Finding better treatment alternatives for Advanced Prostate Cancer

Last Modified: December 19, 2019  |   Created on: September 6, 2019
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At the age of 72, Md. Jalil from Bangladesh gets a successful Prostate Cancer treatment in India.
Cancer: Advanced stage prostate cancer
Diagnosed: 2018

Back in Bangladesh, Mueem’s father – Md. Jalil was often complaining of frequent urination and discomfort that aggravated in the night. They visited a local doctor who suggested them to do a biopsy. The biopsy results diagnosed him suffering from prostate cancer and the Gleason score (grade of cancer) was very high. The prostate cancer had spread as the cancer was detected at an advanced stage.

Md. Jalil from Bangladesh
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Unfortunately, he was not caught early enough when his PSA began to rise and because of metastatic prostate cancer the local doctors put him on chemotherapy cycles. Each chemotherapy session was scheduled between three-week intervals. Following these cycles, there was not much improvement and the patient would often complain of nausea and fever. Along with being a fragile man he had many other complications such as breathing issues which made him lose weight and appetite. With no signs of improvement and his debilitating condition family members got worried and decided to go in for a second opinion in India.

Mr. Mueem posted an inquiry on Lyfboat and they connected them to various top urologists on their panel and his search for Top Urologist ended with Dr. Ashish Sabharwalwho is a well-renowned Urologist at Apollo hospital and Fortis Hospitals, New Delhi. After sharing his father’s past and present medical records, Dr. Ashish Sabharwal’s team planned Greenlight PVP Laser surgery with Orchiectomy and oral chemotherapy medicines as the cancer had spread. The entire treatment plan offered was very detailed and well explained. The family immediately made travel plans and got assisted with a medical Visa invitation letter to facilitate the visit.

All the on ground logistics were taken care of completely by the Lyfboat Team. Soon after their airport pick-up the tests and evaluations were done and the patient was operated the next day after receiving all the clearances. Mueem adds ”He is recovering very well as the prostate cancer surgery was a success. I will recommend this team to everyone. They did a great job in every way possible. Inshallah, he looks much better now. My experience showed me how important it is to find out as much as you can about any medical diagnosis. Sometimes people don’t like to talk about medical issues. Men can sometimes have a hard time with this, but with prostate cancer, it’s important to talk about what’s going on. If I had not explored Top Indian hospitals and Urologists I would have not made the right decision of getting my father the best treatment plan that actually did wonders for him.”

As a Lyfboat Medical Expert we wish to inform that there are new treatment modalities for prostate cancer treatment in India be it any stage, that are going to increase the survival rate and make a significant impact on quality of life. There is absolutely still hope for men with metastatic prostate cancer. There’s more all the time. Do reach out us to us at or visit to know more about Prostate Cancer Treatment

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