Lwawire Robert Katula Travelled from Tanzania to India for Aneurysm Treatment

"My Name is Lwawire Robert Katula. I come from Tanzania. About... two months ago, it was discovered, I would say maybe accidentally, because... I had not gone to the hospital for this aneurysm but I just had a backache, then I thought that maybe I had muscle pains. So I went to the doctor, and the doctor said you should go for CT Scan. And then I went for that scan and then they realised that it was a very very serious condition because the aneurysm now was so big. So they said that this you cannot get medical attention in Tanzania. Because this needs operation and the operation and facilities here are not available. So he said you have to look outside.

Immediately I contacted my son-in-law, Dr. Deus and my Daughter Joan. Then they said, initially they suggested that I go to Australia, but then later they changed their mind. They started to search around and then they discovered this Lyfboat company. Then they gave them the assignment to look for me for doctors and the hospital. Lyfboat company, to be honest, have done a very good job. Because since I came here, I have not ever been stranded. They picked me from the airport straight away, took me to this hospital, I saw the concerned doctor. The Doctor took me straight away for MRI then straight to the ICU. Had I not met these Lyfboat guys, I think I would have had a problem because there is a lot of loading time there. So I think if I have to suggest to someone else that if you want to come to India to get medical attention, if you go through Lyfboat I think its much easier because you get the service that you desire on time and there is no confusion you get the service that you want from medical attention, to the logistics, that is like traveling arrangements, hotel arrangements and things like that.

I think I commend whoever wants to come for medical attention they should look for Lyfboat, I think they are there on the web if you google you can get their addresses and their contact. Their Managing Director and other staffs and very good people. As I have said their services have been excellent as far as I am concerned."

- Lwawire Robert Katula, Tanzania


Lwawire Robert Katula, Tanzania

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