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Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in Turkey

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About Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone Marrow Transplant (also known as stem cell transplant) uses transplanted bone marrow and/or stem cells to replace the diseased bone marrow of the patient. Therefore, people that undergo this treatment usually have leukemia, lymphoma, or other similar conditions. The replacement bone marrow or stem cells can come either from the patient themselves (autologous transplantation) or from another donor (allogeneic transplantation). In order to transplant the new healthy cells, the old cells are first destroyed using chemotherapy; then, the new cells can be implanted.Read More about Bone Marrow Transplant

Average Bone Marrow Transplant Cost

IndiaStarting from $18000
USStarting from $350000
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    Istanbul, Turkey - 
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    • Medical Park Bahçelievler is a JCI-Accredited hospital that offers services in line with international standards. This Medical Park Hospital has been in the Bahçelievler district of Istanbul since 2007 and operates in the form of a university hospital-based on an affiliation with Altinbas University.
    • The hospital strives to deliver exclusive healthcare services for patients from all parts of the country as well as abroad. A team of highly qualified and experienced physicians provides expert care to the patients.
    • Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital is equipped with the latest medical technologies for diagnosis and treatment. The patient-oriented service approach combines with advanced diagnosis and treatment modalities at this hospital ensures reliable and effective care to the patients.
    • As Medical Park Bahçelievler is at a central location of the European Side of Istanbul, it takes makes it only a 5-minute distance away from the Atatürk Airport for international patients.
    • The hospital has a dedicated treatment program with all major services of international standards in stem cell and bone marrow transplantations for adults and children.
    • The Bone Marrow Transplantation Department at Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital combines clinical research data and the extensive experience of the specialists to provide the best possible care. This includes high dose chemotherapy and long-term outcome for bone marrow transplantation.
    • A multidisciplinary team comprising hematologists, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, social workers and administrators who specialize in stem cell transplantation involves in the care. 
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      Istanbul, Turkey - 
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      • Acibadem Bakirköy Hospital is JCI certified center that offers high-quality health care services to domestic as well as international patients.
      • It was the first hospital established by the Acibadem Hospitals Group on the European side of Istanbul. The hospital keeps updating the infrastructure and technology systems to provide high-tech and innovative treatment options. The inpatient floors and operating rooms are world-class facilities that ensure comfortable care for patients.
      • Acibadem Bakirköy hospital has a well-established department for bone marrow transplantation and cellular therapy that offers a variety of services to patients.
      • Other than autologous and full matched allogenic transplants, Haploidentical bone marrow transplantation is also offered by the centers with appropriate measures.
      • The center has a sterilized environment in compliance with international standards. The unit is supported by a network of all relevant branches including intensive care unit, general surgery, cardiology, nephrology, and ear-nose-throat.
      • The licensed GMP laboratory of Acibadem hospital ensures that transplanted stem cells are prepared in proper conditions. The cells are then analyzed for vitality, count, and activity before the transplantation step.
      • Acibadem Hospital offers the latest technologies in the field of hematology and BMT with the aid of a trained and experienced transplant team for the best chance of success.
      • Also, the hospital offers economical transplant packages which are highly cost-effective in comparison with Western countries, Europe and the USA.
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        Ankara, Turkey - 
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        • Liv Hospital Ankara is one of the top-rated hospitals in Turkey that delivers superlative care with a patient-oriented and personalized approach.
        • The hospital aims to provide all-round care across all the branches with a multidisciplinary team of doctors and cutting-edge medical technologies.
        • The hematology clinic at Liv Hospital is a world-class facility that offers high-quality and reliable services for the treatment of various kinds of blood and bone marrow diseases. The experienced doctors and medical staff ensure complete as well as compassionate care.
        • Liv Hospital Hematology Clinic integrates services from many branches such as medical oncology and radiation oncology for effective pre and post-transplant care.
        • The clinic is a well-built center with competent infrastructure and high-tech laboratories, ensuring the most-updated care regime for bone marrow transplant patients.
