Scoliosis Surgery Cost in India

  • The estimated cost of Scoliosis Surgery in India ranges between USD 2500 (INR 185,000) – USD 12000 (INR 891,000).
  • The cost of spinal fusion in India ranges between USD 8000 (INR 594,000) and USD 12000 (INR 891,000) and the cost of posterior back surgery in India falls between USD 4000 (INR 297,000) and USD 5000 (INR 371,000). On the other hand, thoracoplasty cost in India may range between USD 2500 (INR 185,000) and USD 4000 (INR 297,000).
  • Spinal fusion, posterior back surgery, and thoracoplasty are the three most common surgical approaches used for the treatment of scoliosis in India. 



Cost (USD)

Cost (INR)


Thoracoplasty surgery

USD 2500 - USD 4000

INR 185,000- INR 297,000


Posterior back surgery

USD 4000 - USD 5000

INR 297,000 - INR 371,000


Spinal fusion surgery

USD 8000 - USD 12000

INR 594,000 - INR 891,000


Scoliosis Treatment in India

The cost of scoliosis treatment in India is highly affordable and just a fraction of what it costs in other nations. This is especially true of the Western nations, including the US and the UK. The scoliosis treatment cost in India, however, differs from one hospital to another and from one city to the other. The cost of scoliosis treatment in Delhi may differ from what the same procedure costs in Mumbai, Bangalore, or Chennai.

The scoliosis treatment cost in India further depends on the type of treatment suggested by the doctor. There are different types of surgeries used to treat scoliosis and the doctor may suggest any one of them, depending on the condition of the patient and the diagnosis made.

In addition, the total cost of scoliosis treatment in India depends on several other factors, including the duration of hospital stay, surgeon’s fees, anesthesia cost, cost of additional medical tests or side procedures, and hospital charges. The scoliosis surgery cost in India remains the lowest in the world even when all these factors are considered apart from the accommodation and boarding expenses.

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Best Scoliosis Treatment in India

Scoliosis treatment in India is availed to patients who suffer from an abnormal curve of the spine. The country is renowned for offering highly affordable scoliosis treatment in India at some of the most prestigious medical institutions.

An increasingly large number of patients prefer to opt for scoliosis surgery in India because of state-of-the-art facilities offered by high-end hospitals at an extremely affordable cost. Each year, hundreds of patients from abroad travel to India for spine surgery, and scoliosis treatment is one of them.


Scoliosis treatment in India is available to patients traveling from any part of the world. Each year, thousands of patients from countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria fly across hundreds of miles to undergo spine surgery in India.

Scoliosis surgery in India is a boon for patients who cannot avail of high-quality medical and surgical services in their own country because of the lack of proper infrastructure, manpower, and technology. The best hospitals for scoliosis surgery in India make use of the latest technology and equipment to treat patients with maximum accuracy and precision.

In addition, the best scoliosis treatment hospitals in India offer state-of-the-art rehabilitative services to patients that help them recover well after the surgery. The hospital staff handholds patients throughout their medical trip to India – from the day of their admission to the hospital to complete recovery and discharge.

The cost of scoliosis surgery in India is one of the lowest in the world. This is yet another reason why patients from abroad prefer to travel to India for spine surgery. Moreover, the best surgeons for scoliosis treatment in India are counted among the list of best neurosurgeons in the world. Patients can stay rest assured of the quality of medical treatment offered by the best neurosurgeons in India.

Scoliosis: An Overview

Every person has a natural curve in their spine. The natural curvature makes the spine aligned slightly inward in the lower part of the back. But some people have a deformity in the alignment of the spine, therefore, making it appear curved from side to side. This sideways alignment of the spine curvature is known as scoliosis.

A rearview spine X-ray shows a straight line in the case of a normal individual. But the spine of a patient with scoliosis looks “S” or “C” shaped. A mild curvature ranges between 10 to 20 degrees, while a moderate curvature ranges between 20 and 50 degrees. On the other hand, a curvature of more than 50 degrees is considered a severe spinal curvature.

Types of Scoliosis

Usually, scoliosis is differentiated on the basis of its cause. But sometimes the location of the spinal curvature may also be considered to differentiate scoliosis. Differentiation on the basis of cause: There are three types of scoliosis in this category:

  1. Functional scoliosis

    In this case, abnormality in the alignment arises due to a problem somewhere else in the body. Specific conditions such as a difference in the length of the legs, muscle spasms, or inflammatory conditions such as appendicitis may give rise to functional scoliosis.

  2. Neuromuscular scoliosis

    This condition develops at the time of bone or spine formation. Bones of the spine do not form completely or they fail to get separated from each other and remain fused during the development of the fetus. Neuromuscular scoliosis often results in C-shaped curvature and muscles eventually become weak while keeping the spine upright.

  3. Degenerative scoliosis

    Adults are more likely to get affected with degenerative scoliosis as it results because of problems such as spondylosis, osteoporosis, and disc degeneration. Abnormal bone spurs are present along with weak ligaments in the spine that may give rise to a diverged curvature of the spine.

Differentiation on the basis of the location of curvature: Scoliosis can be divided into the following three categories on the basis of spinal curve location.

