Ibrahim Kharir Traveled from Alfasher, Sudan to India for Medical Treatment

Last Modified: September 13, 2019  |   Created on: February 12, 2018
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I am Ibrahim Karir, from Sudan. I came to India upon the advice of my colleague, Christopher Laker who had been to India. He had been suffering from back pain and he went to America but didn’t find the cure, so he was adviced by someone to come to India for medical treatment, he did come and found very good healthcare and when he got back to us in Sudan, he is feeling OK. I told him once that I wanted to have a general checkup and without hesitation, he advised me to travel to India. So I contacted Lyfboat and with the help of Mr. Gupta and Dr. Surbhi. I was able to come to India.


From the airport, they picked me as it was my first time. I don’t know Indian language so they took me from the airport when I arrived very early in the morning and I was taken to the guest house. They assisted me in meeting different hospitals, meeting the doctors and they helped me a lot. I got very reasonable prices for all the medication and I feel that I am lucky to have met Lyfboat and get the best treatment.

For me, I would recommend India to anyone who wants to get a professional and reasonable cost for medication and I am happy to share my experience to the people in Sudan and whoever is willing to travel to India. I would like to thank India and the people who made my trip possible.”

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