Tummy Tuck in Turkey

Tummy tuck cost in Turkey may start from as low as USD 2500 and can go up to USD 5000 or more, depending on certain factors. The hospitals offer high quality services at affordable cost packages, allowing significant money saving for international patients.


Abdominoplasty, popularly referred to as Tummy tuck, is a cosmetic surgery that aims to create a flat and toned look for the stomach. Both men and women of a wide age bracket can opt for this procedure.

The most common reasons being subsequent weight gain or loss and genetic factors that result in various deformities of the abdominal region. Some women choose a tummy tuck to restore their appearance after pregnancy which may cause a deformity due to abdominal muscle relaxation and loss of skin tone. 

Abdominoplasty can be performed to remove the excess skin and fats when the abdominal skin loses its flexibility and sags. This is amongst the most popular cosmetic procedure for body shaping and contouring and can be an alternative for liposuction.

It allows the surgeon to correct and eliminate the loose or sagging skin, stretch marks, and deformities in the abdominal region. Once the loose and sagging skin of the abdomen is removed, the muscles in this region are concomitantly stretched. It results in a taut, firm, and well-shaped belly. 

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Abdominoplasty in Turkey

Turkey is a hot spot for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures such as abdominoplasty. People from all parts of the world routinely visit Istanbul and other cities for medical treatments. Tummy tuck in Turkey is a safe and effective surgery performed by qualified and skilled plastic surgeons.

The patients traveling to the country can expect an international standard of services and high-quality healthcare facilities, along with outstanding hospitality. Tummy tuck Turkey reviews are generally great and patients have satisfactory results and minimal post-operative complications.

The top hospitals for tummy tuck in Istanbul are equipped with the latest technology in the field of plastic surgery, enabling faster recovery and shorter hospitalization. The medical team focuses on a holistic and patient-centric approach with a comprehensive evaluation, treatment, and follow-up care after the surgery. Many hospitals also offer mini tummy tuck in Turkey to suitable patients and ensure they can have the maximum benefits from their surgery

To know more or book an appointment for the best tummy tuck in Turkey, share your medical query with us at care@lyfboat.com. We strive to ensure that international patients receive reliable care and quotes from the hospital of their choice. Our team will help organize the whole medical travel plan so that the patient can undergo hassle-free treatment. 

What is the tummy tuck cost in Turkey?

The packages for Tummy tuck Turkey prices are highly economical, especially in comparison to countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia and many more. The affordability of treatment and excellent clinical services makes this country a highly favorable choice for many international travelers. 

There are a number of budget-friendly safe accommodations in Turkey and the living expense is also affordable. As Turkey has its land in both Europe and Asia and is close to the Middle East, the traveling cost is also not very high. The overall cost of tummy tuck in Istanbul is much lower than in Western countries

The abdominoplasty prices in Turkey may range from USD 2500 to USD 7000 at a reputed hospital that provides reliable treatment. The cost variation is based on a number of factors including:

  • Choice of the hospital, its location, and accreditations
  • Surgeon’s experience
  • Type and technique used during surgery
  • Length of stay in the hospital and country
  • Room category
  • Whether additional procedures are also included

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Who is the right candidate for Tummy Tuck in Turkey?

Abdominoplasty is performed to remove excess skin and accumulated fat in the belly, with an aim to improve the appearance and make the belly look smooth and firm. This procedure can also help remove the stretch marks that might have been caused by pregnancy and weight loss or gain.

An abdominoplasty can help a person if they have:

  • Deformation in the abdominal area caused by significant weight loss or pregnancy
  • Excess skin that is loose or sags on the stomach.
  • Diet and exercise are unable to help get in shape due to the excess loose skin
  • Self-care issues due to the excess belly skin

Tummy tuck surgery can be combined with other cosmetic procedures to provide a look, such as targeting another body part. This may include procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift (mastopexy), or liposuction. The whole set of processes is called Mommy Makeover. It aims to restore or improve the aesthetic appearance of a new mother after childbirth, weight gain and breastfeeding.

A suitable candidate for tummy tuck surgery may want to have the surgery for the following:

  • Enough self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Want to feel more fit and attractive
  • Commitment or motive to keep a healthy diet
  • Keep up with regular physical exercise
  • Satisfaction regarding the size and proportion of the abdomen
  • Have the confidence to wear the favorite clothes
  • Enhance the choice for clothing
  • No need to hide the tummy anymore

Types of Abdominoplasty 

There are mainly two types of abdominoplasty surgery offered by all the major hospitals:

Mini or Partial tummy tuck: It is also known as mini-abdominoplasty. This particular type of surgery is focused on the removal of the saggy skin and fat tissues localized in the lower abdominal area, mainly under the belly button.

The surgeon may not be able to treat treating diastasis recti, a condition of separation of the abdominal muscles caused by pregnancy or weight fluctuations, with mini-abdominoplasty. There are certain benefits of opting for a mini tummy tuck such as shorter surgery time, faster recovery, and smaller incision size in comparison to a full tummy tuck.

Full abdominoplasty: Also called Full Tummy tuck. It is mainly focused on the abdominal muscles in particular. These muscles can end up losing their natural shape during the pregnancy or it can be caused by weight fluctuations.

This type of abdominoplasty surgery involves elevating the entire abdominal skin, repairing the abdominal muscles, and usually also reposition the belly button. A full tummy tuck can be combined with liposuction to help patients achieve the optimal results and body sculpting as desired. Patients are usually recommended to stay for at least a week in Istanbul after tummy tuck in Turkey.

