Robotic Prostatectomy Surgery in India at low cost

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What is robotic radical prostatectomy surgery?

Robotic radical prostatectomy surgery is a highly advanced method of performing prostate surgery. This procedure involves the use of a robot that helps the surgeons work with much more precision. It lets surgeons make the smallest incisions possible in the body of the patient as compared to traditional TURP surgery.

RR Prostatectomy

What is a da Vinci Robotic System?

The da Vinci robotic system is powered by a highly advanced and sophisticated robotic technology used for performing different types of surgeries with great precision. This system is most commonly used for conducting prostatectomy and hysterectomy but now it is also used for cardiac valve repair and gynecological surgeries as well.

The da Vinci robotic surgical system is now being used worldwide due to its safety and efficacy. This system provides the surgeon the ability to perform the surgery by précised incision of 1 to 2 cm with dexterity and full control.

The da Vinci robotic system consists of:

  • A surgeon’s console which is designed ergonomically

  • A patient-side cart

  • Four interactive robotic arms

  • Endowrist instruments that have the ability to bend and rotate

  • A high-performance vision system which provides 3D HD view of the patient’s body to the surgeon

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When is Da Vinci robot approved for prostate surgeries?

The food and drug administration (FDA) approved the da Vinci robot to carry out the surgeries in the year 2000. There are more than 3,800 units of da Vinci installed in the hospitals worldwide.

The da Vinci robotic system is mainly used to perform surgical procedures related to prostatectomy and hysterectomy but it can be used for gynecological surgery, non-cardiovascular thoracoscopic surgery, and cardiac, pediatric, and general laparoscopic surgery as well. Roughly, three out of four prostatectomy patients are choosing da Vinci system for surgical procedures around the world.

What happens before Robotic Prostate Surgery?

The patient is advised to not consume food or liquid for 8 hours before the robotic radical prostatectomy. The patient may be recommended to take laxatives or enema before the procedure to clean the bowel. Some medicines should be avoided 10 days prior to the surgery. These include aspirin, warfarin, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory medicines.

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What happens after Robotic Prostate Surgery?

After robotic radical prostatectomy surgery, the patient is kept in the hospital for two to three days. The patient is advised to avoid heavy lifting, put the body under strain, and increase the fluid intake.

What are the success rates of Robotic Radical Prostatectomy?

Robotic radical prostatectomy is one of the best procedures that can be conducted for the treatment of prostate cancer. It has a high success rate and is conducted in a completely safe and the most effective way. The robotic radical prostatectomy success rate in India lies between 90 and 98 percent.

What are the Benefits of Robotic Radical Prostatectomy?

Robotic radical prostatectomy has many benefits over traditional methods. This procedure has many benefits, both for the patients and the surgeons.

Benefits for the patients after RR Prostatectomy:

  • Minimal invasion resulting in less scarring and fewer chances of infection
  • Less pain and discomfort.
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Reduced trauma
  • Minimal amount of anesthesia is required
  • Quick recovery
  • Shorter duration of hospital stay
  • Better preservation of the physical appearance of the patient
  • Improved and early return from incontinence and sexual functions
  • Less risk of deep vein thrombosis
  • Better results as compared to traditional procedures
  • Quick return to normal activities

Benefits for the surgeons after Robotic Prostate Surgery:

  • Improved dexterity and enhanced 3D vision
  • Greater precision due to endowrist instruments
  • Improved access
  • Increased range of movement
  • Makes it possible to conduct all types of minimally invasive surgeries
  • Simplified the process for many existing minimally invasive procedures

What are the Risks and Complications of Robotic Radical Prostatectomy?

Robotic radical prostatectomy may involve the following risks:

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Port-site hernia

  • Post-operative infection

  • Injury to adjacent organs

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What is the Cost of Robotic Prostate Surgery?

India is one of the leading countries that provide the best treatment in the world at an affordable cost. Robotic radical prostatectomy cost in India is just a fraction of the cost of the same procedure in any other country around the world.

India has earned the attention of medical tourists due to two major reasons.

  • High quality of treatment,
  • Low cost of healthcare services.

The cost can depend on several factors:

  • Treatment procedure
  • Technology used
  • Severity
  • Location
  • Pre- and after care
  • Services included

Moreover, the patient enjoys world-class hospitality and feels like being at home during their hospital stay. Although the robotic radical prostatectomy cost in India is a bit higher than TURP. Still the procedure is becoming the choice of the surgeons and patients due to copious advantages and fewer side effects. The main reason behind the comparatively high cost of treatment is the use of da Vinci robot. This robot is not made in India. Intuitive surgical from America is the manufacturer of da Vinci surgical system and it installs the system worldwide. The cost of da Vinci robotic system ranges between $1.5 million and $2.5 million and it is approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) in the US.

A comparison between the overall cost of robotic radical prostatectomy in India and other countries is listed in the following table:


Cost (US Dollars)







Top Radical Radical Prostatectomy Surgeons

RR Prostatectomy in India- Seek Treatment Under Internationally Acclaimed Prostate Surgeons

The availability of the best RR prostatectomy surgeons in India is yet another reason why prostate cancer patients prefer to come to the country for this procedure. They are renowned globally for their extensive experience, great educational background, and expertise in the field of robotic surgery.

In addition, the top Indian robotic surgeons attend seminars and training around the year to expand their knowledge on the latest technology, drugs, and other medications available for treatment of patients with prostate cancer. Also, they actively participate in different studies and clinical trials conducted across the world with an objective to understand more about the condition and the advanced treatment available.

A majority of surgeons have an experience of working with some of the best hospitals in the world. The international exposure makes it easier for them to understand the mindset of the patient traveling to a foreign land for a medical procedure. That is what makes them so compassionate and caring towards them.

Moreover, Indian robotic prostatectomy surgeons keep themselves abreast as per the latest advancements in the field of robotic surgery. They attend conferences, seminars, and workshops around the world to make sure that they are at par, if not behind, with other surgeons in the world.

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FAQ – Da Vinci Robotic Surgery India

Q. Where is the da Vinci Surgical System being used?

A. Currently, The da Vinci Surgical System is being used in hundreds of locations worldwide, in major centers in the India, Malaysia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates.

Q. What are the benefits of da Vinci Surgery compared with traditional methods of surgery?

A. Some of the major benefits experienced by surgeons using the da Vinci Surgical System over traditional approaches are following:

  • Greater surgical precision,
  • Increased range of motion,
  • Improved dexterity,
  • Enhanced visualization,
  • Improved access.

Q. What procedures have been performed using the da Vinci Surgical System?

A. Approximately 1.5 million procedures including general, urologic, gynecologic, thoracoscopic, and thoracoscopically-assisted cardiotomy procedures have been performed using the da Vinci Surgical System.

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