Liver Transplant Cost in Apollo Hospital

The liver is one of the vital organ in a human bold that plays many indispensable roles and functions. It helps filter and dispose the toxic substances from the blood, stores energy, fights off infections, produces blood-clotting factors and regulates levels of sex hormones, cholesterol and vitamin in the body. These are only some important liver functions, from over 500 functions that a liver performs to aid in our daily activities and even survival. 

Therefore, severe liver diseases or liver failure can be life-threatening and require intense medical attention. Liver diseases are increasingly becoming common and serious problem for people worldwide. Liver transplant can be life-saving operation for many candidates with end-stage liver disease. (Read more about who is eligible for a liver transplant – here)

India, being a major hub for medical travel, is a highly sought after destination for organ transplant procedures. This can largely be attributed to the strict regulations for organ transplantation, advanced healthcare facilities, superlative quality of services and experienced transplant surgeons. The Apollo Hospital is one of the best liver transplant hospitals in India that is internationally known for its success for living and cadaver liver transplant programs.


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Liver transplant surgery

Liver transplant is a surgical procedure to remove the diseased liver of the patient and replace it with a complete or a part of healthy liver. The new liver for a transplant can be taken from a deceased (brain or cardiac dead) person or a part of liver can be taken from a healthy donor. 

The living donor liver transplant is an option for patients with end-stage liver disease or liver failure who have a relative with matching blood type. In this surgery, a segment of liver is removed from a healthy living donor and transplanted into the recipient. Liver has a unique ability to regenerate itself. The parts of liver in both the donor and recipient will grow to normal size organ within a few weeks. The donation does not harm the liver donor, and they will continue to have a healthy life. 

The candidate for donation can be a blood relative, spouse, or friend who is healthy and have matching blood type. They will undergo extensive medical and psychological evaluations to make sure there is no risk to their health. The important factors while determining the suitability of a donor are blood type and body size. The living donors and liver segments obtained from them are first tested before the transplant surgery. This is to make sure the liver is healthy, and is of right size, to minimize the risk of complication and make sure it will give the best outcome.

Recipients for the living donor transplant must have a stable health status and can undergo transplantation to ensure there are high chances of success.

The deceased donor liver transplant is the type of transplant in which the donor has recently dies and has brain-dead. This means that the donor’s heart is still beating while the brain functions have stopped. In such cases the brain has been permanently and irreversibly lost its functions. If the liver and other organs of this person are healthy, they can be donated with the consent of their family, to a critically ill patients in need of new organ. The entire liver is surgically removed from the cadaver donor. 

Apollo Hospitals

As a forerunner in healthcare industry, the Apollo Group has several hospitals across the major cities in India. These hospitals are state-of-the-art centres that offer medical care in all types of medical specialities. They cater to international from various different countries on a regular basis. The high standards of safety, care and patient related services offered by Apollo Hospitals have been certified by national and international accreditation organizations, including JCI and NABH

The Institute of Liver Transplant of the Apollo Group is a remarkable centre of excellence that provides a complete care to liver patients. The centre has a comprehensive program for treatment of liver disease and transplantation, using advanced medical technologies. They house the latest surgical equipments and facilities to ensure best care and exemplary results.

The Apollo Institutes of Liver Transplant uses a multi-disciplinary approach to driver high-quality treatment to the patients. The liver transplant programs at these hospitals have shown excellent clinical outcomes. The hospital houses some of the best liver transplant surgeons in India who are renowned for their success record. 

The transplant centre is supported by cutting-edge medical technology and infrastructure, including:

  • Modular Operating Theatres specialized for transplant surgeries
  • Dedicated patient-centric Intensive Care Units
  • Sophisticated surgical tools including the Cavitron ultrasonic surgical aspirator, argon laser coagulation to enable safe & bloodless liver surgery 
  • Advanced Diagnostic and Radiology technology including 320 Slice CT scanners, 3Tesla MRI machines, high-end Ultrasound machines
  • Well-established accredited laboratories for all tests and investigations 
  • Round-the-clock Blood bank facilities
  • Special wards and rooms dedicated to liver transplant patients

Other services to ensure smooth and safe procedures

  • Transplant Co-ordinators and Counsellors to ensure complete care of the patient during the process
  • Language translators or interpreters for all major languages 
  • International patient coordinators to help take care of the needs and requirements for patients from abroad
  • A trained and transplant specialized nursing staff involved in the pre-operative and post-operative care

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Lyfboat is a free advisory platform; we do not charge any fees from patients. In fact, we negotiate the price that Indian hospitals offer. In some cases we are able to reduce the cost by negotiating upto 20% of what Hospitals generally offer. We advise the best treatment from the top hospital/surgeon at best price.

Achievements of Apollo Liver transplant program

Credited for performing the first successful pediatric and adult liver transplants in India in November 1998. 

