DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

Last Modified: July 14, 2023  |   Created on: March 23, 2023
Hair Transplant

The cost of DHI hair transplant in Turkey is USD 2,000 and may vary depending on the number of grafts and the specific hospital/clinic’s package.

Hair Transplant

DHI- a permanent hair restoration method, which is a modified version of the FUE technique, back in date introduced by DHI Global Medical Group in 2010.

Initially, surgeons start with removing the healthy hair follicles from one or in specific cases from, more areas of the scalp. Later, they transfer them to the thinning or balding zones. It is these transplanted units, which grow into a new hair and blend with the previous growth.

In a nutshell, FUE is a technique that combines hair extraction & implantation in a single process. Whereas, in DHI the hair follicles are first extracted from the donor area before being implanted into the recipient area, without the need for incisions.

DHI Turkey Cost

The average cost of hair transplantation may vary from one country to the other based on factors.

There is a huge disparity in the cost when patients consider DHI in Turkey rather than other popular countries like the US & UK:


Average Cost




$3000 – $15,000



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Hair Loss

Hair loss is not gender specific. It cannot be predicted or there’s no guaranteed cure.

There is no fixed category in the context of the pricing of hair transplant procedures. Among other factors, the main contributors are

  • The hair transplant technique /method you choose.
  • The extent of the implantation/no. of follicles required
  • Any additional procedure like PRP therapy
  • Experience and popularity of the surgeon/brand
  • The clinic’s location
  • The quality of equipment used.

There are several reasons that may contribute to hair loss:

  • Hereditary-family history of alopecia
  • Radiation therapy
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medication
  • Medical conditions-infections, autoimmune disorder
  • Overuse of beauty products/Inferior hair products
  • Personal hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Environment
  • Metabolism
  • Hormones

Apart from the reasons there may be certain risk factors which keep us alarmed:

  • Age- mostly the elderly deal with this.
  • Family history
  • Poor nutrition
  • Stress

Reason or risk being just any, a sure shot, permanent solution with a systematic approach is – Hair Transplant.

Different Types of Hair Transplant Techniques

Hair implantation surgeries/procedures are simple, safe and rarely cause any complications.

Common types of methods for hair transplant are:

  • Follicular Unit transplantation (FUT)
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

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Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

What is DHI?

It is invariably the latest transplantation technique and is considered a modified version of the FUE method. Without any incisions, the hair follicles are directly embedded into the recipient area post-extraction.

To carry out this implantation meticulously the surgeons use a Choi Implanter Pen. This adds to the benefits of using the pen as it immediately enhances the follicle survival rate and significantly reduces the risk of scarring & bleeding.

What’s the procedure?

  • A complete comprehensive consultation with the surgeon is the basis to begin the treatment. The process starts with making the head numb using local, needleless anesthesia so that the patient is comfortable.
  • Anaesthetization for sedation is optional as general anesthesia may also be prescribed in some cases.
  • Extraction is the next thing surgeons focus on. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor site as grafts, which are further categorized as 1,2,3,4 based on the number of follicles each graft has.
  • It is at this stage the experience and expertise of the doctor and his/her team become quintessential as based on how the follicles are supposed to be kept alive and healthy becomes a challenge. The grafts are secured in a special solution to make them implantation ready.
  • Implantation-These follicles are collected in a special pen-like tool, the Choi implant pen and inserted directly into the recipient area, one by one, individually.
  • The implanter pen replaced the forceps & knives used in FUE traditionally during the implantations. This in turn made opening and incision(channel) and implantation of the hair graft a one-step action.
  • The angle and the direction at which the follicles are implanted play a very vital role, to give a natural look.
  • The treatment may also be performed using sapphire blades for perfection and to minimize scabbing.
  • The sapphire blades have their own merits:
  • These blades have antimicrobial qualities which reduce the risk of any infection.
  • The sharpness and strength, sapphire is known to have, reduces the risk of scalp tissue damage.
  • This in turn also makes recovery faster.
  • The extracted follicles are then ready to be transplanted into incisions or channels. The placement requires expertise, as this decides the density and the natural look post-surgery.


  • FUE and DHI are non-invasive, outpatient procedures with minimal risk of injury, and complications
  • There is a low risk of bleeding at the recipient site.
  • The grafts undergo less trauma as the time outside the body is reduced which enhances the survival rate of the transplanted follicles.
  • As the recipient site may not require shaving the head before the surgery, the outcome is much better and the recovery time is reduced.
  • Although, the traditional FUE transplant in Turkey is more expensive than the DHI hair transplant in Turkey, and is significant in comparison to similar procedures in other countries.
  • DHI transplant in Turkey usually takes around 8 hours, however, the duration may vary in some cases. The results are seen after 12-18 months.


DHI is ideal for individuals who experience pattern baldness, usually 50% of men over 50. With substantial advancement in training and methods, DHI transplantation surgeons in Turkey can confidently use this method virtually on any patient.

The Cost Factor

DHI is definitely known for the results and being a more advanced technique, it uses more advanced equipment. This is the reason the cost is steeper than an FUE surgery.

The higher cost may result in a deal-breaker; however, the higher cost is worth the result and a more comfortable hair transplantation journey with a faster recovery.

