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Best Kidney Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India

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About Kidney Cancer Treatment

Kidneys are bean shaped organs and are in a pair. They are located in the lower abdomen, one on either side of the vertebral column. Kidneys perform the task of filtering the toxic wastes from blood and thus helps in eliminating it in the form of urine. Kidneys when affected with cancer loses out on the potential to filter the blood and thus the life of an individual is affected. In cases where cancer is benign (stays in one place), minor surgical  procedures and other radiation treatments are used and in the cases where cancer is malignant (spreads to tissues), surgical removal of the organ along with the removal of nearby organs is used, this is also coupled with various other techniques to get the best results.

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IndiaStarting from $2800
  • nephrological cancer
Gurgaon, India - 
4.5 / 5 - (4 Reviews)
  • Medanta The Medicity is one of the best kidney cancer hospitals in India that has been providing high-end patient services to patients from all parts of the world.
  • Medanta Cancer Institute has a team of experts from various fields of specialties including surgical, radiation and medical oncologist, who work with kidney specialists to provide a complete and effective solution for patients with kidney cancer.
  • The doctors are supported by a staff of highly experienced and trained oncology nurses and paramedics. They ensure all-around care for patients with benign or malignant tumors.
  • The hospital is equipped with several highly sophisticated instruments and technologies for radiation delivery such as CyberKnife VSI Robotic Radiosurgery, IGRT, VMAT, Tomotherapy. Besides these, there are many top-class diagnostic and imaging equipment.
  • The hospital has a modular operation theater that enables all kinds of surgeries with robotic, laparoscopic and open techniques to remove the tumor.
  • The tumor board at the hospital involves a number of experts from all oncology departments to ensure appropriate treatment protocol for all the patients. They discuss and consider multiple factors such as the patient’s overall health, stage and spread of cancer and more to provide the best kidney cancer treatment in India.


  • Performed over 2500 joint replacement surgeries.
  • Awarded as the Best Multispecialty Hospital by Asia’s First Bloodless Bone Marrow Transplant HealthCare Global Enterprises (HCG) in 2010.
  • V C Circle Healthcare Award for Single Specialty Healthcare Entity category in 2013
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Gurgaon, India - 
4 / 5 - (17 Reviews)
  • Artemis Hospital is a leading multidisciplinary medical centre that offers a wide range of healthcare services for domestic and international patients.
  • The cancer centre at Artemis Hospital is a centre of excellence for the management of all kinds of cancers and cases. It offers multidisciplinary cancer care with a customized treatment plan for each patient.
  • A staff of highly qualified and experienced oncologists work with organ-specific specialists to provide integrated care to each patient. The kidney specialists in Artemis are proficient in all kinds of kidney cancer removal surgery.
  • The facilities and equipment at the hospital are the most updated versions and deliver advanced healthcare services to patients with kidney cancer.
  • Artemis Cancer Centre provides specialized services to international patients such as assistance with the visa process, the arrangement of accommodation, airport pick-up and drop, local transport, and follow-up care.
  • The cancer centre is widely known for its latest equipment and talented team of doctors who not only provide effective treatment but also ensure complete care.
  • This high-tech facilities for operation theatres and radiation delivery enable the doctors to impart the best kidney cancer treatment for adults and children.


  • Most Promising Start-Up of the Year 2007 award – Express Healthcare magazine
  • Best IT Implementation for the Year 2008 – PC Quest magazine for Hospital Information System
  • Best institute for Medical Value Year 2010 – The CNBC Awaaz travel awards
  • Asia Pacific Hand hygiene excellence Award Year 2011 – World Health Organisation (WHO)
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New Delhi, India - 
4 / 5 - (14 Reviews)
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is a very popular hospital in Delhi, and routinely provides treatment to patients from all parts of the country and abroad.
  • The Apollo Cancer Institute is a one-stop-destination for oncology that offers multidisciplinary cancer care to each patient. As a world-class facility, it is equipped with the latest devices and instruments for diagnosis and treatment.
  • The hospital has a dedicated team to ensure proper care and comfort of international patients traveling from different parts of the world for their treatment at Apollo.
  • The center for nephrology at the hospital has an experienced and skilled faculty who remains updated with the most recent development in the field of medicine. They work with a multidisciplinary team of oncologists and other specialists to provide complete care for kidney cancer patients.
  • The dialysis unit is a well-established facility with trained nurses and paramedical staff, supported technical staff. It offers a wide range of renal services including hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and care for transplant recipients as well as cancer patients. The unit performs more than 90 hemodialyses, CAPD’s, 5-10 SLEDDs and almost 3-5 CRRT procedures along with 5-8 kidney biopsies and 10-20 temporary/permanent vascular access placements every week.
  • The Radiation Oncology department offers multiple options for liver tumor therapy as it is quite complex because the liver is one of the most radiosensitive organs in the body. Proton Therapy at Apollo Hospitals is an advanced radiation delivery platform that plays a vital role in the treatment of liver cancers. It reduces the toxicity to surrounding healthy organs and also delivers the required amount of radiation dosage to destroy the cancer cells.


