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About Bronchoscopy

Bronchoscopy is a procedure used to examine the lungs and airway of the patient. In this procedure, the patient usually receives local or general anesthesia. The doctor will insert a bronchoscope (long, flexible device with camera/light) into the nose or mouth of the patient to view the upper or lower airways, respectively. In some cases, the doctor will use small instruments to take tissue samples from the lungs and/or airways.

  • Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - 
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    • Hai Al Jamea Hospital was established in 1984 by Dr. Darwish Mustafa Zaqzouq to meet the healthcare needs of the region. Today, it stands as one of the oldest healthcare facilities in Jeddah for all-round medical care. 
    • It has a modern architecture with a capacity of 83 beds and 28 outpatient clinics. HJH is equipped with the latest medical equipment and advanced technology for safe and effective patient care. 
    • A panel of highly qualified medical staff is employed to deliver end-to-end medical services with diagnosis and therapeutic care.
    • Hai Al Jamea Hospital is certified by the MRQP accreditation body and is widely reputed as one of the leading hospitals for top-rated healthcare measures in Jeddah.
    • HJH combine the high quality medical services with reasonable price packages to make primary clinical care available to all patients. They strive to ensure unparalleled services to the patients through consistent and ongoing efforts and have strong long term relationships with customers. 
    • The hospital has grown rapid growth over the last years to expand their services, with outpatient visits to HJH has reached 240,000 patients, and numbers of inpatients reached 12,500 patients.
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