Best Spinal Surgery Hospitals in Mumbai

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Best Spinal Surgery Hospitals in Mumbai

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Patient Reviews for Best Spinal Surgery Hospitals in Mumbai

Attioullah Saleb for Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket
Spinal Surgery  -   -  4.6 / 5

Hi, my experience at Max Hospital was amazing. I was so scared before the procedure but the surgeon helped me through the journey. The staff is very friendly and caring.

Helen Oyard for Wockhardt Hospital North Mumbai
Spinal Surgery  -   -  4.4 / 5

I am very happy with my treatment at Wockhardt Hospital. The hospital was easy to access and one can easily reach different places from there. The rooms were clean and the hospital was nice and friendly.

Abrahim Riyat for Zulekha Hospital Dubai
Spinal Surgery  -   -  4.4 / 5

Zulekha is a world class hospital and offers excellent service. My experience of getting treatment at this hospital was very good. The staff was very nice and helpful. All the facilities were of international standard.

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