How Much Does Liver Transplant Cost?

The cost of liver transplant starts from $23000. The success rate of liver transplant surgery in India ranges between 85% and 90%, which is as high as that offered by the developed countries in the west.

Liver Transplant Success Rate in India

Liver Transplant Surgery is used to replace a damaged, diseased, or non-functional liver. The liver is an important organ in the body involved in the digestive process, detoxification process, and more.

In liver transplant surgery, the patient is placed under general anesthesia.

The doctor makes an incision in the abdominal area, removes the patient’s liver, and replaces it with another healthy liver from a donor. In some cases, a portion of a liver, rather than an entire liver, can be inserted.

For effective long-term results, it is critical to look for the skill of the surgeon, the infrastructure of the hospital, the latest technology and equipment, and a trained transplant team.

There are two types of liver failure – Acute liver failure which occurs suddenly (over a period of a few weeks) often due to an infection, and the other is chronic liver failure which takes several months and years to occur due to prolonged exposure to chemicals, medicines and other factors.

Best countries to undergo a Liver Transplant

  • When it comes to our health, the price of any treatment should not be the primary concern. However, it still remains the most practical aspect of decision-making. Also, it is a wise decision to do extensive research and not waste hard-earned money.
  • Countries like the US or the UK are the best when it comes to undergoing liver transplants. But not everyone can afford it! Yet, everyone deserves to get the best quality at an affordable price.
  • As an answer to the questions raised before, there are many countries that boast high Liver Transplant success rates.
  • These countries, along with several achievements and medical milestones, also offer treatments at extremely affordable prices.
  • Equipped with internationally accredited hospitals, leading industry experts, and cutting-edge technology, one of these countries can be your ideal destination.

Patient Testimonial: Shakila Khan from Trinidad and Tobago got successful Liver Transplant in India

Patient Shakila khan and her daughter are sharing their experience about how Dr. Surbhi and Lyfboat’s team helped them with all the logistics in India while their stay in India.

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  1. India

The country is known for its reputed medical tourism history. It ranks among the top 10 countries for medical tourism. India should be a great decision for any treatment and surgery as India is considered a client-well-disposed country, keeping in mind the enriched cultural heritage India is known for.

A land where guests are considered God, especially when people travel here for medical reasons, compassion is all-inclusive in the package -with no extra cost as a welcoming gesture and patients leave with a souvenir as precious as Ayurveda- which means “The Science of Life.”

  • India is now known for its cardiac and other organ replacement medical care. So, the question succeeding which place/destination to opt for becomes integral for it is safe and successful.
  • There are other well-acclaimed countries known for great Liver Transplant surgery, however, the patients would need to surpass heavy bills and long waiting times. In a procedure like Liver Transplant, time is crucial and at times patients may not afford to waste any time.
  • People from all walks of life feel safe visiting India for any and all medical treatments. The testimonials of thousands of happy patients from abroad substantiate the fact that the decision to fly into India adds to the success rate.
  • The cost of liver transplant in India starts from $23000. The success rate of liver transplant surgery in India ranges between 85% and 90%, which is as high as that offered by the developed countries in the west.
  • Witnessing immense growth in the field of medical research and technology, India serves as the best and most cost-effective option to undergo a Liver Transplant. Most patients choose India as the preferred destination as it allows steeper savings of about 52% along with par-excellence medical care.
  • The country has a long list of hospitals accredited by reputed organizations, including Joint Commission International (JCI). Packed with unfaltering infrastructure, the latest medical equipment, and modern technology, hospitals in India offer the best form of treatment and care.
  • All organ transplants in India are regulated by the Government of India. The rules of a Liver Transplant in India are extremely strict & any deviation or carelessness from Law may call for a heavy penalty or an equivalent punishment. This ensures absolute quality being followed.

Other reasons may include some very important factors to be considered to consider India as the destination for a PES or PIS:

  • International connectivity
  • No language barrier
  • Food options for all ethnicity
  • Safe and economical during the stay.
  • Affordable accommodation for pre- and post-surgery stays
  • Easy availability of compassionate caregivers

2. Thailand

As a world-leading medical tourist destination, Hospitals in Thailand offer and have expertise in almost all kinds of surgeries, including the most complex surgeries. Among many, Liver Transplant surgery is one of the most recommended surgeries Thailand offers.

There is a large number of people who travel to Thailand every year for medical treatments and surgeries.

  • Thailand is known for its advanced treatment of Liver cancer. Based on the condition of the patient and the level of cancer, after removing the tumor, the surgeon goes in for a liver transplant.
  • Competitive cost is offered without compromising the quality of treatment.
  • A regular medical check-up in Thailand may cost $100-$150 in Thailand as compared to up to $1000 in the US.
  • Low-cost and affordable Liver Transplant gives an opportunity to those who need a transplant, however, cannot afford it in their home country or any other country considered to be an ace player.
  • With high-quality services with accredited hospitals, Thailand is amongst the top destinations to opt for when it’s to a liver transplant. Organ transplants are complicated procedures that require the best facilities and clinical care for good outcomes. Thailand hospitals are first-rated healthcare centers that are globally known for their state-of-the-art infrastructure and usage of the latest medical technology.
  • Veteran surgeons established in Thailand have been offering the most accurate diagnosis, treatment and surgery for decades which has only enhanced their surgical skills and expertise. Handling foreign patients is also a skill they have acquired along with their medical expertise.
  • Being an attractive tourist destination, Thailand has been placed amongst the top medical tourism giants. The credit goes to the Thai tourism strategies that have enhanced foreign medical tourist downpours and have helped Thailand in occupying a high ranking in global medical and wellness tourism.
  • The waiting time for a scheduled surgery plays a very important role in a surgery like a Liver Transplant, where the condition and degree of damage to the liver may not practically allow the patient to wait for too long. The allocation principles are strictly adhered to in Thailand. Super-urgent lists are prioritized for a liver transplant in Thailand.

