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About Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is commonly known as weight loss surgery. This surgery helps obese individuals to lose weight by limiting the quantity of the intake of the food that they eat. There are various ways through which the surgery is performed on an individual. These types include, gastric bypass, gastric splicing and gastric banding. It takes time for the surgery to show up results as it requires cooperation from the individual on which it is performed in the form of sticking to the exercise and diet regime etc.

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Average Bariatric Surgery Cost

IndiaStarting from $4500
ThailandStarting from $8000
SpainStarting from $20000
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Giza, Egypt - 
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  • Dar Al Fouad Hospital is one of the largest and most prominent medical centres in Egypt. It was establishing a state-of-the-art in the Nasr City and has total land area is 13,000 square meters (42,651 square feet), the footprint is 7000 square meters (22,966 square feet).
  • The hospital is JCI accredited and ensures reliable clinical care and healthcare services for patients from and outside Egypt. Dar Al Fouad Hospital has a collaboration agreement with Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) and also with Hartmann Institute, which allows knowledge transfer and accessibility between the institutions.
  • The hospital houses expert medical professionals and competent support staff, trained in advanced procedures and skilled in handling high-tech instruments.
  • Dar Al Fouad Hospital has a capacity of 168 beds, including 37 beds for critically care patients. The hospital also encompasses 6 operation rooms, an IVF center, a physiotherapy department, 2 cath labs, a radiology unit, a laboratory and a non-invasive cardiac lab. 
  • They offer all kinds of medical and surgical specialties, ranging from organ transplant services to emergency care. 
  • Dar Al Fouad is equipped with the latest medical equipment and ensure effective and safe care under the supervision of professional doctors.
  • The hospital has acquired advanced instruments such as latest radiotherapy equipment in Africa & Missle East. 
  • Dar Al Fouad hospitals are credited for being the leader on various fronts, including first liver transplant in Africa & ME, as well as the highest no. of cases (more than 600 cases) of liver transplant in Africa & ME. it is the best hospital for bone marrow transplant, with more than 250 case of bone marrow transplant, and emergency stroke control within 40 min in Africa & ME. 
  • Dar Al Fouad hospital was the first to have JCI accreditation in Egypt and to treated brain stroke
  • They have an excellent surgical record, including 16,000 Open heart surgeries, 70,000 neuro surgeries, 100,000 GIT operations, 120,000 General surgery, 40,000 Tumor operations, 40,000 Cardiac catheters and 13,000 Orthopedic surgeries.
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    Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt - 
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    • South Sinai Hospital at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt offers a variety of services for the modern medicine. The hospital has acquired the latest equipment and the most advanced surgical instruments to ensure effective and safe treatment, as with the large university hospital and specialized medical centers in the heart of Cairo.
    • South Sinai Hospital at Sharm el Sheikh offers services for South Sinai government\'s peoples and visitors from abroad. They encourage various tourists’ therapeutic programs, and are widely considered as one of the largest private hospitals at South Sinai government.
    • The hospital has a team of highly qualified and experienced physicians and medical professionals from the teaching university staff. They work with trained nursing staff to provide complete care to each patient. 
    • They offer comprehensive medical care and unique services with the highest standard of accuracy and proficiency. In addition to this, the hospital maintains the high hospitality level and clinical excellence.
    • South Sinai hospital offers exceptional care in all general and delicate specialties. The building is equipped with the latest medical instruments and the most advanced technology in all fields to ensure the highest standard of service and care to all our patients with affordable prices to all incomes levels.
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      Cairo, Egypt - 
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      Ganzouri Specialized Hospital is a leading private hospital in Egypt that has been providing excellent medical services for more than 40 years. It was established in the 1971 by Dr. Mostafa El-Ganzouri as one of the first private hospitals built at that time. It is located right in the heart of Cairo and has a capacity of 100 beds. The hospital area is divided into four inter-connected buildings spanning over a total of 11,000 sq meters of buildings in the center of the city. They have a vast experience of providing expert healthcare services to numerous patients, from Cairo, Nigeria, Arab countries and many others.

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