  • Apollo Hospitals bags Highly Commended Award At IMTJ Medicine Travels Awards 2015
  • FICCI Healthcare Excellence Award 2014 Excellence in Adoption of Quality and Information Standards “Reducing ALOS using TKR Algorithm”
  • Ranked the 6th best private hospital in India for Cardiology by the WEEK-A C Nielsen, Best Hospital Survey 2013
  • Praxis Media Private Limited, NATIONAL QUALITY EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2017
  • Times critical care 2017 has ranked Indraprastha Apollo among 10 best in specialties
  • Best Indian Hospital for Medical Travel and Best Organ Transplant centre at ASSOCHAM- Meditravel 2017, New Delhi on 21st February 2017
  • Times Of India Healthcare Survey 2016 has ranked Indraprastha Apollo No. 1 in departments - Neurosciences, Renal Sciences, Oncology, Pediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics & Emergency in India
  • The Week-Nielsen Best Hospitals Survey 2015 ranked Indraprastha Apollo the third Best Private Multi-specialty hospital in India
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, was awarded a Special Commendation for the Golden Peacock Environment Management Award by a jury chaired by Justice P. N. Bhagwati, Former Chief Justice of India for the hospital\'s environmental practices.
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Gurgaon, India - 
4 / 5 - (29 Reviews)
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute ranks among the forerunner healthcare service provider for all kinds of medical specialties.
  • The hospital has a top-notch multi-disciplinary centre for cancer care. The FMRI Department of Oncology is an integrated facility that offers a complete range of services including primary evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of children and adult patients with all types of cancer.
  • The Surgical Oncology department has a team of renowned surgeons who are proficient in the latest surgical techniques including robot-assisted surgery, minimally invasive procedure and others. As the leaders in their field of specialization, the doctors are avid researchers and organize clinical trials for advanced cancer therapy.
  • The department for kidney care at FMRI provides comprehensive care for various kidney diseases and conditions.
  • FMRI ensures that every patient gets the best quality care as per their needs and maintains professionalism at all stages of treatment. This includes integrative care with surgery, radiation and medical oncology, as well as advanced treatments such as immunotherapy and targeted therapy.


  • “Certificate of Merit” at DL SHAH Awards (QCI) for Quality Improvement Project – ‘Improving Compliance to Surgical Safety Checklist’.
  • Received award for ‘Green Hospital’ for 2014 from Association of Healthcare Providers India (AHPI)
  • Awarded at Frost and Sullivan Awards 2015 under Project Evaluation & Recognition Program, for two projects :
  • Safety - \"Improving Compliance to the Surgical Safety Check list (SSCL) at a quaternary care Private Healthcare.
  • Process Innovation - Indigenously Developed Technique for Total Body Irradiation
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New Delhi, India - 
4.5 / 5 - (10 Reviews)
  • BLK Hospital is one of India’s foremost healthcare service provider that offers the best cancer treatment in Delhi. Every year, a number of patients travel from various parts of the world to receive quality care at affordable prices at BLK hospital.
  • BLK Cancer Centre is a first-rated specialized facility for oncology services, including surgical, radiation, medical and experimental treatment options. It is equipped with the latest medical devices and equipment for the most effective procedures.
  • The team of cancer specialists at the centre work with organ-specific specialists and counsellors to provide holistic care services for the management of kidney cancer in adults and children.
  • The Centre has been regular in updating technologies with new and improved systems, such as robot-assisted surgeries and radiotherapy techniques. It enables them to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment with the best results.
  • The kidney care specialists at BLK hospital are well trained and experienced medical professionals who provide customized care to each patient, based on their prognosis and personal factors.
  • The Centre has a dedicated ICU Space and a well-established endoscopy lab that works with international standards for protocols. It enables advanced endoscopes and imaging technologies for surgery and patient monitoring.


