Kidney Transplant Success Rate in India

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The top hospitals in India boast a 90-95% success rate in live-donor renal transplantations.

Kidney Transplant Success Rate in India

India has the second-largest kidney transplant program, the first being USA. However, the country is second to none when it comes to providing quality treatment at an affordable cost.

The developing country is home to a large network of private and public hospitals that cater to patients from almost all continents. Equipped with modern medical technologies, the latest medical equipment, and an unfaltering infrastructure, hospitals in India offer many time-bound and affordable kidney transplant packages. These help the patients to undergo timely treatment that can prevent severe and life-threatening complications.

Another factor that drives patients to fly to the country is the high kidney transplant success rates in India.

The average survival rates observed among patients who underwent a kidney transplant in India are:

TimeSurvival rate
1 year97%
5 years88%
10 years80%

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Factors that affect the success rate of kidney transplant in India 

  • Type of transplant

The source of a kidney can be a living or a deceased donor. A living donor kidney transplantation has a higher long-term survival rate than a cadaveric kidney transplant. 

  • Recipient age and health

The most important factor that decides the fate of a transplanted kidney is the age and health of the patient. If the patient is physically fit and otherwise healthy, the chances of success post-surgery increase. Age, too, plays a vital role here.

Older patients have higher survival rates than patients who are below the age of 65. If the patient is below 65 years of age, the chances of graft loss and rejection are high. Before the patient undergoes a kidney transplant, their eligibility for the surgery will be evaluated through a series of tests. 

  • Donor age and health

The age and health of the donor is also an indicator of kidney transplantation outcome. Receiving a kidney from a young donor provides better survival rates after a kidney transplant. Similarly, a kidney from a healthy individual promises less chance of immune rejection and graft loss.

Therefore, the doctor will conduct a comprehensive pre-transplant evaluation to examine the health status of the donor. These often include a list of diagnostic tests that determine the donor’s eligibility for the test.

To become a candidate for kidney donation, an individual must not suffer from uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, HIV, hepatitis, or acute infections.

  • Degree of HLA match

HLA, often abbreviated for human-leukocyte antigen test, is a diagnostic test that calculates the genetic compatibility between a donor and a patient. The better is the match between the patient and the donor, the lower is the chance of graft loss or rejection. 

A full match is an ideal way towards having successful transplant surgery. However, a patient can also survive with a half-match kidney transplant with the life-long support of immunosuppressive medications.

The downside of being on immunosuppressive medication is increased susceptibility to a variety of infections and other diseases. 

  • Immune-rejection

Except for advanced donor age and HLA-mismatch, many factors can cause graft loss and rejection post-transplant surgery. Immune rejection can be of two types – acute or chronic. Acute rejection occurs within a few days to weeks after the surgery.

Whereas chronic rejection can lead to a rejected kidney even after as much as a decade. Other factors that may increase the chance of rejection, and eventually, lower survival rates are prior sensitization, prolonged cold ischemia time, delayed graft function, previous instances of rejections, and inadequate immunosuppression.

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Why choose a kidney transplant in India?

  • Kidney transplant hospitals in India are accredited by many national and international forums that assure the standards of care and quality in all medical treatments. Some of these include accreditations by JCI, ISO, NABH, and many more. 
  • Kidney transplant surgeons and urologists in India are well-acknowledged and carry a good reputation for their expertise and skill in the respective field. With years of national and international exposure under their belt, doctors in India are actively involved in research and are trying to bring up the best and most innovative form of treatment to treat kidney disorders. 
  • Another advantage that the country offers is no waiting time! If a patient has a suitable donor and necessary funds, they can undergo a kidney transplant in almost no time.
  • The average cost of a kidney transplant in India is 13,000 USD.

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