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Mariam for Dr. Gagan Gautam
Bladder Cancer Treatment  -   -  4.8 / 5

I came to Dr. Gagan for bladder cancer treatment. He was very compassionate and supportive throughout the treatment. His staff was also caring and helpful.

Zulikah Abdootty for Dr. Gagan Gautam
Kidney Stones Removal  -   -  4.8 / 5

Dr. Gagan Gautam is an amazing doctor. He used robotic technique for my kidney removal surgery which is an advanced technology. I had to spend less time in the hospital and recovery was fast.

Tammy for Dr. Gagan Gautam
Prostate Cancer Treatment  -   -  4.6 / 5

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was very scared for the treatment. Dr. Gagan was very professional and through in the diagnosis and treatment. I am highly satisfied with him and his team.

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