  • Awarded the Prestigious Gold Award at Hospital Management Asia (HMA), Bangkok (2013) and HMA Awards 2014.
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New Delhi, India - 
4 / 5 - (32 Reviews)
  • Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket ranks as one of the best kidney cancer hospitals in Delhi that offers excellent clinical care services to patients from all around the world.
  • Max Department of Oncology is a stand-alone center with the latest equipment and a team of the best cancer doctors in New Delhi. They provide all treatment options including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy and more.
  • Max Healthcare is one of the leading medical groups in India that offer a wide range of services and facilities for complete cancer care. The Kidney specialists at Max Hospital, Saket are among the best doctors in the country who are experienced and skilled in advanced therapeutic techniques. As one of the busiest and sought-after destinations for cancer treatment in India, it ensures appropriate diagnosis and management of their tumor.
  • There is a tumor board to ensure dedicated and all-around care for every kidney cancer patient. A team of medical experts from various fields discuss and design a treatment plan for each cancer patient to ensure their proper care.
  • Max has a specialized department for international patient services that provide complete medical packages for patients traveling from abroad, including many facilities such as visa assistance, transportation, local communication, language translators, and many more. The medical team ensures they receive complete treatment with medical follow-ups to monitor the progress and the chances of recurrence.


  • FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards.
  • Awarded by the Association of Healthcare Providers of India (AHPI)
  • Awarded for its efforts on customer experience improvement & for patient safety at FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards
  • Express Healthcare Awards for Excellence in Healthcare
  • D L Shah National Award on \'Economics of Quality\' by Quality Council of India
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Chennai, India - 
4 / 5 - (10 Reviews)
  • Apollo Hospital Chennai is a top-notch medical facility that delivers exceptional care to patients from various parts of India and neighboring countries.
  • There is a dedicated cancer unit at the hospital, which is equipped with the latest technology for surgical, radiation and medical oncology care. It also offers advanced treatment options for cancer care and research.
  • The Nephrology department deals with the diagnosis and management of a range of kidney diseases and provides complete kidney care with dialysis and other treatments.
  • Apollo hospitals ensure safe and effective treatment with a multimodal and patient-friendly approach. This includes a range of treatment options to treat the tumor based on the diagnostic results, the patient’s health and type of cancer.
  • The experienced medical staff provides patient appropriate care with research-oriented treatments and clinical trials.


  • First Indian hospital to be awarded the IS0 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.
  • Declared as the \'Centre of Excellence\' by the Government of India.
  • Bagged the top 2 positions in the All India Multispecialty Hospital Survey 2016 conducted by Times Health.
  • Voted multiple times as the \"Best Private Sector Hospital in India\" by The Week magazine
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Mumbai, India - 
0 / 5 - (0 Reviews)

SevenHills Hospital is a leading multi super-specialty tertiary care hospital established in 1986 and has been a premier healthcare services provider for more than three decades. Built on sprawling area of 17 acres, this world-class facility has 1500 beds with over 30 super-specialties offering excellent outpatient and inpatient facility. The hospital has maintained par excellence in quality of clinical care and safety standards, and is dedicated in providing the best possible medical services. There is an in-campus residential facility for doctors and medical support staff which can accommodate more than 300 experts, thereby assuring round the clock availability for experts for consultation.

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Kochi, India - 
4.5 / 5 - (4 Reviews)
  • Aster Medicity is one of the largest and the best cancer hospitals in Kerala that has a dedicated Cancer care facility.
  • The hospital provides holistic cancer treatment with surgical, radiology and medical oncology services for multidisciplinary management of kidney tumor.
  • As the most advanced facility in Kerala, it is equipped with the latest technology and instruments for comprehensive care for adults and children suffering from cancer.
  • Aster Cancer center offers multidisciplinary expertise from various specialists including nephrologists and urologists to ensure the best possible outcomes for kidney cancer patients of all ages. They work in tandem with oncology doctors and nurses to design a personalized treatment plan with international standard protocols. This involves a complete diagnosis and management with appropriate post-treatment care.
  • Aster Cancer Centre is equipped with advanced diagnostic technology including 3.0 Tesla MRI, SPECT-CT Gamma Camera, PET CT, and more.
  • The hospital has the most updated surgical and radiation technology including OR1 Karl Storz Fusion Integrated Green OT certified surgical suites along with da Vinci Surgery Robot and Philips ICCA (Intellispace Critical Care & Anaesthesia) ICUs. It also has True Beam Linear Accelerator for high-precision radiotherapy.


