Mathews Kaoma from Zambia Traveled to India for Heart Treatment

Last Modified: September 13, 2019  |   Created on: September 25, 2017
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“For so many years I suffered from a disease that was not known to me. I was being treated in zambia for a wrong disease called spondylosis. Somehow, before I left Zambia, I was in contact with one of our friends that I had not met by the name of Anuj Gupta who runs some Medical facilities company called Lyfboat in New Delhi.

I picked up the phone and called this friend of mine Anuj in Delhi explained to him. Quickly they arranged the ticket, I flew in the evening, I was picked up from the airport by his staff, put me in a hotel. Following day, all bookings were done for me at the Hospital, in Medanta Hospital. It’s a very big very big and good hospital. I was prepared to go and see a doctor, a surgeon called Dr. Chandra. He examined me. I went in to the room they did all the tests, ECG again, all HIV tests and other tests they did, and then I went into that the procedure. My heart was functioning correctly and the pains that I used to have or I have up to now, were diagnosed they say no actually what you have is a muscular pain because probably the medicines I was taking couldn’t be accepted by my body. So they prescribed me, that doctor prescribed new medicines for me, he said no we are going to give you new medicines, these medicines you will be taking for next 6 months, and thereafter probably you can come back for review after 6 months and so on.

So with the help of Dr. Surbhi and the partner Anuj Gupta, everything, everything went on very well. I did not do any movements in the Hospital, everything was being done by them, arranging, you know from department to department, admissions, and discharges and so on. And fortunately, you won’t believe this, I never paid any costs to them. They facilitated all the things literally for free. Because they are into that fields, they have an arrangement with the hospitals, different hosptials, not only Medanta where I went, other Hospitals.

During my stay with them, I discovered that a lot of Zambians have been coming to these Hospitals, through them in India. It is a good thing, probably next time that you want to go to India for medical treatment, please don’t hesitate either to contact me so that I can give you the right connections so that when you are in India you don’t have to guess back, everything will be done for you, you will not regret.”

– Matthews Kaoma, Zambia

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