Apollo Institutes of Transplant have one of the largest transplant programs of its kind that has performed over 500 Liver transplants in a short time and with a success rate of more than 90 percent.

The institute is credited for being the first to perform the following:

  • Successful pediatric liver transplant – 1998
  • Successful adult deceased donor transplant – 1998
  • Successful liver transplant for patient with acute liver failure – 1999
  • Combined liver and kidney transplant – 1999
  • Successful liver transplant for HIV patient – 2008
  • The youngest (paediatric) liver transplant in India – 2008
  • Successful liver transplant for a patient with Hepatitis B and not using immunoglobulin – 2008
  • Successful liver transplant for patient with Crigler Najjar Syndrome – 2008
  • Successful living liver transplant for patient with portal biliopathy – 2009
  • Asia’s 1st en-bloc combined heart & liver transplant
  • Simultaneous Liver-Intestine-Pancreas transplant in the country
  • Performed the surgery for the youngest Liver recipient in Western India in 2018
  • Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai is the first hospital to successfully perform 25 Paediatric Liver Transplants in the Western India 

Liver Transplant Cost in Apollo Hospital

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is highly recognized for offering excellent quality services at an affordable price range. The liver transplant package cost is USD 35000 on average. This price is subject to change based on several factors. However, the cost of liver transplant in India is comparatively lower than the cost in other countries, such as the USA, UK, Germany and Singapore.

For precise quotes from the hospital, share your query at We will provide you a detailed treatment plan with cost breakdown for consultation/evaluation, surgery and post-operative expenses. 

What can I expect at the hospital during my surgery?

You can expect a very caring and helpful environment at the Apollo Hospitals. A team of liver specialists critically evaluate every patient for the disease and design a customized treatment plan based on the analysis. 


The team of multidisciplinary specialists from different fields are involved in determining the suitability of patient for a liver transplant surgery. The series of medical evaluation include review of medical history and blood tests as well as imaging tests such as X – rays. These tests will help the doctor determine whether the patient needs a transplant and if a transplant poses any serious risks. This involves the assessment of all the major organs and factors such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, immune system, and mental health-will.

Matching tests: For a liver transplant, the only matching requirements for the donor and recipient are that they should be of approximately the same size, and have compatible blood types. 

Once the eligibility of the candidate is confirmed, they will be given a suitable operation date and pre-surgery instructions. On the day of the surgery, the patient will be prepped for the operation by the medical team. If the new liver is sourced from a living donor, both the recipient and donor will have the surgery at the same time. Whereas, when the new liver is taken from a brain-dead person, the surgery will start when the donor liver arrives at the hospital.

Liver transplant surgery can take 4 to 14 hours. During the procedure, the surgeon removes the patient’s liver and put the donor liver in its place. After removing the damaged liver, blood that flows into the liver will be sent through a machine which will return it to the rest of the body. The surgeon will connect the new liver with the bile ducts and blood vessels. The blood will then flow into the transplanted liver.

During the recovery period 

Immediately after the surgery, the patient will be shifted to the intensive care unit where they will be careful monitored for all body functions. Once the patient has stabilized, they are transferred to a normal recovery ward. In the hospital, they will have frequent blood tests to check the liver functions. During the hospital stay, the patient will slowly start to eat, first starting with clear liquids and then switching to solid food as the new liver starts to work properly. Gradually, the patient is allowed to eat normally and physiotherapy program is started to improve muscle strength. The doctor will prescribe the immunosuppressant drugs to prevent liver rejection. During the follow-up visits, the medical team will monitor the liver function and check for any signs of rejection.

Normally, the hospital stay after a liver transplant is for two weeks or more. Some patients may get discharged earlier or much later, depending on the functions of the new liver and whether any complications arise.

The patient and donor will have to stay in India, preferably near the hospital, after the discharge for proper follow-up care.

At home, patients can take care of themselves. It is important to follow all the instructions and precautions given by the doctor, and take the ant-rejections medications stringently. For a proper recovery and healing, it is critical to stick to the recommended post-transplantation plan. With a successful liver transplant in India, the patient can have a considerable improvement in the quality fo life.

It is important to remember that the transplant application will be evaluated by the Transplant committee. The general criteria for the donor are:

  • The donor candidate should be a family member/ first degree relative having the same blood group as recipient. The next of kin should be present for the transplant committee approval. 
  • The blood group of the donor should match with the Recipient
  • The donor candidate should be medically fit to undergo the surgical procedure.
  • They should not have any chronic ailment such as Hypertension, Diabetes, HIV, Hbs Ag or others.
  • The legal documents that have to be submitted for Liver Transplant at Apollo Hospital include:
  • Photographs of the donor, recipient and next of kin (10 each) 
  • Income proof such as Bank statement or salary statement
  • Consent form signed by the next of kin of the donor on a stamp paper – comprising photographs of donor and next of kin of the donor pasted on the stamp paper
  • Proof of Relation such as birth certificate, marriage certificate or similar document
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