Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost in Turkey

  • Limb lengthening surgery is a procedure that aims to correct the unequal length or size of the patient’s legs and arms, including the humerus, radius/ulna, femur, tibia, and metatarsals. 
  • The surgery is performed on an inpatient basis and can last for 2 to 3 hours, and the lengthening process takes about three months.
  • Limb lengthening surgery cost in Turkey starts from 19,850 USD for LON Method and USD 47,850 for Precice Method for both legs. Patients save as much as 40% of the overall treatment cost if they travel to Turkey over the UK, the US, or even Europe. 
  • The recovery for limb lengthening surgery in Turkey has two different phases – The Distraction phase and the Consolidation phase. 
  • The success rate for limb lengthening surgery in top hospitals across Turkey is 99.6%.
  • Accommodation package after the surgery starts from USD 3,150 per month.
  • Cost of Arm lengthening surgery starts from USD 14,850.
  • Cost of Limb reduction surgery in turkey starts from USD 16,500.
  • Cost of deformity correction starts from USD 12,500.
limb lengthening surgery cost in turkey

Limb lengthening surgery is a surgical procedure designed to correct the unequal length or size of an individual’s legs and arms. These include the humerus, radius/ulna, femur, tibia, and metatarsals. The unequal length in limbs occurs as a result of congenital birth defects, poliomyelitis, cerebral palsy, and sometimes, a bone injury. However, some people prefer to undergo the surgery to grow a few extra inches in height.

The surgery is advised once the bones have grown to their maximum capacity. The procedure can also be performed on adults if they have a leg length difference of a least two centimeters.

Limb lengthening surgery is a slow process that takes months to achieve desired results. Therefore, traveling to countries like the USA or the UK can be heavy on the pocket. Therefore, many patients are now opting for a Limb lengthening surgery in Turkey saving 40 to 50% of the original treatment costs.

Cost of limb lengthening surgery in Turkey

Cost of limb lengthening surgery in Turkey

Number of days in the hospital

Number of days outside the hospital

Total days in Turkey

19,850 USD




The factors that may influence the cost of undergoing limb lengthening surgery in Turkey are:

  • Type and location of the hospital
  • The expertise of the orthopedic surgeon
  • Desired increase in length
  • Type of fixator/procedure

Limb Lengthening Surgery Package

Services included in the surgery fee

  • Welcoming and farewell at the airport.
  • Necessary medical examinations and consultation before the operation.
  • 2 physio sessions
  • A walker, a pair of crutches and a pair of wheelchair.
  • Consultation with the doctor and patient consultation expert when needed.
  • Istanbul tour
  • 6 days of caretaker service.
  • Discharging with a private ambulance.
  • 2 day accomdation at a 4 star hotel.
  • Dressing service.

Accommodation package after the surgery starts from USD 3,150 per month (only breakfast) and USD 3,580 per month (3 meals/day). Package includes:

  • Accommodation + 1-3 meals/day.
  • Physical therapy sessions.
  • X-rays, tests and examinations
  • Medications
  • Psychologic counselling service
  • Dietitian services
  • WI-FI
  • Free laundry service.

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How does limb lengthening surgery work?

  • Limb lengthening surgery is a procedure that utilizes the body’s capacity to form new bones. The surrounding soft tissue, nerves, and blood vessels gradually stretch and increase the length of the limb. 
  • The limb bone is cut, and the surgeon implants a metallic lengthening device into the bone. The metal device slowly increases the space between the bone. 
  • As the bone continues to distract, new bone cells are generated by the body to fill up the newly formed space. 
  • The length of the bone increases at a rate of about 1 mm/day until the desired length is achieved. 
  • Bone distraction can be achieved in two different ways, including the use of an:
  1. External Fixator – As the name suggests, the frame sits outside the limb connected to the bone through pins, wires, and some screws. It allows the surgeon to adjust the space between the two parts of the bones from the outside. 
  2. Internal lengthening nail – Unlike the external fixator, an internal lengthening nail is inserted into the bone marrow cavity. The nail is motorized and can be controlled with a remote control device. The nail has a magnet that can be rotated through this device, causing it to elongate and slowly increase the length of the bone. 
  • The metal lengthening device stays in place even after the desired length has been achieved. It helps the newly formed and elongated bone to heal and solidify. 
  • Afterward, the device is surgically removed from the patient’s body in an outpatient procedure. 

Limb lengthening surgery in Turkey

1. Before the treatment

In order to undergo limb lengthening surgery in Turkey, a patient needs to follow a few instructions before arriving in the country. These include:

  • Avoid drinking and smoking at least one month before the procedure. 
  • Avoid the use of recreational drugs like cocaine.
  • Avoid the intake of any form of medication, herbal concoctions, and blood-thinners like Aspirin. 
  • Follow a healthy and active lifestyle to increase the chances of recovery post-surgery. 

