Mr. Sunday Eikhenomian from Nigeria Traveled to India for Laser Prostatectomy

Last Modified: January 18, 2021  |   Created on: June 25, 2019
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My name is Eric Eikhenomian, the medical attendant and son to Mr.Sunday Eikhenomian who is the patient. Our country of origin is Nigeria. Back in my country, my father developed multiple health challenges. The illnesses he suffered from include Prostrate Enlargement, Renal problem, High blood pressure.

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The local doctors in my country examined and placed him on a catheter. He was on the catheter for four months while medications were administered to shrink the prostate. This did not yield any positive results as his condition worsened by the day. The local doctors concluded that they will perform open surgery on him to get rid of the prostate. At his age, the family considered it to be too dangerous and risky for him. We decided on laser prostatectomy because of the numerous advantages it has over open surgery. These advantages are 1. Quick recovery. 2.Less pain 3. Less bleeding.

We searched the internet and discovered that excellent medical facilities are available in India. We also got in contact with the doctors at Lyfboat they made all the traveling plan possible. They were really of great assistance even beyond our imagination. When we came into India, we knew nobody, but with Lyfboat we knew everybody. They recommended the best doctors for a different ailment.

We visited these doctors and recorded very positive changes. All the doctors we met are very cooperating, understanding, caring and have listening ears. The nurses are also very good inclusive of other members of staff. I am most grateful to Dr. Suneet and Lyfboat, I really appreciate them. I want to use this opportunity to thank Dr. Ashish Sabharwal, the prostrate surgeon, Fortis hospital, Dr. Singh Narula, nephrologist, Fortis hospital, Prof (Dr) Dinesh Khullar, chairman nephrology and renal transplant, Max Hospital, Saket, New Delhi. I am happy because the input of these doctors has led to a great improvement in the overall health condition of my father.

I want to also thank Dr. Surbhi for her support and care, she is also wonderful. She also played a major role in the success story. Her contributions will not be forgotten in a hurry especially at the Max Hospital, Saket. One good gesture I want to commend the hospital for is that follow-up continues even after returning to our country and Lyfboat is ever willing to continue to assist in the follow-up. Once again, I want to thank all the doctors. You all are wonderful people. You made our problems your problems, our concerns your concerns. We appreciate your calls and messages almost on a daily basis asking about our welfare and daily hospital proceedings. My dad appreciates all you have done. He said you all are God sent. Keep the good work on, you will surely be rewarded for it, if not by man then by God.

To the CEO of Lyfboat, Mr. Anuj Gupta. You are doing a great job. I want to personally thank you for the assistance you gave to me while in India

“I was stranded with no funds twice and on both occasions Mr. Anuj Gupta went out of his way to help us have the money as my brother used to wire. It shows that Lyfboat is not a fraudulent organization. I urge you to keep it up. In all of this, none of the doctors and Lyfboat has never asked for any bribe or gratification in cash or in kind. When we arrived home (Nigeria) family members could not recognize him any more. He is better now. Family members appreciate you all for your good works. I can recommend Lyfboat 100% to anybody in the world. Lyfboat is great. Long live Lyfboat.”

Eric Eikhenomian, Nigeria

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