Preparation and preoperative phase

The first phase of preoperative preparation involves a series of medical tests. After a person has decided to undergo a tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon will discuss the expectations and risks of the procedure. Once all the examinations are done, the medical team will determine the person’s suitability to undergo this surgery. The preoperative evaluation includes:

  • Review of the patient’s health history
  • A complete physical examination
  • Blood tests and imaging studies
  • Assessment by an anesthesiologist along with laboratory and radiology tests to minimize anesthesia-related complications

Once it is determined that the surgery does not pose any health risk to the patient, the patient will start preparing for the surgery. They will be asked to quit smoking if they are a smoker. Also, patients must inform the doctor about medications and products they are taking as some may increase the risk of bleeding.

This may include prescribed or over-the-counter medications, herbal products, and supplements and the patient will be informed to continue or stop taking them accordingly. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will discuss the procedure for abdominoplasty, associated risks and what to expect during the recovery. 

Patients are also instructed to stop eating and drinking at a particular time before the operation. These instructions are important if the patient wants to undergo the surgery at the scheduled date. Moreover, this is a reasonable time to plan the discharge, post-discharge accommodation and travel back during this phase only, to manage the postoperative period properly. 

During the tummy tuck surgery

Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and the patient remains unconscious during the surgery and feels no pain. The procedure takes almost 3 hours depending on the extent of the operation. As different and advanced surgical techniques are available, the plastic surgeon determines the best abdominoplasty type for a patient based on the initial evaluation during the preoperative phase. 

Basically, tummy tuck surgery involves the removal of excess skin and accumulated fats in the abdomen. Then, the surgeon stretches and tightens the abdominal muscles, supportive tissues, and the membrane that covers abdominal muscles – called fascia. As the excess skin and fat are removed, it may cause the position of the belly button to change.

The surgeon transfers the belly button to or near the original position accordingly. The incisions are made in a way that they remain hidden through the natural crease of the skin. In a full tummy tuck, the incision is generally made from hip to hip across the lower abdomen, and it can be hidden by underwear.

The second incision is typically made around the belly button and the unwanted skin around it is removed and the belly button is re-positioned. For a mini tummy tuck surgery, the surgeon makes a few minor incisions compared to the full tummy tuck.

After the tummy tuck surgery

When the operation is over and the incision is closed with stitches, small drains are placed as a precaution to prevent bleeding. The surgical incision line is covered with wound dressing. The drains will be removed after some time, along with the stitches, and dressing is placed. When absorbable stitches are used, they won’t need a separate appointment for removal of the suture.

Once the patient recovers from the effects of anesthesia and is ready to walk, they are shifted to a normal room where they stay under the supervision of the medical team. Pain killers are usually administered after surgery to manage postoperative pain.

Other medicines such as antibiotics are used to prevent a possible infection. The swelling in and around the incision site will subside over time. Also, the scar tissue that can form along the incision line will also regress over time. However, the color may never be identical to the natural skin tone.

For patients who get the non-absorbable stitches and a drain is placed to prevent the accumulation of excess fluid and/or blood around the incision line, the surgeon will schedule a date for their removal, typically during the first postoperative follow-up visit.

Before the discharge, the medical team will discuss the needs of post-operative care of the surgical area in detail. Generally, patients are advised to avoid any kind of heavy lifting and quick movements for a few days or weeks. This is important to prevent the occurrence of wound dehiscence. After tummy tuck surgery, some doctors recommend the use of a corset for a particular period, if needed. Following all the instructions and taking the medicines given by the doctor after the surgery is an important part of the procedure. It not only helps protect the area but also supports the outcome of the surgery. 

In case the patient experiences warmth and redness in the incision line or breast, or have symptoms such as fever or any signs that can be associated with the surgery during the recovery at home, it is best to contact the plastic surgeon immediately.

Risks of abdominoplasty

All kinds of surgeries have some risks and chances of complications. Similarly, there are some risks involved in abdominoplasty. The surgeon will take all the measures to limit the occurrence of risks, there is no full guarantee that the risks will be completely eliminated.

For a tummy tuck, patient selection is also important. A tummy tuck is contraindicated for a woman who wants to plan pregnancy in the future. This is because the volume of a fat accumulation from the abdomen is extremely high. Surgery is also not recommended if the overall health is not good enough. 

Some potential abdominoplasty complications are listed below:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding 
  • Blood accumulation beneath the incision line – a condition called a hematoma
  • Formation of abnormal scar tissue 
  • Anesthesia-related complications
  • Numbness or loss or change of sensation in the abdominal skin
  • Accumulation of fluid in the incision area, known as a seroma
  • Unsatisfactory results 
Vanshika Rawat

Written By Vanshika Rawat

Vanshika Rawat is an experienced content developer. She is very knowledgeable in the field of science and healthcare and has worked under brilliant scientists during her higher education. Vanshika obtained her degrees in Masters in Science and Bachelors in Science (Microbiology with Hons.) from renowned institutions - Panjab University and University of Delhi.

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Vanshika Rawat

Written By Vanshika Rawat

Vanshika Rawat is an experienced content developer. She is very knowledgeable in the field of science and healthcare and has worked under brilliant scientists during her higher education. Vanshika obtained her degrees in Masters in Science and Bachelors in Science (Microbiology with Hons.) from renowned institutions - Panjab University and University of Delhi.
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