How Much Does Leukemia Treatment Cost?

“The estimated cost of leukemia treatment in India starts from $300 for Chemotherapy, $5000 for Targeted therapy and $15000 for Bone Marrow Transplant. This is multifold less than what it costs in any other developed country, including the UK, US, Canada, Singapore and UAE.

Leukemia treatment relies on the type of malignancy, the stage of the disease (acute or chronic), and the damaged white blood cells.

The chronic variety of leukemia progresses slowly and takes longer to advance, whereas acute leukemia grows swiftly and becomes severe soon.

  • The bone marrow or blood are the main areas affected by this type of blood malignancy.
  • Consequently, the marrow’s capacity to make healthy blood cells is severely compromised in this type of malignancy, and the patient’s body is overrun with aberrant blood cells.
  • A surplus of aberrant WBCs is also produced, which makes it harder for the body to fight infections.
  • Leukaemia develops when white blood cells in the bone marrow divide and expand uncontrolled.
  • This makes a person more vulnerable to infection by impeding the growth or degeneration of healthy blood cells in the bone marrow.

According to the cells affected and how the disease progresses, the 4 most typical kinds of leukaemia are as follows:

Acute lymphocytic leukaemia (ALL):

  • Children are more likely to develop this kind of leukaemia.
  • B or T lymphocytes, which are immature white blood cells, are where it starts.
  • These lymphocytes create lymphoid tissues, which strengthen the body’s immune system.

Acute lymphocytic leukaemia (ALL):

  • The most prevalent form of acute leukaemia in adults is acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). AML is known to advance swiftly and can affect any blood component.
  • This leukaemia also has a number of subgroups.

Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL):

  • Nearly a third of instances of leukaemia are this kind of chronic leukaemia. Older persons are often affected by CLL.
  • One type of CLL typically advances slowly, and symptoms may not manifest for years after the illness begins.
  • There are additional types of CLL that advance quickly.
  • The aberrant B lymphocytes start the process, and as they expand and outnumber the normal red blood cells, they overtake them.

Chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML):

  • Only 10% of instances of leukaemia are this unusual form, which is rare in itself.
  • Adults are more likely to develop it than youngsters.
  • A genetic alteration in the myeloid cells that transforms them into immature cancer cells causes CML.
  • As the slow-growing cancer cells suffocate the healthy blood and bone marrow cells.

Hairy cell leukaemia

  • It is a rare form of this condition. The name “hairy cell leukaemia” refers to how the disease appears under a microscope.
  • Less than 6,000 persons have affected by HCL annually.

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Symptoms of leukaemia

  • Leukaemia symptoms include anaemia, lethargy, weakness, excessive sweating, breathing problems, and other symptoms including swollen lymph nodes and a higher risk of infection.
  • These symptoms are all linked to the loss of RBCs.

Leukemia Treatment and its Cost

The estimated cost of leukemia treatment in India starts from $300 for Chemotherapy, $5000 for Targeted therapy and $15000 for Bone Marrow Transplant. This is multifold less than what it costs in any other developed country, including the UK, US, Canada, Singapore and UAE. 



Price in ($)

Price in (₹)



Starting from USD 300 (per session)

Starting from INR 22,300 (per session)


Radiation Therapy

Starting from USD 2400 (per session)

Starting from INR 178,000 (per session)


Targeted Therapy

Starting from USD 5000

Starting from INR 372,000


Bone Marrow Transplant

Starting from USD 15000

Starting from INR 11,15,000

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