  • Lumbar curve scoliosis
  • Thoracic curve scoliosis
  • Thoracolumbar curve scoliosis

Scoliosis treatment in India is administered on the basis of the diagnosis made. Even though scoliosis is identified by simply looking at the curvature of the spine, the neurosurgeon may order a few tests such as X-Ray, computed tomography (CT) scan, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan to diagnose scoliosis.

Based on the diagnosis, the surgeon may further dig deep into the actual cause of scoliosis and accordingly advise a course of treatment or refer to another doctor for consultation. Scoliosis surgery is anyways recommended to the patient for the correction of the curvature of the spine.

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Scoliosis Treatment Options in India

The following are some of the common surgical procedures used for scoliosis treatment in India:

Posterior approach or back surgery

Scoliosis surgery with the posterior approach is considered the gold standard treatment for correction of the abnormal curvature of the spine. It has been used as the primary treatment for years.

The abnormal curvature is corrected with the implantation of two metal rods made up of a strong material such as stainless steel or titanium. In some patients, more than two rods may be needed to correct the alignment of the spine. Screws, wires, or hooks are also used to anchor the rods to the spine.

During the surgery, the thoracic spine is incised along the length. The exposed muscles are then separated from the spine to get access to the spine. Rods are inserted and fixed with the help of screws to reduce the curvature.

Spinal fusion

Spinal fusion is the most widely accepted surgical procedure for scoliosis treatment. Pieces of bones or bone-like material are grafted between two or more vertebrae to form one solid bone mass. The vertebral column becomes rigid, therefore, preventing the spine from curving any further.

Spinal fusion can be performed via both anterior and posterior approaches, but the choice depends on the medical condition of the patient. A few severe cases are usually treated with a combination of these two approaches.

During the surgery, the spine is accessed either with the anterior or the posterior approach. The curved portion of the spine is straightened carefully with the help of rods and hooks. The spine is then covered with several small pieces of the bone graft to fuse it in a straight position.

As the fusion progresses, the bone graft starts healing and continues to do so for 3 to 6 months and up to 12 months in some cases. The part of the fused spine solidifies with due course of time and is not at risk of abnormal curvature any longer. The remaining part of the spine will remain flexible like before. The overall movement of the spine remains normal.


Scoliosis patients with a thoracic curve are suggested to undergo thoracoplasty. It is conducted to reduce the rib hump or obtain bone grafts from the ribs instead of the pelvis. Thoracoplasty may be used in combination with spinal fusion surgery to treat scoliosis.

During this procedure, four to six segments of the adjacent ribs that protrude are resected with the help of thoracoplasty. Ribs that must be resected are decided by the surgeon on the basis of the prominence or by identification of the ribs that cannot be corrected with the help of realignment. The ribs grow back in a straight line.

Benefits of Scoliosis Surgery

  • Improvement in the curvature of the spine
  • No negative impact on the health of the lungs and heart
  • Health issues related to scoliosis such as chronic back pain and arthritis of the spine are prevented in the future
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Best Scoliosis Surgery Hospitals in India

India has emerged as a pioneer destination for scoliosis treatment, among other spine-related ailments and diseases. Excellent medical facilities are offered by the best hospitals for scoliosis treatment in India at an extremely affordable cost. This is one of the major reasons why so many patients from abroad visit India for medical treatment. The best hospitals for scoliosis treatment in India have associated themselves with some of the leading neurosurgeons in the world. The top surgeons for scoliosis treatment in India are available around the clock to support patients who are in need of immediate treatment.

The top scoliosis treatment hospitals in India make use of the latest technology to treat patients with an abnormal curvature of the spine. The medical personnel associated with the hospital dig deep into the actual cause of scoliosis and accordingly recommend a course of treatment to the patients. The best scoliosis treatment hospitals in India possess a state-of-the-art operating facility with ultramodern technology and instruments, including the laparoscopic system for minimally invasive surgery. There is a dedicated team of experts present at the hospital for post-surgical care and rehabilitation of the patient.

When it comes to medical treatment, the best spine surgery hospitals in India believe in providing holistic care to all their patients. The responsibility of the hospital and the staff does not end with the surgery of the patient but it continues throughout their recovery and rehabilitation. Some of the top hospitals for scoliosis treatment in India are located in the major cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai, and Bangalore. These hospitals can be directly approached by a patient interested in traveling to India for scoliosis treatment.

Scoliosis treatment in India is conducted under the guidance of highly qualified and skilled spine surgeons. Most of the best surgeons for scoliosis treatment in India are qualified and trained from abroad. They attend seminars and training sessions around the year to update their skills and knowledge about the changing trends in the field of spine surgery.

A patient from abroad can seek consultation from a leading scoliosis treatment surgeon in India by getting in touch with any multispecialty hospital of their choice. The best scoliosis treatment specialists in India practice both as independent doctors and in association with the best spine surgery hospitals in India.

The best spine surgeons in India are globally renowned for their years of experience and skills. So far, they have together treated thousands of patients from within India and abroad.

The success rate of scoliosis treatment in India is one of the highest in the world and a huge share of this achievement can be attributed to the top doctors for scoliosis treatment in India. They put in all their efforts and dedication to conducting treatment with extreme accuracy and precision.

Even spine surgeons from other parts of the world look up to the top scoliosis treatment doctors in India for their special guidance in the case of complex cases. They extend their hand of support to treat patients from any part of the world and lease a new life to them.

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