A quick glance at all the factors to be considered before deciding the technique of the procedure:





Most Popular



Choi Implanter Pen

Forceps And Knife



High/Less Than Dhi




Procedure Time


Takes Longer

Surgical Scar On The Donor Area



Surgical Scar On The Recipient Area



Recover Of The Donor Area

Avg 7 Days

Avg 7days

Recovery Of The Recipient Area

Avg 7 Days

Avg 2 Days


Very Less


About Turkey

Turkey is known to be the leading holiday destination in the world. The land of minarets and domes. It’s a transcontinental country as it spans both Europe and Asia. Mainly in Western Asia and a smaller portion in Southeast Europe. People visiting Turkey, definitely carry a taste of the most mouth-watering dishes for a lifetime, fruits and veggies are naturally grown. It’s absolutely safe and comfortable as intercity roads are nicely maintained and the picturesque scenery is a jewel to such trips.

The weather is pleasant around the year and it’s easy to adjust for people coming from other parts of the world and doesn’t hassle the medical tourists to the country during the recovery period. Being near the sea the winters are mild and warm.

Welcoming hospitality is almost inbred in Turkish culture, which in a way is a diverse culture with some European influence. In western and Southern Turkey, the coastal cities are more liberal and secular.

Turkey has been one of the top 17 popular countries for medical treatments. Medical tourism has been the basis and an integral part of national tourism in Turkey. This is mainly to optimally utilize the geographical location of the country. It’s situated at a crossroads between Asia and Europe which make it easily available to the world and best suited to a lot of Americans and Western Europeans. Turkey is known for its respect for other cultures and religions making it a safe destination for people visiting for medical reasons.

The pricing of treatments in Turkey could be 60% less in comparison to the US counterparts.

With a sharp rise in medical tourism in the country, there has been a cautious effort to improve and provide the best air connectivity. Turkish airlines have also come up with special packages to contribute towards medical tourism and other healthcare establishments. This includes attractive discounts and incentives for people traveling to Turkey for health reasons & treatment purposes.

Five-star accommodation facilities with excellent aftercare facilities are sure to be other attractions for medical tourists.

When considering Turkey to be the destination for Hair transplant procedures, let’s see the advantages:

  • Affordability: The savings as compared to other top-rated European countries are twice as much or sometimes even more. So, you get a safe and effective procedure at a low cost.
  • Quality: Health tourists can enjoy both budget-friendly prices and quality services in Turkey. Quality is never compromised in Turkey.
    Low cost may not be considered as low on quality, it’s just a misconception. Clinics in Turkey have an edge when compared to other European countries, which makes Turkey the first choice when considering a place in Europe. These clinics have been able to build up a reputation by providing the safest services keeping in mind hygiene.
  • Accreditation: Turkey has a high number of accredited institutions in the world which is located in the top 3 in the rankings.
    Most of the clinics are rated A (considering meeting all quality parameters), by the Turkish Ministry of Health. They are also JCI (Joint Commission International), representing gold standards in hygiene and quality. JCI certificate of health institutions comprises a total of 44 health institutions.
    In some places, they use FDA-approved mentor implants.
  • Experienced surgeons: The hair implant doctors are members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) by and large and have at least 15 years of experience in this area. They have degrees from the most renowned universities of the world and have membership in many of the National and International professional organizations
  • All inclusive packages: clinics in Turkey provide you with a comfortable and customized package well suited to all your needs when out in another country. This may include a personal host, airport transportation, breakfast/meals, lodging and a ride to your procedure. Packages start from USD 2000.
  • Waiting Time: a very integral part of a decision to get a procedure done out at a far-off location, due to durability, safety, pricing, efficiency etc. if the waiting time is too long it kills all other advantages. The waiting time in Turkey is almost non-exist able.
  • The latest diagnostic and surgical tools: Turkey offers all the advanced means of technology in the medical field and thus, attracts a lot of international clientele. You can choose any method of hair transplant and can circle out the latest and considered the most efficient method in hair transplantation i.e., DHI over FUE/FOE.


Q. Is there a treatment for hair loss?
Yes, a proper diagnosis definitely ensures that the hair loss could be treated with medication or surgery is the only option. There are treatments that claim to reverse the hair loss or at least slow the loss or may restrict any further loss.

Q. Can surgeries cause hair loss?
Any surgical procedure may restrict your head to move and constantly being in a certain position may divert nutrients to reach the vital parts of the body, due to stress.

Q. What is surgical restoration, is it the same as hair transplant?
Hair restoration indicates the treatments available for balding. The line of treatment could be surgical or non-surgical.
Hair transplant is the surgical option.

Q. Does the hair fall after the transplant?
It’s very common that the hair will fall out. They regrow post this reaction and how they look after the regrowth is evident.

Q. How long does it take to see evident results?
The average time required to expect regrowth is 6-9 months. It takes time for the new follicles grafted during the surgery to adjust and establish a connection with the blood vessels and initiate to produce keratin, which is responsible for hair growth. There may be cases where it takes less than a little more time to see any results.

Q. Is the transplant surgery painful?
Though the surgery takes up to several hours however, the sedatives help the patients not feel any pain. There may be a little discomfort some may feel however, that’s minimal. Similarly, if there is some pain, it’s minimal and can be easily treated with regular painkillers.

Q. How is the pricing of a hair transplant surgery calculated?
It is a customized package, which purely depends on the grafts used, which is determined by the rate of baldness the person has. This may require a detailed consultation before the surgery. Also, the method employed also influences the variance in cost.

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