How much does 5000 grafts hair transplant cost in Turkey?

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Hair Transplant

“The average cost of  hair transplant surgery with 5000 grafts is 6000 USD. The hair transplant clinics and hospitals in Turkey promise unparalleled treatments at low-cost packages.


As we age, hair fall becomes a constant part of our lives. Both men and women experience hair thinning and balding right after they cross their 40s or 50s. Since the issue is so common, we have plenty of remedies that are circulated, promising better results. Unfortunately, none of these guarantee a permanent solution to hair loss. 

To date, only a hair transplant can provide a long-term fix to hair loss problems. As easy as the solution seems, getting a hair transplant can be quite tricky. If the patient fails to find the right surgeon and the right technique, the results can be disastrous. 

Apart from being particular about the quality of the treatment, the patient also pays attention to the prices. Many people fail to undergo these procedures, as the best clinics and surgeons charge an exorbitant amount of money for a basic surgery.

Therefore, many choose to fly to other countries to avail themselves of the same treatment at a cost that fits their budget. One such destination is Turkey, a country known for its reliable medical services and competent teams to handle all kinds of hair restoration surgeries. Therefore, a hair transplant in Turkey is a good idea for patients looking forward to a new mane!

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What is the cost of hair transplant in Turkey?

  • The cost of hair transplants in Turkey is affordable yet highly variable. The variation in treatment costs is a result of the complexity of the procedure, type of technique, the surgeon’s experience, and most importantly, the number of hair grafts required by the patient. 
  • Many hospitals and clinics in Turkey offer hair transplant packages that include a standard cost for a range of hair grafts. For a particular package, the patient can use as many hair grafts within a minimum and maximum range set by the facility. 
  • If a patient chooses to avoid a package, they have to pay according to the number of grafts that will be used throughout the procedure. The average cost of 5000 grafts for a hair transplant in Turkey is 6000 USD. This cost can increase or decrease according to the change in the count. 
  No. of Grafts Average Cost ($) Average Cost (£)
1 1000 USD 1,800 GBP 1,485
2 2000 USD 3,000 GBP 2,475
3 3000 USD 4,000 GBP 3,300
4 4000 USD 5,000 GBP 4,125
5 5000 USD 6,000 GBP 4,950

What is a hair graft?

  • Hair graft is a strip of skin containing 2-3 healthy hair follicles. The number, shape, and size of the hair graft are dependent on the surgical approach that the doctor opts for the patient. 
  • Donor hair follicles can be obtained from any part of the body, but the preferred region is the occipital scalp. After a comprehensive evaluation of the scalp tissue and hair density, the surgeon decides on the technique best suited for the patient. 
  • There are many hair transplantation methods that a patient can opt for. There are two techniques that are more popular among the patients as well as the surgeons, namely FUT and FUE. 
  • The Follicular unit transplantation method involves the transfer of an entire strip of skin from the donor to the balding area. Whereas, the Follicular unit extraction hair transplant method involves the individual extraction of hair follicles from the donor area. The latter has gained an edge over the former technique as it is less scarring and follows a shorter recovery time. 

How many grafts will a patient need?

  • The pattern of hair loss is different for every man or woman. Moreover, the hair quality, density, and texture are also specific to each individual. All these factors help the doctor to decide the number of grafts a patient will need. 
  • During the initial consultation, a doctor will evaluate the condition of the scalp and the hair follicles. The hair density will also be measured using an imaging technique known as trichoscopy. 
  • This is followed by the measurement of the balding spots or areas using a standard scaling system. 
  • Since each graft contains one or two hair follicles, the minimum no. of hair transplanted will be double the graft count. So, if a patient undergoes surgery with 5000 grafts, a patient will receive 10,000 hair follicles in the balding region. 
  • During the surgery, the doctor will transplant hair grafts with a single hair follicle on the anterior side of the scalp to give the hairline a more realistic look. The hair grafts with 2 or more hair follicles are transplanted covering the other areas. 

Is it possible to transplant 5000 grafts of hair follicles? 

  • On average, a hair transplant procedure requires the transfer or relocation of 2000 to 3000 grafts containing healthy hair follicles. However, in some cases, a patient may need additional grafts to cover the balding areas. 
  • Most patients are curious if they can undergo hair transplantation with 5000 grafts in Turkey, eliminating the need for multiple procedures. However, this decision is strictly for the surgeon to make. 
  • Not every individual qualifies for the same as they may not have 5000 grafts healthy hair follicles even in the donor area. 
  • Another challenge can be the viability of hair follicles. The hair follicles must survive the surgery and escape dehydration, oxygen scarcity, and high temperature. 
  • For patients with a decent availability of hair grafts, the procedure can be a success. Especially with the rise in the trend for FUE procedures, a team of 2 doctors can transplant 5000 grafts under 3-5 hours in a single session

How can Lyfboat assist you in getting a hair transplant in Turkey?

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Lyfboat is a free advisory platform; we do not charge any fees from patients. In fact, we negotiate the price that Indian hospitals offer. In some cases we are able to reduce the cost by negotiating upto 20% of what Hospitals generally offer. We advise the best treatment from the top hospital/surgeon at best price.

Why undergo 5000 grafts transplant surgery in Turkey?

Over the last few decades, Turkey has gained a top position in the list of the best countries for medical tourism in the entire world. Besides offering affordable and quality treatment, many factors entice patients to fly to Turkey. 

New technologies

The country boasts all the advanced facilities and technologies required to carry out complex surgeries. Many clinics and hospitals own the ARTAS robotic systems that eliminate the need for human error, giving more accurate results. Other technologies like the 3-D modeling software help the patients to gain a better understanding of how the procedure may or may not work for them. 

Experienced doctors

The country is home to experienced surgeons with an impeccable record of medical practice. Their skills, knowledge, and expertise attract patients to Turkey from almost all corners of the world. 

Accredited healthcare facilities 

There are many hair transplant clinics and hospitals accredited by international organizations and the Turkish Ministry of Health. The accreditations assure that the level of medical facilities, technologies, treatment, and care in these institutions is on par with those in the west. 


Since there are many clinics and hospitals in Turkey offering hair restoration treatments, clinics and hospitals in Turkey face tough competition. Therefore, to attract potential customers, these clinics provide a guarantee on their procedures, varying from a year to even a lifetime. 

Simran Bahia

Written By Simran Bahia

Simran Bahia is an experienced content writer with extensive research experience in Immunology and Reproductive Biology. Simran received her Bachelors in Life Sciences from Delhi University, followed by a Master's in Immunology from the Amity Institute of Virology and Immunology. Combining her love for science and writing, Simran enjoys putting a spin on standard methods of medical writing.

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Simran Bahia

Written By Simran Bahia

Simran Bahia is an experienced content writer with extensive research experience in Immunology and Reproductive Biology. Simran received her Bachelors in Life Sciences from Delhi University, followed by a Master's in Immunology from the Amity Institute of Virology and Immunology. Combining her love for science and writing, Simran enjoys putting a spin on standard methods of medical writing.
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