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We live in a generation of information overload. With so many choices available to us, it is sometimes difficult to discern truth from fiction and make sense of the mountain of information that is coming our way. This is especially true when it comes to choosing and trusting the right hospital for our particular needs.

When it comes to hospitals, we also have the benefit of “visiting and experiencing” one online before making an in-person trip.

Selecting a top-tier heart treatment hospital in India, the task can prove challenging for many. However, with careful consideration, a suitable establishment can be found.

Indian heart hospitals possess national and international accreditation and are renowned across the globe for their exceptional medical care. In the last decade, the medical field in India has made remarkable strides, with the healthcare sector thriving as a result. Of particular note is the heart surgery success rate, whereby less than 1% of patients treated at India’s top-tier heart hospitals have succumbed to the procedure. In summary, it is evident that the top heart hospitals in India are highly reputable and provide world-class medical services.

The hospitals have the most up-to-date infrastructure available to deliver thorough, superior services and evidence-based care for all heart-related surgical specialties.

With the most recent technological advancements and ethical practices, these hospital offers comprehensive heart care services to function as a top-tier heart hospital that offers high-quality heart care at an affordable price.

The conditions treated in these hospitals include heart valve disease, congenital heart disease in adults and children, coronary artery diseases such as Ebstein’s anomaly and hypoplastic left heart syndrome, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, heart failure, and heart rhythm disorders.

The medical team comprises cardiac specialists who possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of heart conditions.

They are committed to working closely with our patients to develop individualized treatment plans that are tailored to their unique needs and circumstances. The goal is to help each patient achieve optimal health and well-being by providing the highest quality care possible.

The team is dedicated to providing each patient with the highest level of personalized care and treatment and strives to provide clear and concise explanations of the diagnosis and treatment options available to each patient, ensuring that they are well-informed throughout the entire process.

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Here are 5 Best Heart Hospitals in India:


CH Baktawar Singh Road, Sector 38, Gurugram, Haryana - 122001

Medanta – The Medicity
Medanta – The Medicity

Fact file

  • 43-acre facility
  • More than thirty medical specialties
  • Providing cutting-edge, reasonably priced medical care was the goal at the time of conception.
  • The Best Private Hospital in India title has been held by Medanta Gurugram for four years running (2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023).
  • More than 900 medical professionals
  • 1,391 operational beds, 40 operation rooms, and more than 270 ICU beds
  • JCI and NABH certification
  • Accreditation by NABL

The Best Characteristics

  • The Artis Zee go Endovascular Cath Lab, a cutting-edge imaging system that supports intricate cardiac procedures, is available at Medanta.
  • It has multiple imaging and diagnostic modalities, such as 3D echocardiography, PET scan, SPECT thallium, and cardiac MRI.
  • It uses state-of-the-art equipment, like hybrid operating suits, to perform thoracic and cardiovascular surgeries.
  • Cloud computing makes it possible to provide quick online diagnosis and treatment.

Credentials of the medical professional

  • The highly experienced doctors are recognized experts in their respective specialties, having received training at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world.
  • The doctors are employed by Medanta hospitals full-time and exclusively.

Top Cardiac Doctors:

The Medanta organizational structure allows medical professionals to contribute to the development of a collaborative culture and the integration of multispecialty care, in addition to providing highly specialized care within their respective fields.

  • With subspecialties in cardiac surgery, pacing, electrophysiology, clinical and preventive cardiology, and interventional cardiology, Medanta Hospital stands out as one of the top heart hospitals in Gurugram.
  • The top cardiologist and cardiac surgeon out of 30 teams work at Medanta Hospital. Together, they have performed an astounding 50,000+ CABG surgeries and 4,000 surgeries under Dr. Naresh Trehan’s supervision, including complex heart surgeries like robotic minimally invasive cardiac surgery, heart failure, ventricular restoration, and ventricular assist devices.
  • With nine of the best cardiac operating rooms available and top-notch facilities, our cardiac surgery program promises unmatched quality in patient care, teaching, and research.

Sarita Vihar, Delhi Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110076

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi

Facts File

  • 1000 Beds
  • Performed almost 1.5 Lakh heart surgeries to date.
  • Joint Commission International
  • The Apollo Heart Institutes at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals are associated to one of the world’s largest cardiovascular groups.
  • A leading name in laser angioplasty and has been successfully performing complex heart surgeries for many years.
  • National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH)
  • National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL)

The Best Characteristics

  • In 99.6% of cardiac bypass surgery cases, the hospital provides Beating Heart procedures to ensure a faster and easier post-operative recovery.
  • Intensive Care Units, Cardiac Critical Care Units, and Next-Gen Cath Lab.
  • Well-equipped with cutting-edge medical technologies, such as the Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System and PET-MR and PET-CT imaging technologies.
  • More than 1,52,000 heart and thoracic surgery records exist.
  • This facility regularly performs a wide range of surgeries, such as pediatric and adult heart transplants with acceptable success rates, valve-related heart diseases, and adult and pediatric heart surgery.
  • Over 95% of our surgeries are beating heart surgeries, which provide patients with faster post-operative recovery and less strain on their systems.
  • They are experts in advanced techniques like Percutaneous Transluminal Septal Myocardial Ablation.

Credentials of the medical professional

  • Run by highly qualified medical professionals in each of its 52 specialties, offering all patients—domestic or foreign—access to top-notch healthcare.
  • The team specializes in complicated cases involving coronary artery bypass surgery, neonatal heart surgery, AVR surgery, and valvular heart disease.

Top Cardiac Surgeons:


Opposite HUDA City Centre, Sector 44, Gurugram, Haryana – 122002

Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon

Facts File

  • 300 Beds
  • Super Specialty
  • Accredited by NABH and ISO
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute is a superb multispecialty quaternary care facility with state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge medical technology, highly skilled and knowledgeable medical staff, and exceptional subspecialists.

