How Much Does Gastric Balloon Surgery Cost in India?

The average cost of Gastric Balloon surgery in India starts from USD 2,800 (INR 208,000) while it is USD 8,000 and USD 3,300 in US and UK respectively. The cost is subjective to many factors and can be more or less depending on your medical condition, experience of the surgeon and the type of hospital you choose.

 SurgeryPrice in ($)Price in (₹)
1Gastric Balloon SurgeryUSD 2800INR 208,000
2Gastric Band SurgeryUSD 5000INR 371,000
3Sleeve GastrectomyUSD 4800INR 394,000
4Gastric Bypass SurgeryUSD 6000INR 446,000

What is Gastric Balloon Surgery?

Gastric ballooning, also known as intragastric ballooning, is a non-surgical procedure that aids in short-term weight loss.  The procedure consists of a balloon made of soft silicone and filled with saline, being placed in the stomach to limit the amount of food the stomach can hold.

The balloon makes the patient feel full faster and thereby reduces their appetite and caloric intake. This procedure is used for patients where other ways of weight loss are not recommended,or for those who are obese and have not had success losing weight with diet and exercise alone. 

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How is Gastric Ballooning performed? 

Gastric ballooning is a non-surgical, outpatient procedure. The patient is given a sedative to help them relax. The silicon balloon is deflated and placed into the stomach through the mouth and throat using a flexible tube equipped with a camera. Once the balloon is in place it is inflated with saline water. The procedure takes about fifteen minutes and is completely painless. The gastric balloon generally stays in place for six months then it is deflated and removed as there is an increased risk of balloon deterioration and perforation after this point. Patients typically report the loss of twenty to thirty percent of their excess weight while using gastric ballooning. 

Who needs Gastric Balloon Surgery?

Gastric ballooning is usually performed when a patient has not had success in losing weight through traditional means. The use of gastric ballooning is for weight loss in obese patients, those with a body mass index over 27.A gastric balloon in turn reduces the risks of diseases and health complications associated with being overweight, such as:

  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes (type 2)
  • Sleep apnea

What Risks Are Associated With Gastric Ballooning?

Gastric ballooning is a non-surgical procedure and has few risks associated with it. Most patients have no complications or side effects. However, no medical procedure is entirely without risk. Some of the risks associated with gastric ballooning include:

  • Pain and nausea – These symptoms, if experienced, typically last for only a few days following the procedure and can be treated with over the counter medication.
  • Balloon Deflation – On very rare occasions the balloon may deflate and move through the digestive tract. If this occurs it could block the digestive tract and require additional procedures to correct.
  • Gastro-oesophageal Reflux or Indigestions – These conditions are related to the stomach acids and can cause pain the in abdomen and back. Medications can be prescribed to treat these symptoms. If the symptom persists, the doctor will investigate to ensure that surgery is not required to repair the damage.
  • Ulcers – An ulcer, or hole, in the stomach, may develop in rare instances. If the ulcer is severe it may require surgery to repair.
  • Bleeding or Perforation – In rare instances, bleeding or perforation may be caused by damage to the esophagus or stomach during placement or extraction. If this occurs, surgery may be needed to repair the damage.

How Do You Prepare For Gastric Balloon Surgery in India?

Your doctor may recommend that you do certain things to prepare for the gastric ballooning procedure. Common preparations include:
  • Tests – Blood tests, cardiac tests, etc… may be performed to ensure that the patient is healthy enough for the procedure.
  • Food and Drink – You will be instructed not to eat anything for twelve hours prior to your procedure or drink for six hours prior.
  • Medication – Discuss all of your medications with your doctor, even vitamins, supplements and over the counter medications. He will instruct you on whether you on how they should be taken prior to the procedure.
  • Exercise – Many doctors require that the patient start an exercise program before undergoing gastric ballooning.

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What Is The Recovery Like Following Gastric Ballooning?

Gastric ballooning is a non-surgical outpatient procedure. It takes about fifteen minutes to perform and the patient will go home the same day. After six hours following the procedure, the patient can begin to consume small amounts of liquid. The patient generally remains on a liquid diet for the first week and then begins eating soft foods. Regular foods can be reintroduced at the beginning of the third week following the procedure. 

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