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Providers can create their free profiles on www.Lyfboat.com. Provider profiles offer relevant and meaningful information regarding their Hospital, various specialities and detailed doctor profiles. This will help you in showing up in the search results. The most updated and well maintained profiles help in attracting more patients.

Receive inquiries from Patients

Customers come to Lyfboat seeking the right healthcare professionals for their medical care. Your profile contains detailed descriptions, images, reviews from other patients, services provided and more. You have the option to receive queries from the patients directly through our integrated lead management system. You will be receiving genuine and qualified leads.

You provide cost estimates

Use the built in communication tools to coordinate an initial consultation date with the patient. View medical records from patients to provide custom quotes. You fix up everything for the patient and get notified when a patient accepts your quotation. You pay Lyfboat only after you have treated the patient.

Schedule consultation

With your Lyfboat user account you get the privilege to access our lead management system. You can use it to communicate with the patient. You can arrange a consultation with the patient as per your mutual convenience.

Coordinate Travel Logistics

Communicate with your patients to coordinate travel logistics and understand their needs prior to travel to make the process smoother for your customers. This will help you know their detailed itinerary and you can suitable arrangements for medical visa, arrival documents etc.

Why use lyfboat ?

Free Profile

It’s free to create your profile. Ensure that your profile is accurate, comprehensive, and differentiated from others in your specialty, and connect with patients who can benefit most from your care.

You’re in control

You specify the type of services you offer, so you hear from customers who are a good fit.

Professional Photography

Once you sign up with us, we will send a team of professionals to take high resolution images of your team and business – for free! When patients are making decisions online, images speak a thousand words.

Increase your global & online reach

Lyfboat has a large patient and quality referrer base globally. Our highly satisfied network of patients and referrers helps instil confidence and trust in our services and more patients turn to Lyfboat to seek assistance in decision making on their selection of a health care provider


We provide you with detailed analytics to help you understand the various sources of traffic to your profile. This helps you in planning the upgradation of your profile and promoting the relevant services.

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