The Best Characteristics

  • Among the many services provided are cardiovascular CT scans, echocardiograms, stress tests, thallium heart mapping, and non-invasive image processing.
  • Outfitted with a state-of-the-art Bi-Plane Cath Lab for cardiac and vascular interventions, as well as a 256 Slice Brilliance ICT Scanner that can take an image of the whole heart in just two heartbeats.
  • The hospital provides a wide range of subspecialty interventions, including minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures, paediatric cardiology, aortic, tricuspid, and coarctoplasties, cardiac surgery, and interventional cardiology.

Top Heart Specialists:

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Press Enclave Road, Mandir Marg, Saket, New Delhi - 110017

Max Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi
Max Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi

Fact file

  • 539+ Beds Facility
  • 920+ Trained Staff
  • 450+ Doctors
  • Over the previous 14 years, the hospital has successfully treated over 34 lakh patients across 35 specialties.
  • JCI and NABH certification
  • Accreditation by NABL

The Best Characteristics

  • The medical facility can accommodate more than 500 beds and offers a wide range of specialty services, including urology, metabolic and bariatric surgery, neurology, cancer/oncology care, kidney transplant, obstetrics and gynaecology, bone marrow transplant, liver transplant, aesthetics & reconstructive surgery, and many other ancillary medical services.
  • It is one of the few hospitals in the country that is equipped with advanced equipment like 64 Slice CT Angio and state-of-the-art 1.5 Tesla MRI machines. 
  • Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket, New Delhi, also has Brain SUITE, which is one of the first Neurosurgical Operation Theatre to be made in Asia and allows taking MRIs during surgery. 
  • It has also been awarded by the ‘Association of Healthcare Providers of India’ for its service to the healthcare industry.
  • Max is one of the many hospitals developed under the Max Healthcare brand, and it has made a name for itself in the healthcare world not only in India but around the world.
  • Heart surgery includes percutaneous coronary intervention, heart transplantation, heart valve replacement or repair, and coronary artery bypass grafts. A pacemaker or implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) implant procedure.
  • Modern 1.5 Tesla MRI machines and 64 Slice CT Angio are just two of the cutting-edge medical devices that this hospital has in the entire nation. 
  • Moreover, Brain Suite, one of the first neurosurgical operation theatres built in Asia, is available at Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket, New Delhi.

Credentials of the medical professional

  • Our team of over 4,800 accomplished medical professionals at Max Healthcare is recognized as a leader in their fields on a global scale. They are at the forefront of medical advancements and pioneers in novel clinical procedures.
  • 35 specialist departments treat over 34 lakh patients for conditions like valvular dysfunction and heart failure.
  • Serving as a senior cardiologist for the hospital is Dr. KK Talwar.
  • Having worked for 39 years, he received the Padma Bhushan award in 2006.
  • Dr. Talwar is an expert in intricate procedures like CABG.

Top Cardiologist Doctors:

  • Dr K K Talwar, Chairman – Cardiology, Max Healthcare
  • Dr Rajiv Agarwal, Senior Director & Unit Head – Cardiology
  • Dr Vanita Arora, Director & Head – Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab & Arrhythmia Services, Senior Consultant – Cardiac Electrophysiologist & Interventional Cardiologist
  • Dr Arvind Das, Senior Director and HOD – Cardiology
  • Dr Kewal Krishan, Director – Heart Transplant & Ventricular Assist Devices Principal Consultant – CTVS

Near Unitech Cyber park, Sector 51, Gurgaon, Haryana

Artemis Hospital
Artemis Hospital

Fact file

  • +9 acres
  • 380 beds
  • Brand Fortis was established in 1996 and now has over 55 facilities in line to offer health facilities within India and abroad.
  • According to a study by, Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) came in second place out of 30 hospitals worldwide for technological advancements.
  • It is Gurgaon’s first hospital to receive accreditation from JCI and NABH.
  • The Asia Pacific Hand Hygiene Excellence Award was given to it by the WHO in 2011.
  • NABH-accredited multi-specialty tertiary care hospital.

The Best Characteristics

  • The Institute is known to be the ‘Mecca of Healthcare’ for the Asia Pacific region.
  • Fields of expertise include Cardiac Sciences, Neurosciences, Emergency & Trauma, Bone & Joint, Renal Sciences, Gastro Sciences, Critical Care, and Organ Transplants.
  • The first endovascular suite in India, equipped with the most advanced 3D rotational imaging technology, allows surgeons to precisely perform peripheral endovascular, cardiac catheterization, and neuro-interventional procedures.
  • The hospital has the most up-to-date cardiology and cardiovascular surgery equipment available, such as the Endovascular Hybrid Operating System, Total Arterial Revascularization (TAR), and Philips FD20/10 Cath Lab with Stent Boost Technology.
  • High-end Colour Doppler Ultrasound Systems, 3 Tesla MRIs, 64 Slice Cardiac CT scans, and mammography are available for imaging in the imaging and diagnostic department.

Top Cardiac Surgeon:

Dr. Surbhi Suden

Verified By Dr. Surbhi Suden

Dr. Surbhi Suden is one of the founders of Lyfboat and a doctor with a renowned name in the Medical tourism industry. She has been working with international patients since 2008 and is a deeply committed professional with a long term vision of transforming the current healthcare scenarios.
Dr. Surbhi Suden

Verified By Dr. Surbhi Suden

Dr. Surbhi Suden is one of the founders of Lyfboat and a doctor with a renowned name in the Medical tourism industry. She has been working with international patients since 2008 and is a deeply committed professional with a long term vision of transforming the current healthcare scenarios.
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