Coronary Angiography - Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Coronary Angiography Details

Coronary arteries are the arteries which supply blood to your heart. It is essential for the effective functioning of the organ whose main function is to pump blood to various parts of the body. Angiography is an imaging technique which is used to check for any obstruction in the path of the arteries. Arteries develop plaque in them which narrows down the lumen and thus increases the pressure on the heart and might lead to a heart attack.

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Before Coronary Angiography

Your doctor needs to evaluate your medical condition before suggesting any treatment. After assessing the symptoms of your ailment, your doctor will prescribe you to take the diagnostic test. 

How it is performed

You will be taken to a facility which is equipped with all the necessary machines and equipment. You will be made to lie down on a bed and will be given an intravenous sedative to keep you calm throughout the procedure. Your Doctor will insert a needle near your groin to reach an artery and that will be used to introduce a guide tube into the opening. Once the guide tube has entered into the artery, the needle will be removed and the tube will be made to travel the length of the artery to reach the arteries of the heart. All this is guided with the help of a fluoroscope, which is an imaging tool scanning your chest area continuously. After the guide tube has reached the heart, a catheter will be introduced into the tube in the same fashion. After the catheter has reached the heart, the guide tube will be taken out and the catheter will release an opaque dye in the blood vessel. It is at this time when the graphs will be examined more closely to check for any blockage in the arteries.  The procedure is helpful as it helps to detect the blocked arteries, narrowed arteries etc.


You might feel slight discomfort when the tube is being pushed in and you might feel a bit flushed when dye is released in the body. This is normal for this procedure.

Potential Risks

The procedure is a diagnostic tool and does not have any effect on the health of an individual. This helps doctors in checking for every possible artery that needs a treatment and how the treatment should be planned.

Cost for Coronary Angiography

India from $500
Turkey from $2,000
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