2. Arrival in Turkey

  • As soon as the patient lands in Turkey, the first step is to undergo a comprehensive evaluation by an experienced orthopedic surgeon
  • The surgeon will evaluate the patient’s condition and eligibility to appear for the surgery. A patient will also be advised to undergo a few blood tests before the surgery. These tests can be also be conducted before arriving in Turkey, depending on the patient’s preference. 
  • After the surgeon deems the patient to be eligible for the procedure, the date of the surgery is scheduled. 
  • Limb lengthening surgery is performed on an inpatient basis and can last for 2 to 3 hours, and the lengthening process takes about three months.
  • The surgery is performed in two parts: osteotomy and limb stabilization. 
  • The first part of the surgery involves making a cut in the bone that needs to be lengthened. Whereas, the second part of the surgery involves stabilization of the limb with an external fixator or an internal lengthening nail. 

3. After the surgery

  • The patient will stay in the hospital for at least three days after the surgery. 
  • The surgeon may also place a cast on the limb to provide additional support in the newly operated area.
  • The patient will receive inpatient rehabilitation during their hospital stay for mobility. 
  • The limb lengthening procedure begins a week after the surgery. The period starting from the day of the surgery to the onset of the limb lengthening procedure is called the latency period.
  • During the latency period, the newly cut bone will form a callus to prevent further damage.

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Recovery for limb lengthening surgery in Turkey

The recovery for limb lengthening surgery in Turkey has two different phases – The Distraction phase and the Consolidation phase. 

1. Distraction phase

  • The distraction phase begins with pulling apart the bone that was cut with the help of a fixation device. This promotes distraction osteogenesis, a process where the pressure applied to the bone encourages new growth in the bone. 
  • This growth continues as the gap between the two parts of the bone increases by ¼ mm four times a day. This step is repeated until the desired length of the limb is achieved. 
  • The patient can expect an approximate increase of 1 inch or 2.5 cm in a month. 
  • The patient will use a walker or crutch to move around in case they have undergone a leg-lengthening surgery. They will also be advised to attend physical therapy 2 to 5 times a week. 
  • Regular follow-ups with a doctor will be scheduled to track the progress of bone healing, usually with a gap of a week or two. The doctor will also evaluate if the surrounding nerves and tissue are responding properly to the lengthening process. 
  • The distraction phase will differ for each patient depending on the desired length they wish to achieve. 

2. Consolidation phase

  • The consolidation phase marks the second phase of the recovery. It can also be designated as a healing phase where the bone begins to harden and completely heal. 
  • The patient will be able to put more weight on their limb and begin with their normal activities during the consolidation phase. 
  • The patient will continue with physical therapy to bring out the best results from the surgery. Physical therapy focuses on proper joint mobility, range of motion, and strength.
  • The limb lengthening device will stay in or outside the limb throughout the consolidation phase. 
  • The consolidation phase lasts twice long as the distraction phase. If the patient spent 60 days in the distraction phase, the consolidation phase lasts 120 days. 

Life after limb lengthening surgery in Turkey

Recovery after surgery

  • The recovery for a limb lengthening procedure in Turkey can be exhaustive. The distraction of the newly cut bone, the healing, and the formation of the new bone occur simultaneously over a period of few weeks. 
  • The healing time for the bone depends on the amount of limb lengthening; 1 cm of lengthening requires approximately 6 weeks of healing. 
  • The patient will be required to visit the hospital to adjust the lengthening device. They will also need to keep the external pins or screws clean to avoid any chances of infection.
  • The doctor will also advise the patient to take vitamin D3 supplements to aid bone growth and healing.
  • It is important for the patient to show compliance with all the post-op instructions for a smoother recovery period. Other recommendations for optimal recovery may include:
  1. Maintain a healthy diet and weight
  2. Take adequate rest
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Attend regular physical therapy
  5. Maintain an active lifestyle to prevent the blood-clot formation
  6. Keep a notice of change in sensation or color around the treated area.
  7. Avoid staying in one position for too long, including lying down, sitting, or standing.

Long-term Care for limb lengthening surgery

  • A residual decrease in muscle strength is common after undergoing a limb lengthening surgery. However, it doesn’t affect the patient’s ability to perform their day-to-day activities. 
  • The success rate for limb lengthening surgery in Turkey is close to 99.6%, but the surgery can bring up a few complications as well. This paves way for the need for additional surgeries. 

Risks associated with limb lengthening surgery

  • Bone infection (osteomyelitis)
  • Poor bone healing
  • Bone growth restriction
  • Nerve damage
  • Injury to surrounding muscles and blood vessels

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