  • AHPI Award 2016 for Quality Beyond Accreditation, and another for Nursing Excellence
  • CERTIFICATE OF HONOR for being one of the Best and Safest Hospital in India
  • CMO Asia - National Awards for Excellence in Healthcare 2016
  • KMA EXCELLENCE AWARD 2016 for Manufacturing Innovations Implemented/Initiated -
  • Special Jury Award
  • NRK Brand of The Year - Dhanam Award 2016
  • Express Healthcare Excellence Awards 2017
  • AHPI Award 2018 for Excellence in Community Engagement
  • ET Hospital Strategic Management Summit 2018 for Outstanding Contributions To Furthering Hospital Healthcare
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Ahmedabad, India - 
0 / 5 - (0 Reviews)

Krishna Shalby Hospital is a pioneer multi-specialty tertiary care medical facility with a capacity of 220 and a dedicated wing for international patients. First corporate hospital of Gujarat, this hospital brings together the world class medical technology and accomplished team of doctors dedicated to provide the best possible treatment for their patients. Established under the leadership of internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Vikram Shah who revolutionized the Total Knee Replacement surgery with his innovation – The Zero Technique, a minimal invasive procedure with added advantages of faster recovery time, lower cost, less bleeding, short hospital stay.


  • Conferred The Best Hospital for Medical Tourism in Gujarat Award – 2019
  • Received the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award 2010, instituted by the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
  • FICCI Operational Excellence Award, 2011
  • Recognized as “The Best Medical Tourism Centre” at Gujarat Tourism Awards 2016
  • Received CNBC Gujarat Ratna Award 2016 for “Excellence in Healthcare”
  • 2014 IMA Med Achievers for “Innovation and Research” Company of the Year
  • GIS (Gujarat Innovation Society) Hercules Award 2014
  • Shalby Dental Cosmetic and Implantology received Best Dentistry Award organized by Times Health Icon Awards at Ahmedabad, in 2018.
  • Recognized as “Healthcare Service Provider Company of the year (Revenue less than Rs 500 Crore)” at the 5th Annual India Healthcare Excellence Awards 2013 by Frost & Sullivan
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Best Kidney Cancer Treatment Doctors

Dr. Vikas Dua

Head and Senior Consultant

Dr. Amit Agarwal

Director & HOD

Dr. Anil Kumar Anand

Senior Director - Radiation Oncology

Dr. Sameer Kaul

Sr Consultant Surgical Oncology & Robotics, Apollo Cancer Institue, New Delhi

Dr. Ashok Vaid

Chairman – Divison of Medical & Paediatric Oncology, Haematology & Bone Marrow

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Patient Reviews for Recommended hospitals for you

Tewodros Getachew for Artemis Hospital
Corneal Crosslinking  - 3.6 / 5

The customer service was a bit disappointing , for example the nurses desk was over busy and no one was following a proper queue system. The biggest issue I faced was the fact that the machine needed for my procedure was not available even though I was given an appointment for the procedure. Lastly, the pharmacy was not 24 hours and was closed at 9pm. Luckily Lyfboat representative took me to another pharmacy to buy the medicines which I needed right after my procedure and they also helped push the hospital to arrange the machine for the procedure to be completed on the same day as scheduled.

Jemil Ahmed Aman for Fortis Memorial Research Institute
Brain Tumor Surgery  - 5 / 5

My experience from the start at Fortis was excellent. Starting from the green environment outdoors, to the overall cleanliness gave me a very good feeling. The staff were very friendly even though the hospital was always busy. The services were excellent including the food. When we shared the photos with our family back home, they were all very impressed and felt very comfortable for us being in foreign country. The medical team was excellent and we are glad to be assisted by Lyfboat in helping us make this decision to pick Fortis Hospital.

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