the more popular surgeries for people to participate in. Many people aren’t satisfied with how they look, and plastic surgery has allowed them to make significant changes to their appearance without any scar or other anomalies as evidence that the part of their body was worked on.

Once a patient decides that they wish to undergo a plastic surgery procedure, the next step is to look for the perfect medical tourism destination. Plastic surgery abroad is gaining popularity with each passing day. Thanks to long waiting lists and reasonably high prices, more and more patients are flying to developing countries where treatment is affordable, timely, and effective.

Presently, India, Mexico, Thailand, South Korea, and Turkey are the best countries for plastic surgery worldwide. Let us understand why people choose these over others when it comes to going under the knife!

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1. India

Fewer expenses

  • India is one of the best country to get plastic surgery. Plastic Surgery in India is the ideal choice to look your best without incurring huge expenses. The country is home to an average of 5,000 active cosmetic surgeons. Plastic surgeons in India are not only experts in the industry but also boast certifications granted by prestigious authorities in the country.
  • India’s first-rate hospitals offer services to certify high-quality plastic surgeries at affordable prices. So, if you are coming from another country, it is worth paying more for surgery abroad as it is often considerably less expensive than in the West.

Certified professionals

  • Indian plastic surgeons are certified by the Medical Council of India, and they undergo a rigorous training process before becoming qualified. Quality is of utmost importance when undergoing plastic surgery, which is why India is renowned globally for its impeccable standards. 
  • When planning for a surgical procedure in India, ensure that your plastic surgeon is board certified because one wrong decision can lead to disastrous results. 

2. Mexico

Leading professionals

  • Mexico has become one of the leading countries in safe, affordable plastic surgery with accredited and famous, sought-after surgeons. Mexico is now one of the most popular destinations in the world when it comes to having any type of cosmetic surgery procedure.
  • These procedures are often much more affordable than having them done at home, plus patients will also find they can stay closer to home and receive a plethora of luxury vacations packages too once their procedure is done. 

Less expensive 

  • Plastic surgery in Mexico are also often less expensive than surgeries performed in the United States and other countries. In Mexico, patients can purchase a medical vacation and spend up to $5,000, which includes a recovery stay of four to five days in a resort-like setting.

3. South Korea 

Cost of Plastic Surgery in South Korea 

  • South Korea is one of the famous country for plastic surgery. The price of plastic surgery in South Korea is typically much lower than in other places, such as the United States or Western Europe. The main reason for this is that patients can choose the surgeon and price according to their needs.  

Qualified and skilled surgeons 

  • From their youthful good looks to their confidence, and most importantly, professionalism, they are a cut above the rest when it comes to being a famous international destination for cosmetic surgery.
  • Talking about the cosmetic procedures — one of the most common is breast implants — as well as facial reconstructions, laser surgeries, and more!  
  • South Korea is home to some of the best plastic surgeons who stay on the cutting edge on keeping up with advancements and technological advancements in their fields. 
  • Plastic surgeons in Korea stay on top of medical trends both at home and abroad by attending workshops, conferences, and other industry events.

Cutting-edge technology 

  • With the goal of a perfect balance between the patient and technician’s expectations, healthcare facilities in South Korea have adopted new robotic technologies to assist all sorts of cosmetic procedures. 
  • For example, 3-D modeling systems help patients and surgeons to understand what kinds of results may be possible through gene therapy or stem cell treatment options. The robotic technologies help surgeons to ensure sterility and reduce any chances of infection. It also helps to achieve more accurate results that are precise enough to meet the patient’s expectations.

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4. Thailand

The First-class Hospital Treatment

  • In recent years, Thailand was in the top 20 countries for medical tourism in the world and became the most popular destination for plastic surgery in Southeast Asia
  • The reason that cosmetic surgery is famous in Thailand is due to the availability of world-class quality packages at an affordable cost
  • Many top-rated hospitals in Thailand offer advanced medical equipment and technology, including operation rooms, recovery rooms, and extremely high service for patient satisfaction. 
  • Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Smile,’ and a patient would expect nothing less than warm and welcoming hospitality. 

Affordable Cost

  • Thailand is renowned as a number one destination for medical tourists because it offers high quality and affordable treatment with excellent facilities in cosmopolitan, easy-to-reach locations.
  • People come here because they know they will get the same level of care that they would expect to receive at home but lower prices because of the favorable currency exchange rate and lack of added overhead costs.
  • This is the reason many people choose plastic surgery in Thailand instead of their home country. Not only are you getting a world-class experience, but you’re also receiving value for your money!

5. Turkey

Cost of Treatment

  • The cost of plastic surgery in Turkey is much cheaper than in other countries. Turkish hospital fees are 90% cheaper than what patients need to pay for similar services in Western Europe or the USA. 
  • The most important factor, especially during these times of crisis and recession, is that medical treatment in Turkey has been made more affordable for foreign residents rather than tourists. 

Frequent inspections

  • In Turkey, cosmetic surgery is performed by both certified and trained surgeons. This is why these procedures are overseen by the country’s medical association. In Turkey, plastic surgery clinics and hospitals are frequently inspected by medical associations including the International Medical Association and the Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (TSAPS). 
  • Inspections are carried out to ensure that surgeons have passed an exam assuring that they have the necessary experience before performing a procedure. Patients can also verify the surgeon’s credentials on the TSAPS website. 

With plenty of options to choose from, a patient no longer has to wait for that long-awaited makeover. Once you make up your mind about the country that would serve you the best, connect with us at care@lyfboat.com. We’ll gladly take it from there and assist you in your medical journey. 

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