Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov - Dentistry, Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov
Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov

Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov

Qualification - M.D.

Specialization - Orthodontist

Department - Dentistry

Designation - Chief Doctor of Dental Unit

Location - Kiev ,Ukraine

Hospital(s) - Vitality Medical and Research Center

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Career Profile

Dr. Dmytro Sheshukov is an experienced and accomplished dental specialist who is currently working as an Orthodontist and the Chief Doctor for Dental Unit. He has completed his Ph.D. degree (Candidate of Medical Sciences) in the specialty Dentistry, with the topic - \"Individual-typological characteristics of body structure in different types of human occlusion\". He has published several scientific papers in his career of over 10 years. The results of the researches are protected by a patent for the utility model "Method of determining the optimal height of the inter-occlusal ratio of dental rows". Dr. Dmytro has made presentations at scientific conferences in Ukraine and abroad. He is also a member of the Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine. 

Education & Training

Diploma with high honors - Dental department, Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, 2004-2009. 

Master degree from Faculty of Postgraduate Education, with academic paper on the topic “Condition of hard tissues of teeth and periodontal tissues in children during treatment with removable and non-removable orthodontic devices”, 2009-2011. 

Specialty in Orthodontics from Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, 2011.


Chief Doctor of Dental Unit, Orthodontist, ADONIS Medical Group of Companies, Kyiv, since 2014.

Assistant in the Department of Orthodontics, Higher State Educational Institution Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Kyiv, 2011-2014.

Clinical Focus

Istallation of fixed and removable dentures

Pediatric dentistry (orthodontics)

Research and Publications

  • The results of myography of chewing muscles in young people of different somatotypes // Newsletter of problems of biology and medicine. - 2019. - Issue 3, [152]. p. 371-364 (Professional Edition).
  • D.  Sheshukov, L. Smahliuk. Peculiarities of teeth size in adolescents who are diagnosed to have Angle’s class I malocclusion and display different somatotypes // Wiadomości Lekarskie, tom LXXII, nr 5cz I, 2019.- p. 765-768.
  • D.  Sheshukov, L. Smahliuk.  Some differences in the sizes of teeth of young people of different somatotypes // World of Medicine and Biology. - 2018. - №2 (64). - p. 78-80.
  • D.  Sheshukov, L. Smahliuk.  Dental status of young people of different somatotypes // Newsletter of problems of biology and medicine. - 2018 - Issue 12, Volume 2 [143]. - p. 365-369 (Professional Edition).
  • D. Sheshukov. Dependence between somatotype of a person and the need for orthodontic treatment among youth // International dental conference of students and young scientists Actual questions of scientific-practical dentistry. – Uzhgorod, 2017.
  • D.  Sheshukov, L. Smahliuk.  Condition of dental health in young people, depending on constitutional-typological characteristics of body structure // Newsletter of problems of biology and medicine, 2015 - Issue 2, Volume 2 (119) . - p. 222-225.
  • L. Smahliuk, D. Sheshukov, A.  Bilous, G.  Voronkova, Elburavi A. Salah. Constitutional features of the structure of the human body during the period of constant bite // World of Medicine and Biology, 2013 - №2. - p.173-176.
  • D. Sheshukov. Influence of treatment with removable and non-removable orthodontic devices on the condition of teeth and periodontal tissues of children // Ukrainian dental almanac. - 2012. - № 2 (2). - p.112 (Professional Edition).


Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine



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