Oladimeji Oladabode Traveled from Abuja, Nigeria to India for Craniotomy & Cyberknife

"My name is Oladimeji Oladabode. I am from Nigeria. I came over to India to have surgery for multiple meningioma. And... the whole process was handled and taken care by Lyfboat company. They were...helpful in applying for the visa to start with, and the hospital process, they took care of all that for me. And then when it comes to Billing and all that they were open and everything was done in an open and sincere way, I was given options of... other Hospitals so that I could make comparision on price and... every other process. But... the bottom line was that they were helpful.

The staff were so much friendly and in the space of 2-3 days, we became family. And everything I.. wanted doing even aside from the medical process they were there to attend to me. So I would recommend Lyfboat as a good company to work with if you have any health-related issues and would like to come over to India for treatment. Thank you very much."

- Oladimeji Oladabode, Abuja, Nigeria


Oladimeji Oladabode, Nigeria

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