5 Best Countries for IVF

For IVF, Turkey offers advanced fertility clinics and affordable treatments. India provides high-quality care with a wide range of options. Spain boasts cutting-edge technology and experienced specialists. Ukraine offers competitive prices and a supportive legal framework. The Czech Republic excels in IVF success rates and patient satisfaction.
5 Best Countries for IVF

Embracing parenthood is an inherent desire for many! Unfortunately, some individuals face disappointment with natural pregnancy and fertility. In such cases, couples can opt for treatment options that can help them to give birth or have a child through surrogacy. Moreover, there is a rising trend among people to become single parents through egg, sperm, or embryo donation.

However, fertility treatments and regulations can be tricky. This is why many patients are now traveling abroad in order to receive accessible, affordable, and quality treatment.

Many countries offer IVF treatment, but the best 5 that top the list are – Turkey, India, Spain, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic.

CountryUpper Age LimitIVF for SinglesIVF for Same-sex couplesSurrogacyEgg, Sperm, or Embryo donationCost of one cycleSuccess rate
Turkey46NoNoNoNo2500 – 3500 USDHigh
IndiaNo specified age limit; Preferred upper age limit is 50-51YesYesYesYes3000 – 5500 USDHigh
Spain50, or in some cases 52YesYesNoAnonymous egg/sperm donation allowed for international patients6000 – 8000 USDHigh
UkraineNo specified age limit; Preferred upper age limit is 50-51YesNoYesYes3000 – 8000 USDHigh
The Czech Republic48 years +364 daysNoNoNoOnly egg or sperm donation is allowed2500 – 5000 USDHigh

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Turkey is home to some of the finest IVF centers and JCI-accredited hospitals that boast high success rates in infertility treatments. Statistically speaking, women who are 35 or younger have a 71% chance of successful pregnancy after undergoing IVF treatment in Turkey. This percentage tends to decrease for older women.

Any women falling in the age group 35-40 can expect 65% chances of success in the treatment, while it drops to 54% for females above 40 years of age. In addition, factors like low-cost treatment packages, easy accessibility, no waiting time, and experienced staff makes the country a great choice to kick-start the parenthood journey.

However, there is one major drawback of traveling to Turkey, especially for singles and same-sex couples. It is so because the country only offers IVF treatment for married couples. Options like egg, sperm, or embryo donation and surrogacy are also prohibited in the country.

The average cost of IVF treatment in Turkey is as follows:

Consultation costs100-200 USD
IVF Cycle2000-2500 USD
Medication500-800 USD
IVF with ICSI/PGD3500-6500 USD


India is a popular and established destination for a variety of fertility treatments abroad. The country is home to many IVF clinics as well as internationally accredited hospitals that offer high standards for IVF treatment.

The major factor that attracts patients to avail IVF in India is that the treatment is available at much lower costs compared to other western countries. Besides the cost-benefit, the Indian laws provide relaxation in regulations concerning assisted reproductive methods.

Any woman up to 55 years of age can undergo IVF in India, irrespective of her marital status or sexuality. In addition, domestic and international patients can also opt for surrogacy even if it is not required medically.

The average cost of IVF treatment in India is as follows:

IVF (own eggs)1500- 3500 USD
Egg Donation (exclusive donor)2000 – 4000 USD
Embryo Monitoring250 USD
Sperm Freezing50 – 200 USD


With multiple private IVF clinics throughout the country that boast high success rates in infertility treatments, Spain is a preferred destination for many couples and singles wanting to have a baby. Medical travel to Spain is budget-friendly and offers the highest standard of treatment and patient care.

Any married or single female who is 50 years old or younger can avail of IVF treatment in Spain. However, the patients don’t have the advantage to opt for surrogacy. The country also prohibits egg and sperm donation for local patients. As for international patients, the laws provide some flexibility in anonymous egg and sperm donation. Embryo donation is strictly prohibited.

Spain’s advanced healthcare infrastructure and support facilities attract thousands of international visitors every year. The hospital and clinics offering IVF in Spain are recognized and accredited centers of excellence.

These medical institutions have a strong team of specialists who provide complete guidance to the patients and assist them during the post-procedure phase. Plus, the scenic beauty and old-world charm of the country make the medical trip seem like a much-needed vacation!

The average cost of IVF treatment in Spain is as follows:

IVF (own eggs)5000 USD
Egg Donation (exclusive donor)8000 USD
Embryo Monitoring400 USD
Sperm Freezing250 USD


According to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), Ukraine has more than 30 board-certified and accredited IVF clinics offering fertility treatment for domestic as well as international patients. Over the last few years, Ukraine has seen an increase in the influx of patients flying into the country for medical travel.

Along with affordable treatment packages, Ukraine also offers great flexibility in the laws concerning IVF and other treatment options. Married and single females who are 50 years or younger can avail IVF treatment in Ukraine.

Although there is no age restriction for IVF, clinics and hospitals advise older women to skip the treatment, citing low chances of conception or success. Anonymous egg and sperm donation are also allowed; however, the donation can be made non-anonymous only for international patients if the donor is comfortable sharing their personal information. Sex detection and IVF treatment for same-sex couples are prohibited by the law.

The average cost of IVF treatment in Ukraine is as follows:

IVF (own eggs)2500 – 5500 USD
Egg Donation (exclusive donor)4500 – 7500 USD
Embryo Monitoring400 USD
Sperm Freezing200 – 500 USD


The Czech Republic has 30 IVF clinics accredited by the Czech Society for Assisted Reproduction (CSAR). The certification reassures that the clinics offer excellent standards for fertility treatment without any compromise on the quality. These packages are available at extremely low costs, some even starting as low as 2500 USD

Among all the cities in the country, Prague and Brno are extremely popular among international patients who are traveling on a strict budget. The clinics also provide additional facilities like translator services, patient transfer, counseling, etc. as a part of efficient medical care and comfort of the patient.

As far as the laws are concerned, the country prohibits IVF treatment for singles and same-sex couples, as well as surrogacy. Only a married couple where a female partner is 48 years and 364 days old or younger can opt for IVF treatment in the Czech Republic. Embryo donation is forbidden; however, egg and sperm donation is allowed. 

The average cost of IVF treatment in the Czech Republic is as follows:

Treatment Cost
IVF (own eggs) 2500 USD
Egg Donation (exclusive donor) 5500 USD
Embryo Monitoring 400 USD
Sperm Freezing 200 USD

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How to choose your pick?

The parameters that decide what country is best for IVF treatment are different for every couple or individual. An ideal country for undergoing fertility treatment should be the one that offers affordable packages and flexibility around the laws.

Nevertheless, there are many other factors that a patient should consider before they back their bags to the decided location. 

  1. Considering the doctor’s experience and verifying their credentials.
  2. Doing extensive research on the success rate of IVF procedures in a state, city, or country. It is important to note that the rate of pregnancy is not equal to the rate of live births. Therefore, understanding the numbers is a must!
  3. Looking out for testimonials, reviews, and case studies that are similar to the patient’s conditions. This helps the patient to make a sound decision and be aware of what they are signing up for. 

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