        • The hospital has a dedicated team for international patient services to help smoothen out the process for patients traveling from abroad. 
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          Istanbul, Turkey - 
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          • VM Medical Park Hospital Istanbul Aydin University is a referral teaching medical facility that brings together the academic knowledge and innovative approach of Aydin University with the hospitality concepts of Value Added Medicine (VM).
          • The forerunner hospital is a center of excellence in various fields of healthcare and offers patient-centric care with an expert staff and advanced technologies.
          • VM Medical Park Hospital has a modern infrastructure with specialized facilities for patients traveling from abroad.
          • The 300 bedded hospital is well-equipped with the latest technologies for diagnosis and therapeutics, supported by 13 operating theaters and 92 outpatient clinics.
          • The specialized department of Bone Marrow Transplantation offers all kinds of stem cell therapies based on the patient’s needs and conditions.
          • A team of experienced hematologists at Bone Marrow Transplantation center are backed by trained staff and high-tech laboratory and equipment. The doctors deliver suitable treatments with international standards.
          • The Bone Marrow Transplantation center is certified by the Ministry of Health and EBMT for autologous, allogeneic, matched-unrelated, and reduced intensity BMTs. Also, the unit is certified as Unrelated Donor Harvests by EBMT.
          • The rooms and corridors at the center are outfitted with a HEPA Filtering system to reduce the risk of airborne infections.
          • It is a one-of-its-kind center that offers cord blood transplantations oriented by the IVF (in vitro fertilization) method. The decisions for bone marrow transplantation cases are taken in the Transplantation Council.
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          Istanbul, Turkey - 
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          • Bahçesehir University Medical Park Göztepe Hospital is a JCI-accredited facility that meets the criteria of international standards of healthcare.
          • The 293 bedded hospital has 9 operating theaters, 64 intensive care beds, and advanced medical technologies. More than 150 doctors are employed at Medical Park Göztepe to deliver superior levels of medical care.
          • The hospital routinely caters to citizens of Turkey and international patients from different parts of the world.
          • The modern infrastructure supports advanced healthcare services for everybody, which is the motto of the group.
          • Bahçesehir University Medical Park Göztepe Hospital offers treatment with a multidisciplinary and patient-focused approach to ensure maximum comfort for the patients.
          • The Bone Marrow Transplantation Program at the hospital is a dedicated unit that offers a range of procedures including autologous, allogeneic, matched-unrelated, and reduced intensity BMTs.The center is certified by the Ministry of Health and EBMT to conduct these procedures in compliance with the international standards
          • The patient rooms and corridors at the BMT center have a HEPA filtering system which helps reduce the risk of airborne infections to the immunocompromised patients.
          • The unit is heavily supported by specialty programs such as the departments of Intensive Care Unit, Infectious Diseases, Renal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, and other specialty services.
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          Kocaeli, Turkey - 
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          • Anadolu Medical Center is a premier hospital that has been providing superior quality of medical services to patients not only from different parts of the country but across the world.
          • The hospital is globally renowned for its success and experience as a cancer specialty center. It has been providing excellent services across all branches of medicine.
          • Anadolu has a strategic alliance with Johns Hopkins Medicine which helps them consistently improve the quality of healthcare. The hospital is certified by Joint Commission International, the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), and other international quality accreditation bodies.
          • The Bone Marrow or Stem Cell Transplantation Center at Anadolu Medical Center is a high-tech facility that offers a number of specialized services to patients.
          • It comprises a Bone Marrow Outpatient Clinic, Bone Marrow Inpatient Clinic, HLA Typing Laboratory, Hemapheresis Laboratory as well as Cryopreservation and Stem Cell Processing Laboratory for molecular-level diagnosis of cancer. It uses high-end equipment such as flow cytometry and PCR for effective diagnosis and treatment.
          • The inpatient department of bone marrow transplant has 22 beds on two floors. There is a specialized section of space at the entrance of a patient room (between the room and the corridor). Everyone, including the doctor, nurse, or patient\'s relatives, enter through this special section and is purified of infections. This ensures an infection-free environment for BMT patients.
          • All candidates for transplant are evaluated based on laboratory examinations, imaging examination reports, and pathology reports, and detailed history, along with physical examinations. 


          • ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology)
          • Planetree Gold Certification
          • Affiliation with John Hopkins Medicine (USA)
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            Konya, Turkey - 
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            • Medicana Konya Hospital is the largest private hospital of Medicana Hospital group in the Central Anatolia region that provides a wide spectrum of medical services.
            • It is a nationally renowned hospital with a total area of 35.000 square meters, providing services across 31 departments with a staff of 22 academic physicians, 49 specialists, 276 health personnel.
            • Medicana Konya Hospital delivers exceptional healthcare services with advanced medical technologies and international patient care standards.
            • The modern infrastructure is equipped with cutting-edge technology and devices. A team of trained and experienced staff work round the clock to ensure full-time care.
            • The hospital has been widely known as a center of attraction for patients from European countries and various other parts of the world. Medicana Konya Hospital has been at the forefront of medical tourism in Konya. Its patient-friendly environment and hospitality have been an attraction for international patients.
            • Bone marrow transplantation in Medicana Group is performed by a multidisciplinary team of experts in this field. The experience, knowledge, and expertise of the doctors help maintain excellent success rates with minimum postoperative complications.
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            Istanbul, Turkey - 
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            Medicana Caml?ca is a JCI-accredited hospital that comes under the leading healthcare group in Turkey - Medicana Health Group. The hospital offers a wide range of services in all the major fields of medicine, including cardiology, Pediatric Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Organ Transplantation, Orthopaedics, IVF and Reproductive Health, Hand Surgery and Microsurgery, Chest Surgery (Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Clinic) along with Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit. The centre provides comprehensive treatment option with techniques such as BMT, Cyber knife, Pediatric and Adult Cardiovascular Surgery, Hemodialysis and many more.

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            Istanbul, Turkey - 
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            • Medipol University Hospital is renowned as one of the largest private health facilities in Turkey. The university hospital has state-of-the-art architecture and intelligent building systems, with advanced medical devices and equipment.
            • Medipol University Hospital is a JCI accredited reference health center for national as well as international patients, with a wide spectrum of clinical services across multiple branches.
            • The Bone Marrow- Stem Cell Transplantation Center at the hospital is a center of excellence. The facility is designed to meet all the necessity of a bone marrow transplantation procedure and appropriate post-operative care of the patients.
            • Medipol University Hospital Bone Marrow- Stem Cell Transplantation Center comprises a dedicated outpatient and inpatient department, supported by modern laboratories and an intensive care unit.
            • As a teaching hospital, Medipol University Hospital not only ensures the international standards are followed but also uses new evidence-based data for the best bone marrow transplantation in Turkey for a patient.
            • The center offers autologous as well as allogeneic transplantation. Medipol University Hospital has a specialized Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplants Center which operates with the apheresis unit, pediatric intensive care, and pediatric nephrology, neurology, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, and other units.
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              Bursa, Turkey - 
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              • Medicana Bursa Hospital is the largest and newest hospital of Bursa and Medicana Health Group. It covers most medical branches, ranging from cardiac surgery, advanced cancer surgery, and radiation oncology to organ transplantation and obesity surgery.
              • The hospital aims to bring international standard healthcare services to the region and the country. The experienced healthcare professionals at Medicana hospital ensure effective and reliable medical care as per the patient’s needs.
              • As the biggest hospital in the Southern Marmara region in Bursa, it not only caters to domestic but also international patients.
              • Medicana Bursa Hospital delivers holistic and patient-oriented service to provide the utmost comfort and superior quality of treatment. It combines continuous, evidence-based care and updated medical equipment with warm hospitality and ethical principles.
              • The 22-story hospital building has smart technology systems and a capacity of 300 beds, 100 intensive care beds, and 200 single rooms.
              • The modular operating rooms are designed to allow the most complicated and advanced surgical procedures. There are specialized neonatal and adult coronary intensive care units, and oncologic treatment units for targeted treatment.
              • The Bone Marrow and Pediatric Hemato-oncology units offer a number of treatment options after full pre-evaluation of the patient.
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