Zenet Sultan Shifa from Ethiopia traveled to India for Brain Tumor Treatment

Last Modified: January 18, 2021  |   Created on: September 25, 2017
Brain, Patient Testimonials
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“My name is Jemil, Jemil Ahmed and she is my wife. Her name is Zenet. She has been… she had a very severe and continuous headache for like for like more than 4-5 years. And then after the MRI, we understood that she had…a very big tumor inside her head…and then we tried to take her to the local hospitals. But unfortunately… the setup there was not that much good in our local hospitals.

So we start searching for…qualified and good brain tumor surgery hospitals in…another countries like.. in India…in Thailand…Dubai we tried to search that, but we have got a lot of information, lot of information, from the hospitals, from individuals, and we have a little bit confused at that time. And while browsing in internet, I have seen a website, which is called Lyfboat.com.. and then I tried to send them the situation, the reports for them and I’ve got a lot of responses which are more sensitive, which are more reasonable, and which are detailed… and I was like, even though I have seen a lot of other websites of companies who gave us…information.

I was very impressed with the…response of the Lyfboat people. And finally…comparing all the other things, I decided to…seriously follow the Lyfboat information. And I have got details of her medication, her possible cause and cost of brain tumor treatment…and even they called me and they discussed her condition very clearly and then finally I decided to go with them.

Even they advised me on selecting the best brain tumor surgery hospital, best neurosurgeon, and even the guest house. They helped us in getting visa and every detailed information…and finally we came here in India. And we went to Fortis Healthcare Institute here. And then we met the doctor. The doctor gave us…the details of procedure. Then we get the…very successful operation here. And she finally become very happy and…now currently we…are at the final stage of her medication she has only one final check-up.. and than we will go to Ethiopia. Maybe we will come back after two months just for her review. And we are very happy with the services and Team of Lyfboat. Thank You.”


– Zenet Sultan Shifa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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