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About Lobectomy

Your lungs help you breathe air and supply your body with oxygen. Lungs are indeed made of lobes. When one of these lobes gets affected the doctor needs to remove them surgically. Surgeon needs to gain access to chest cavity after making an inscision and then they remove only the affected part or lobe. Rest of the lung tissue remains functional as normal. This can also be done with the help of VATS, the procedure is less invasive.

Average Lobectomy Cost

IndiaStarting from $7500
TurkeyStarting from $10000
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    Americano Hospital is a private hospital in Mexico that offers integrated services for medical care, diagnosis, teaching and social assistance in Cancun. The hospital has more than 30 years of experience as they were the First Hospital in Cancun. It offers a range of healthcare services and facilities across all major medical specialties. Hospital Americano takes pride in its select talent pool of medical, nursing, administrative and operating staff. They run with a strict code of ethics and principles with an objective to offer each patient clinical excellence with human warmth.

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