Mr. Smith from Zimbabwe Traveled to India for Cardiac & Hernia Surgery

Last Modified: September 13, 2019  |   Created on: April 11, 2019
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I approached Dr. Surbhi to have her opinion on whether the repair of my umbilical hernia with absorbable mesh was a viable option. It was not this simple as I am a heart patient and was also looking for Cardiac ablation to correct heart rhythm problems. She opined that a lap surgery with a regular mesh would be the best choice for my big hernia, assuming I can take general anesthesia but this was the following step to RF ablation. This all was urgent and a swift decision was the need of the hour, I had no time to dwell on. Earlier I was considering seeking treatment in my country but the most ideal treatment response did not fit in the budget. It was very very expensive to have a repair in my own country, but I was not perplexed as Dr. Surbhi’s confidence, competence, and support made me trust her expertise and I am glad I did.

The surgery was scheduled about three weeks later at Medanta Hospital, New Delhi India. I am an anxious person and was worried about my wife who accompanied me thinking she would have to do all the running around but to my relief, it rather became a short vacation for her. My cardiac and Hernia concerns were very well planned for treatment. Dr. Surbhi’s team was around and available for everything. You just name it and they are there to help. We had a coordinator assigned to us and he had full control over language with good information on hospital procedures.

I was elated to learn how seamlessly everything was falling in place and was super impressed by the doctor, the nurses, support staff. I want to give full points for the cleanliness, individual care, and of course the food, these are all little things that add up to a wonderful yes, wonderful experience the courtesy of the staff. I liked learning experiences of other fellow patients and they were as happy. They made me feel like I was their special patient. I never felt like a name on a hospital chart.

Well done all of you, no complaints and I will be returning back in a few months for my pending medical procedures. Your services are what I will choose again and will highly recommend Dr. Surbhi to all in my circle.

– Mr. Smith, Zimbabwe

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