Dr. Mutlu Demiray - Oncology, Dr. Mutlu Demiray
Dr. Mutlu Demiray

Dr. Mutlu Demiray

Qualification - MBBS, MD

Specialization - Medical Oncologist

Department - Oncology

Designation - Professor of Medicine

Location - Istanbul ,Turkey

Hospital(s) - Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

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Career Profile

Dr. Mutlu Demiray is a renowned doctor who specialized in the fields of Medical oncologist and Internal Medicine. He has obtained his medical education from top institutions. 

Professor Mutlu Demiray have worked at premier hospitals throughout his career, including Medical Park Hospital and Bursa AOS Oncology Hospital. He is an avid researcher who has published numerous papers in peer reviewed journals of national and international repute. 

Education & Training

Graduation - Uludağ University Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine(2000)

Postgraduation - Residency at Uludağ University School of Medicine, Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology Residency Program (2005)


  • Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology Residency Program at Uludağ University School of Medicine
  • Bursa AOS Oncology Hospital
  • Medical Park Hospital, Bursa
  • Istanbul Italian Oncology Hospital
  • Ortadoğu Hospital
  • Ruhr Hospital hyperthermia and Integrative oncology education
  • Medical Oncology Department - Medicana International Hospital, Istanbul

Clinical Focus

  • Medical Oncology
  • Internal Medicine

Research and Publications

  1. A cross-sectional survey of the diagnosis and management of bone metastasis in   breast cancer patients in Turkey. Arican A1, Bozkurt T, Bozcuk H, Demirkan B, Buyukberber S, Alkis N, Sanli UA, Camci C, Yildiz M, Yucel I, Uygun K, Aslay I, Demiray M, Bese NS, Isikdogan A, Bahat Z, Gemici C, Ozdemir F, Ozdener F, Pekin B. Support Care Cancer. 2014 Apr 22.
  2. Demiray M, Kurt E, Evrensel T, Kanat O, Arslan M, Saraydaroglu O, Ercan I, Gonullu G, Gokgoz S, Topal U, Tolunay S, Tasdelen I, Manavoglu O. Phase II Study Of Gemcitabine Plus Paclitaxel In Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients With Prior Anthracycline Exposure. Cancer Investigation 2005;23(5):386-91.
  3. Demiray M, Gulten M, Manavoglu O, Evrensel T, Ulukaya E, Yerci O, Kanat O, Kurt E, Arslan M, Gonullu G, Demiray H, Gulten T, Memik F. Evaluation of the effects of Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy on gastric antral epithelial hyperproliferation: a prospective six-month follow-up study.Hepatogastroenterology. 2004 Sep-oct;51(59): 1531-5.
  4. Demiray M, Ulukaya E , Arslan M, Gokgoz S, Saraydaroglu O, Ercan I, Evrensel T, Manavoglu O. Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer Could be Predictable by Measuring a Novel Serum Apoptosis Product, Caspase-Cleaved Cytokeratin 18: A Prospective Pilot Study,” has been accepted for publication in Cancer Investigation. It is currently scheduled for publication in Vol. 24, issue 8.
  5. Gulten T, Tokyay N, Demiray M, Gulten M, Ercan I, Evke E, Sardas S, Karakaya AE. The role of triple therapy, age, gender and smoking on the genotoxic effects of Helicobacter pylori infection. J Int Med Res. 2002 Jul-Aug;30(4):380-5.
  6. Arslan M, Evrensel T, Kurt E, Demiray M, Ercan I, Kanat O, Ozkan A, Manavoglu O. Comparison of the serum erythropoietin levels in chemotherapy-naive and cisplatin-treated cancer patients. Neoplasma. 2005;52(1):43-5.






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