How can Lyfboat assist you getting Liver Transplantation?

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Lyfboat is a free advisory platform; we do not charge any fees from patients. In fact, we negotiate the price that Indian hospitals offer. In some cases we are able to reduce the cost by negotiating upto 20% of what Hospitals generally offer. We advise the best treatment from the top hospital/surgeon at best price.

3. Turkey

Turkey has been one of the top 5 popular countries for medical treatments. Medical tourism has been the basis and an integral part of national tourism in Turkey. This is mainly to optimally utilize the geographical location of the country.

It’s situated at a crossroads between Asia and Europe which make it easily available to the world and best suited to a lot of Americans and Western Europeans. Turkey is known for its respect for other cultures and religions making it a safe destination for people visiting for medical reasons.

The pricing of treatments in Turkey could be 60% less in comparison to the US counterparts.

With a sharp rise in medical tourism in the country, there has been a cautious effort to improve and provide the best air connectivity. Turkish Airlines has also come up with special packages to contribute towards medical tourism and other healthcare establishments. This includes attractive discounts and incentives for people traveling to Turkey for health reasons & treatment purposes.

Five-star accommodation facilities with excellent aftercare facilities are sure to be other attractions for medical tourists.

  • Turkey has an advanced healthcare sector and is a prime destination for international patients seeking quality medical care.
  • Liver transplantation is one of the most common organ transplantation procedures offered by several hospitals in Turkey.
  • With a success rate of 80% – 90%, the treatment at the best liver transplant hospitals in Turkey is at par with internationally accredited institutions.
  • Liver transplant cost in Turkey starts from USD 45,000. The liver transplant hospitals in Turkey offer unparalleled health services at low-cost packages.
  • A team of surgeons, hepatologists, gastroenterologists, and specialized transplantation nurses play a major role in the procedure.
  • The surgeons for liver transplantation in Turkey are internationally trained in advanced surgical techniques and have excellent clinical records.
  • They provide personalized and compassionate care for the patient throughout the process, from pre-evaluation to surgery, and post-operative recovery.
  • Usually, a stay of almost 20 days is required for a liver transplant in Turkey, but the exact length of stay will depend on the individual case.
  • The package offered by the hospital will include the cost for the duration of stay in the hospital along with treatment costs.
  • The hospitals are located close to the hotels and restaurants and are well-connected to the airport. Commuting within the country is easy with taxis, private vehicles as well as public transport.

4. Spain

Spain is a western country and one of the major Latin countries of Europe, and a cultural superpower. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and picturesque countries in Europe.

Also known as -The Kingdom of Spain, the largest part of Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula. It is a developed country with an advanced economy.

Spain is amongst the list of 46 global destinations to be ranked within the 2020-2021 Medical Tourism Index.

Spain’s cultural diversity, large land mass, modern infrastructure and yet low cost of living, with the most advanced hospitals and healthcare has been the reason to make it open to medical tourists from across the globe.

  • For patients traveling to Spain Affordable medical procedures like Liver transplant save up to 30%-70% in medical expenses.
  • Liver Transplants in Spain started in 1984 and have seen a steep rise in the procedures performed. More than 1000 transplants each year have only helped build up trust amongst the patients pouring in from across the globe. This also represents 6% of all liver interventions that are performed across the globe.
  • The number of patients pouring in and awaiting a Liver Transplant in Spain has halved from 2015 to 2019, majorly due to the non-heart-beating donation program in the country and less no of patients with Hepatitis C.
  • The Spanish National Transplant Organization provides essential support in cases of organ procurement, allocation, and management of the waiting list at a national level. This makes the liver allocation centre oriented as all available organs are referred to the National Transplant Organization.
  • The allocation rule in Spain is made of Liver Transplants according to the disease severity.

Recovery Time

  • Liver transplant is major surgery and it may take six months or more to heal completely.
  • The patient has to strictly follow the doctor’s instructions during this time, including taking anti-rejection medication as recommended to keep the body from attacking the foreign organ (donated liver).
  • Regular follow-ups and hospital visits will be scheduled by the doctor to monitor the progress and check for potential complications.

The Criteria For Liver Donor

An individual is allowed to donate a small part of their functional liver to someone in need only by meeting the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • Age should range between 18-60 years
  • The blood type should be compatible with the recipient.
  • Record of sound mental & physical health of the donor.
  • BMI should be less than 35.
  • The donor should clear screening for the below-mentioned health check-ups:
  • Hepatitis
  • Ongoing Cancer
  • Active or chronic infection
  • Any of the significant organ diseases-heart or kidney
  • Free of any active substance abuse

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